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Gold Sold From Vending Machines In Germany

Dr Reducto Re:Gold is a lot easier to smuggle through customs (472 comments)

Many countries don't consider gold to be a monetary instrument, and you would not have to declare it as currency. The US is one of these countries.

more than 5 years ago

Stimulus Avoids Serious Solutions For Health IT

Dr Reducto Not as big of a deal as you might think (184 comments)

The people building health information sharing networks have taken this into consideration and have designed "translators" for all the health record formats.

I'm peripherally attached to the team working on the first state-wide health information network (in Maryland), so I can tell you a lot of these problems have already been solved long ago

more than 5 years ago

JP Morgan's Insider Trading How-To On Wikileaks

Dr Reducto Re:The Fundamental reason this is legal (246 comments)

IIRC, these plans are published and noted in company reports and press releases. But of course, these things aren't that important, and a lot of information is priced in by nature, and the analysts who closely follow the company are going to be the only people who really care about it. So it's not really important, but it is available

more than 6 years ago


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Dr Reducto Dr Reducto writes  |  more than 11 years ago Some slashdot humor that I am pretty sure is original(thought of it during work). Feel free to add your own via comments.

-He's a few nodes short of a beowulf cluster.

Q: Why did Natalie Portman cross the road?
A: To get to the grits on the other side

Signs you are obsessed with slashdot:

- Your liscense plate reads "ANON CWD" or your Slashdot ID#
-You have stopped making jokes, since there's nothing in it for you anymore.
-Your mom/wife/girlfriend starts yelling at you, and you yell back "-1 TROLL!!"
-You make CmdrTaco jokes to the manager behind the counter at Taco Bell
-All the paintings in your house are ASCII art
-You don't have a girlfriend
-When you walk though a rough neighborhood,you refer to it as "browsing at -1"

Thats all for now.

Added by others:

greg987123 (677841) adds:
Someone says something funny, and you say "MOD PARENT UP-FUNNY!"

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