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European Parliament Blocks Copyright Reform With 113% Voter Turnout

Don_dumb Re:Math (297 comments)

Hold on fellas, you've got it all wrong. Math is different in Europe (they've got their commas and periods all backward in many places), especially when it's attorneys doing the counting. Folks just have to understand this, and fortunately there's a great instructional video available for those in need of further tutelage.

Very true. For a start - we call it Maths

more than 2 years ago

News Corp. Hacking Scandal Spreads To Government

Don_dumb Re:Standards couldn't be much worse (105 comments)

But yet, he researched his statement and provided several references for each assertion, exactly what is missing from journalism. Like I said, I wouldn't usually take his word for much. But I did read the entire statement and have to say that there is many a good point.

Bear in mind, he knows more than almost everyone about the relationship between the press and the government. For better or worse.
He didn't call for regulation by government but concluded that self paid regulation was pointless and self serving. Which I think is fair.

If I am honest I think it has given me a small amount of new found respect for the man who sold the world a terrible war.

more than 2 years ago

News Corp. Hacking Scandal Spreads To Government

Don_dumb Standards couldn't be much worse (105 comments)

Alastair Campbell - (Press Secretary for Tony Blair) not someone who I would normally believe on anything. Wrote a pretty comprehensive witness statement outlining how far the problems goes and how much it affects the running of the country and to be fair he understands the media more than most. It is worth a read -

more than 2 years ago

The Case For Surrealism In Games

Don_dumb Re:Film (186 comments)

I believe this is the problem perceived when viewing Michael Bay films.

Well, it's one problem with Michael Bay films.

more than 3 years ago

Geocaching Shuts Down British Town

Don_dumb Re:Muggles (282 comments)

It didn't, and the police even said they have no real problem with it, but would appreciate being told about caches in urban areas so as to avoid this sort of misunderstanding in the future.

It didn't, and the police even said they have no real problem with it, but would appreciate being told about caches in urban areas so as to avoid this sort of misunderstanding in the future.

Either that or they just want to cheat

more than 3 years ago

George W. Bush Live From Facebook

Don_dumb No need (372 comments)

I'd just ask him who *was* making the decisions.

As I assume it was one of the grown-ups.

more than 3 years ago

HTTPS Everywhere Gets Firesheep Protection

Don_dumb Re:Apps? (77 comments)

Thanks but I am unclear do the apps use http or https to communicate?
Is there any way of knowing what security the apps are using to communicate with the service.
This is important to consider as I haven't seen an iPhone app have an option of securing their connection with remote services. Most people use apps for things like facebook and are entirely at the liberty of the apps' security. There is no 'use https' choice if it doesn't do so.

more than 3 years ago

Adobe Warns of Critical Flash Bug, Already Being Exploited

Don_dumb Re:Also... (244 comments)

I so wish the BBC would use something other than Adobe Air for their iPlayer, it's horrible and doesn't get recognised by my Mobile mouse iPhone apps and the videos aren't playable in the Air Video app either. The fact that it is a big security hole (and in the UK a popular one ripe for exploit) only concerns me more.

And no, DRM protected WMV is not really a good alternative.

more than 3 years ago

Adobe Warns of Critical Flash Bug, Already Being Exploited

Don_dumb Re:I need this on my iPhone (244 comments)

I had this problem yesterday after i rebuilt my PC.
I found it on Filehippo (sorry can't link from this machine) and that seems to be the place for many full installers. It actually made rebuilding much easier as I could very easily grab the most recent version of almost all the software I used.

more than 3 years ago

Firefox Extension Makes Social-Network ID Spoofing Trivial

Don_dumb Mobile Apps (185 comments)

It seems that this is most concerning for those loggining in while using public networks (such as accessing with a cafe's WiFi).

So this leads me to ask if I am safer when using the Facebook/Amazon/eBay app rather than the mobile browser. Is the security of the iPhone or android apps better than the web security for Facebook?
Or can I make my access of these sites more secure myself somehow?

more than 3 years ago

Webvention Demanding $80k For Rollover Images

Don_dumb Re:East Texas (314 comments)

Don't mention Texan courts to a Liverpool football fan right now -

Even if you don't care about football, you have to recognise that trying to overturn and undermine a British High Court ruling about a case in Britain, through applying an injunction in a Texan court, is a ridiculous contempt of a foreign judiciary system.

more than 3 years ago

Software Evolution Storylines, Inspired By XKCD

Don_dumb Re:Ehm... (136 comments)

Not the way I understand (or my organisation uses) swimlanes.

As is implied by the word swimlane, the diagram shows several horizontal 'lanes', these represent individual people or organisations. Then a flowchart is overlayed onto the swimlanes. Whenever an action is performed by a organisation, the flowchart box for that action is in their lane.
This shows for instance who is responsible for what in a process.

I believe that if, say, LOTR was to be shown as a swimlane. You could have the characters that come into contact with The Ring as lanes across the diagram. And a line moving from one lane to the next as the ring passes ownership but going from left to right as it stays in their grasp.

The diagrans in the article show, in many ways, the opposite. The lanes come together and separate over time showing who is in contact rather than who is doing what.

more than 3 years ago

French ISP Refuses To Send Out Infringement Notices

Don_dumb Re:they only send 100 notices this first time (302 comments)

And yes another provider urged the governement to act to make "Free" comply as they sensed "Free" was gaining a little bit more popularity with this trick.

That's modern business, get the government to help you rather than doing the obvious thing of doing the same thing yourself.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft IE Browser Share Dips Below 50%

Don_dumb Re:good riddance (297 comments)

I would imagine the figure is somewhat higher, as it won't be counting much of the corporate users (who will mainly be on Internal networks, occasionally venturing to the public network)
I guessing most private users (even average Joe) will have had/been coerced/helped/tricked into an upgrade to IE7 or higher by now (even if just because they have brought something newer).
So I'm guessing the stat isn't entirely accurate. This would also be true of the article's statistics. My opinion only of course.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft IE Browser Share Dips Below 50%

Don_dumb Optimistic (297 comments)

I doubt it.
My large organisation (100,000+) will not use anything other than the minimum software. I imagine this is true of several similar orgs, the more locked down the software, the better, less holes and less to support (1000s of applications at the current moment) - or so the theory goes.
My employer is running IE6 and will upgrade to IE7 next year. Considering how critical the browser is to the business, they would never even think of using (and having to support) anything other than what comes out of the box, which is MS, regardless of the functionality of Firefox or anything else.

I can't say I agree with the principle but it certainly isn't in my power to influence.

more than 3 years ago

DRM-Free Games Site Gone

Don_dumb Re:Joystiq reckons it's a publicity stunt? (326 comments)

I'm not at my home box at the moment, but I seem to remember that in Steam you could backup the game content for each game locally.
Although presumably that still requires the Steam activation servers.

about 4 years ago

HDCP Master Key Revealed

Don_dumb NSFW (747 comments)

As with many technologies in history, porn leads the way - brazzers for instance gives videos in 1080P, as well as lower quality.

And as usual, if the adult industry can do it why can't the mainstream industries?

about 4 years ago

Video Appliance For a Large Library On a Network?

Don_dumb Re:Mac Mini + Plex (516 comments)

I'd be interested to look at these boxes.
When you say "WD" are you refering to Western Digital or some other company?
I'd be grateful if you could post a link.

about 4 years ago

Tensions Rise Between Gamers and Game Companies Over DRM

Don_dumb Re:Good Example: GTA4 (447 comments)

Did they remove the Games for Windows account bit as well?

Unlike the unfortunate GP, I did read the reviews and wanted to play the game but baulked at the fact the Rockstar social and Games for Windows was required. I was quite happy for it to be a Steam game*, just not the other stuff (RSC & GFW) I don't have or want.

* - For my part - I like Steam, yes there is DRM which I do not want but it isn't conspicuous (which is fine) and I can accept that devaluing feature because the service adds several valuable features - the ability to use different machines, no CD required, backing up of the game and the data, I can uninstall and reinstall as I wish. That's the key for me, DRM costs value to me the customer (moreso the worse the DRM gets), the companies simply need to make up that value with other features. As long as the DRM isn't apparent and compensating features have been included I will consider buying.
It got to the point that recently I was playing an older game (that just had CD check protection) and actually found that I would rather have the game on Steam because of how easy the system makes things.

about 4 years ago

No iPhone Apps, Please — We're British

Don_dumb Re:Typical cuts behaviour... (393 comments)

The BBc is not a government ministry, dipshit.

RTFA or even the Summary - This story is not about the BBC but government ministries.

Still feel superior now?

more than 4 years ago


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