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11th Annual ICFP Contest Begins

DorkusMasterus Re:If you also wondered what the hell ICFP was... (22 comments)

Yeah, I was thinking:
"Insane Clown F***ing Posse?"
And then I thought: "What the heck could people program for them? And then I thought... ooohhhh..."
And then I went to bed.

more than 6 years ago



Nigerian Scam unstoppable at eBay?

DorkusMasterus DorkusMasterus writes  |  more than 7 years ago

DorkusMasterus writes "Here's the situation, and the question is to follow:

I was selling an item on eBay with a "Buy it Now" feature. So I got excited when someone actually did just that. I sent an invoice and nearly immediately recieved an email from PayPal stating that I had received a credit in my account over the requested amount. (Now, don't stop reading yet... I do read /., right?) So, I check it out. The email is of course, spoofed. PayPal shows nothing. The buyer, (I researched... okay, I googled) is using a variant on a name taken from a NY news story of a crashed motorcyclist. So even the address is "possible". Long story sort-of-short: He wants me to send the item to Nigera. Clearly a scam, as no actual money has changed place.

Here is my question to the legion called Slashdot: Is there any recourse here to prevent this sort of thing from happening? I mean, yes, I could just Craigslist the thing, but frankly I like using eBay. (yeah yeah, flame on!) But, being that he simply did what anyone could do, create a fake profile, made a couple of legitimate purchases to get himself a meager positive reputation score, etc... What's to stop people like this from doing it again. My meager efforts include notifying eBay and PayPal of course, but honestly, I expect nothing. I even wrote to Interpol giving them all information including this guy's Nigeria address, but again, with the sheer volume of this kind of crime, why would they bother. So, what tools do you guys/gals know to get this stuff to change? Any groups? eBay workarounds? Secret police in Nigeria? Thanks for your time!"

DorkusMasterus DorkusMasterus writes  |  more than 8 years ago

DorkusMasterus writes "I work for my church in a volunteer sense, and I'm trying to produce a video that will incorporate video clips from films (short, less than 30 seconds per clip, more likely 5-10 seconds) and I am wondering what you fine folks use to grab clips from DVD and TV (in preferably an MPEG or AVI format when completed).

Please keep in mind that I am not interested in something that would copy a full-length film or something. I'm not advocating discussion on how to best pirate films. But I'm looking for a fair-use clip ability kind-of thing.

So what are your ideas?"


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