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Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts

DontBlameCanada Re:Good news (409 comments)

While I agree from a story perspective that the pod-racer stuff was fluff, I still pull that scene out to show off what a properly tuned home theatre surround sound system can do. Other movies might more effectively use the multi-channel audio, but aliens racing vehicles trumps mass splatter-fests when you have a mixed-age audience.

2 days ago

Sony Leaks Reveal Hollywood Is Trying To Break DNS

DontBlameCanada Rise of the darksite DNS (388 comments)

I already override my ISP's advertised DNS settings to point to something that doesn't redirect to their advertising pages when I typo a URL. I can easily point it at something that doesn't listen to MPAA's bizarre demands.

about a month ago

Net Neutrality Alone Won't Solve ISP Throttling Abuse, Here's Why

DontBlameCanada Content Creators must not also be ISPs (200 comments)

It'd be like having Ford control traffic flow on the Interstates. "All Express lanes are only open to Ford vehicles and the 'partners' who've bought premium service for their customers."

about 3 months ago

Ford Develops a Way To Monitor Police Driving

DontBlameCanada Good idea! (151 comments)

The worst (by far) driving I've seen in person has been police working on their in-car computers while buzzing down the road at 30km above the posted limit. No sirens, no lights. Just a whole lot of drifting/swerving and general inattention.

about 3 months ago

After Dallas Ebola Diagnosis, CDC Raises Estimate of Patient's Possible Contacts

DontBlameCanada Re:Kinda torn on this one (258 comments)

The treatment is purely supportive. As with all virii, the body needs to clear it out on its own. It will do so, if the organs don't fail before the immune system builds the necessary antibodies. The 'cures' being worked are anti-retrovirals that inhibit the viral replication, so the body can get the upper hand more quickly.

about 4 months ago

LinkedIn Busted In Wage Theft Investigation

DontBlameCanada Re:So start organizing (108 comments)

The problem with modern unions is that they don't self-police the rubbers who inevitably get in. If Willy is a caught watching kiddie porn on the corp's equipment, the company shouldn't have to fight the union to get him axed. Modern unions for the most part will defend their members regardless of the infraction, including a criminal offense like this... If Steve is slacking and not getting his work done, Steve's coworkers should actively work with him to get him productive and if he isn't, give him da boot. Negative contributors drag everyone down.

about 6 months ago

Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive

DontBlameCanada Re: 1st? (317 comments)

I think it might be a sales incentive! The new owner gets the joy of deleting every one of those auditory atrocities, knowing the world has just become a better place to live!

about 6 months ago

The AI Boss That Deploys Hong Kong's Subway Engineers

DontBlameCanada Expert System (162 comments)

This is a perfect example of an Expert System.

Expert Systems have been one of the most successful and longest used AI models in industry. FPGA routing and layout programs have relied on this form of AI since the early/mid 90's.

about 7 months ago

US College Students Still Aren't All That Interested In Computer Science

DontBlameCanada Don't blame them (306 comments)

Good salary base, but every day I fight with ding-dong execs to ensure my team doesn't get completely overloaded. The constant pressure to work 16hr days 365 days/year while not being compensated for OT is draining and makes life hell at times.

I won't suggest my kids go into high-tech, unless they can get a sweet-sweet senior mgmt position.

about 8 months ago

Nokia Had a Production-Ready Web Tablet 13 Years Ago

DontBlameCanada The sad part here... (272 comments)

... is that the vast majority of senior executives won't learn from these mistakes. They'll all listen to some talking head consultant (that they paid way too much for) consult some sort of magic crystal ball and claim "it won't fly!" What should've been the indication that it might catch on is the quote, "The team got devices for themselves."

If the engineers think it's cool enough that they want one for personal use, it's probably a product that has a use that could be expanded from the tech-geek segment into something profitable.

about 9 months ago

Massive Storm Buries US East Coast In Snow and Ice

DontBlameCanada Where I live, that's normal weather (290 comments)

Americans need to toughen up. Cancelling work and school because of a bit of ice and snow? Oi, your forefathers who blazed the trails to the west and through the mountains must be spinning like tops in their graves.

about a year ago

South Carolina Education Committee Removes Evolution From Standards

DontBlameCanada Excellent! (665 comments)

Further erosion of the American education system means less competition for those of us (and our kids) living elsewhere in world.

about a year ago

Samsung's First Tizen Smartphone Gets Leaked

DontBlameCanada Re:I don't think so (153 comments)

It doesn't rule it out either...

From my experience working with and for HW-centric companies, they all view SW as a zero-revenue expense. As such, they don't invest in the people, tools and processes that make for successful software products.

I'd tend to think being a top h/w vendor is actually a detriment to delivering good software.

about a year ago

Why Engineers Must Consider the Ethical Implications of Their Work

DontBlameCanada I've turned down assignments for ethical reasons (406 comments)

I won't go into specifics, but for me a few extra dollars or potential for advancement would *not* compensate for the lifetime of guilt I'd suffer knowing something I built or contributed to was primarily designed to do harm. Likewise, I will lose respect for those in a similar position to me who willingly contribute or design those systems.

On the other end of the scale, folks struggling to get by have my sympathy when assigned tasks like this. Food on the table and a roof over their family's head may trump personal ethics in some situations. When I and the other senior engineers declined the tasks I refer to, they assigned it to new-grad immigrants who for cultural and financial reasons felt they couldn't push back. The Evil Bit(tm) was definitely set in that workplace.

about a year ago

Fearing Government Surveillance, US Journalists Are Self-Censoring

DontBlameCanada American talk a big game when it comes to freedom (376 comments)

... but their actions tend to contradict what they say.

Torture and the taking of political prisoners are touted as flaws of third world dictatorships and communists v. waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay and attempts to arrest Snowden and others who have taken a political stance they don't like.

about a year ago

Why Scott Adams Wished Death On His Dad

DontBlameCanada Re:Surrogate decisionmaking (961 comments)

The problem is that the general populace is neither aware of the option to have this sort of a living will or informed enough to be able to make a properly considered decision on the language and implications of having that clause included.

I'm not a doctor or a lawyer. When I went through the process of creating a will recently, some of the language and standard clauses were pretty scary sounding, especially the power of attorney. The "do not resuscitate" clauses will require more archaic legal language to deal with a topic that many will interpret to mean that they'd be allowed to die when there was still a slight chance they'd recover.

In spite of years of education, decades in high tech and life experience that has forced me to deal with the edge of this topic, I still haven't resolved the conflict between my logical-self that says this is the right and practical solution and my emotional-self that loves life and can't imagine drawing a line where I'd allow it to end.

about a year ago

Elon Musk Talks About the Importance of Physics, Criticizes the MBA

DontBlameCanada I've met serveral good MBAs... (343 comments)

And a shit load of bad ones.

This good ones, were excellent technically then took what they learned in MBA in terms of business functions and applied them in a way the made everyone more effective and productive. The bad ones tended to be poor performers in their chosen fields who ran to an MBA as a way to avoid working on technical details that they couldn't comprehend.

The worst were smart, but evil. They took an MBA as a fast path to management, where they gulled their peers with enough technical know how to achieve their dreams of power and influence. The more power they got, the less tolerant they became of other "smart guys." They were viewed as threats that might expose potential technical short comings in the MBA's plans.

about a year ago

Building an 'Invisibility Cloak' With Electromagnetic Fields

DontBlameCanada Just as I thought! (71 comments)

Canada is harbouring dissident Romulan scientists brought here by James T. Kirk (Canadian William Shatner).

about a year ago



Canada Privacy Commission takes on Facebook

DontBlameCanada DontBlameCanada writes  |  more than 5 years ago

DontBlameCanada (1325547) writes "The Canadian Privacy Commission announced it has contacted Facebook with serious reservations about how Facebook was protecting user data. From their investigation, it was found that developers of the various applications available on Facebook get access to *nearly all* user data, including full name, friends lists, etc.

Their contentions are:
* Even though Facebook has a contract with the developers which covers protection of that data, there is no reasonable way to enforce the protections as there are nearly 1 million developers scattered across the globe.
* After a user deletes their Facebook account, there is no set term for deletion of user data.
* After a Facebook user dies, their profile is preserved as a "memorial" forever, but does not make that clear in their usage agreement.
* Finally, Facebook users can pass on, via Facebook functionality, private information about other users without their consent.

The Canadian Privacy Commission has forward a list of recommendations to Facebook and has threatened possible legal action if the concerns are not addressed within 30 days.

Here's the full story from the Canadian Broadcasting Service:

Link to Original Source


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