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Big Bang Actors To Earn $1M Per Episode

Dr. Gamera Re:Nerd Blackface (442 comments)

I know that The Big Bang Theory is filmed in front of a live studio audience. But however they manipulate the laughter from that live studio audience -- be it audience manipulation, audio manipulation, or whatever -- gives a result that, to my ears, is indistinguishable from a laugh track. A difference that makes no difference is no difference.

(Yes, I do hear a difference between the laughter in The Big Bang Theory and the laughter in, for example, The Cosby Show, also filmed in front of a live studio audience, but apparently less manipulated.)

about a month and a half ago

Passport Database Outage Leaves Thousands Stranded

Dr. Gamera Re:Change management fail (162 comments)

Appreciate your comment. Can you provide some examples of how you would word questions to get a useful answer?

about 2 months ago

IeSF Wants International Game Tournaments Segregated By Sex [Updated]

Dr. Gamera Re:not the norm in other non-athletic competitions (221 comments)

A similar situation exists in the card game bridge. There are three major classes of events: open (men and women), women's (only), and senior (old men and old women). There are some mixed events as well (each partnership must have one man and one woman). Teams including a woman win open events from time to time, including at the highest levels. However, by sheer numbers, most of the top players are male -- notwithstanding the era in which Dorothy Hayden Truscott may have been the best player of either sex in the world.

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Books for a Comp Sci Graduate Student?

Dr. Gamera CLR, Tichy, Hacker's Delight (247 comments)

Other than the obvious Cormen, Leiserson, and Rivest (plus Stein these days, apparently): I found H. J. Tichy's _Effective Writing for Engineers, Managers, and Scientists_ very useful. I haven't finished _Hacker's Delight_ by Henry S. Warren, Jr., but there's some good stuff in there.

about 5 months ago

Pentago Is a First-Player Win

Dr. Gamera Re:Connect Four (136 comments)

Nine Men's Morris is a draw with perfect play. Pentago itself is a draw with perfect play if the first player's first move is constrained to be in the corner (before rotating one of the quadrants). Some variants of Nim are first-player-loses, as are some small-board variants of other games (I seem to recall that Go is a loss for the first player on a handful of the very small boards, like 2x4 or something, but I'd have to go look that up.)

about 8 months ago

Why There Shouldn't Be a Chess World Champion

Dr. Gamera Human World Chess Champion (284 comments)

From the title, I thought the article was going to discuss why the real World Chess Champion these days is always a computer, and how they should add a qualifier to the sobriquet for the winner of the Carlsen-Anand match: the Human World Chess Champion.

about a year ago

AI Systems Designing Games

Dr. Gamera How far we've come from METAGAME (47 comments)

"Pell's motivation was actually not game generation, but general game playing: by the early 1990s, there was a worry that chess-playing AI had delved too deeply into special-case code that was very specific to chess."

Whereas nowadays, there's a worry that brute force solves all AI game-playing problems. If the search space is small enough, you run alpha-beta with iterative deepening and a few other tweaks. If the search space is too large for that, you run Monte-Carlo Tree Search.

I last chatted with Barney Pell at a AAAI conference in the mid-1990s. Unfortunately, by that point, he had given up the METAGAME research, primarily because he couldn't get people interested in it.

about a year and a half ago

How We'll Get To 54.5 Mpg By 2025

Dr. Gamera Re:Here's an idea (717 comments)

Oops, ironically, here I am, a stupid American failing to see the other replies because I'm browsing at +2. Sorry.

about 2 years ago

How We'll Get To 54.5 Mpg By 2025

Dr. Gamera Re:Here's an idea (717 comments)

When you're dealing with people like [...] this [..], there's no use in trying to apply logic.

I'm certainly not going to defend all American stupidity, but look closely at that image in particular. That's a power strip with Type E electrical receptacles, not Type A/B. The likely countries in which that picture may have been taken are Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, Poland, and Slovakia; definitely not the USA.

about 2 years ago

The Tricky Science of Olympic Gender Testing

Dr. Gamera Re:Is that a man or a woman? (559 comments)

There really isn't a way to have men and women compete together in most sports.

One of my pet peeves about feminists is that they want to claim that this is possible, but it simply isn't. Men are much more adapted to hunting, fighting, and running than women, women have evolved in a more sedentary role and as such are built for that role.

Certain sports that involve much more raw intellect women could compete on, but if it significantly involves a physical challenge, forget about it.

Beyond that because men get more out of adrenaline plus get a boatload more testosterone and muscle mass we shoot straighter, faster, and more often than female counterparts.

Zhang Shan would like to show you her Olympic gold medal in Skeet Shooting! Oh yeah, she won it in 1992, back when men and women competed together.

more than 2 years ago

Gamera II Team Smashes Previous Best Human-Powered Helicopter Flight Time

Dr. Gamera An auspicious moniker (118 comments)

(Dr.) Gamera: when you care enough to send the very best.

more than 2 years ago

'Nuclear Free' Maryland City Grants Waiver For HP

Dr. Gamera Re:Power Grid (277 comments)

We have "energy choice" in Maryland; each customer can choose a different electricity supplier. So no, no one can tell you what percentage of Takoma Park's electricity comes from nuclear power. Certainly, I imagine they have a high percentage of customers (at least relative to other Maryland locales) choosing suppliers with 0% nuclear.

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice: Standard Offer Service from Pepco is from seven different suppliers. You are welcome to chase down the nuclear percentages if you like.

more than 2 years ago

'Nuclear Free' Maryland City Grants Waiver For HP

Dr. Gamera Re:Movies (277 comments)

In other towns, cops carry radar guns. In nuclear-free Takoma Park, they carry Geiger counters!

(Alas, not really.)

more than 2 years ago

Space Shuttle Collides With Bridge In New York

Dr. Gamera See Discovery, not Enterprise (157 comments)

I saw Enterprise when it was still at Udvar-Hazy. I have also seen Discovery at its new home in Udvar-Hazy. I'm no rocket scientist, but Discovery was much more impressive. It... felt... like a spacecraft. Okay, now waiting for more knowledgeable people to tell me about the real differences in external appearance between Discovery and Enterprise, or alternatively, use me as an example of how external knowledge (Discovery was a real shuttle, Enterprise just a testbed) can affect perception.

more than 2 years ago

Iran Threatens Legal Action Against Google For Not Labeling Gulf 'Persian'

Dr. Gamera Google is anti-European! (246 comments)

Google is anti-European! There's no label on the largest lake in Europe, Lake Ladoga!

Or, you know, it could be just a cartographic layout decision, just as the lack of a label on the Persian Gulf is.

more than 2 years ago

U. Chicago's Epic Scavenger Hunt Is Back For 2012

Dr. Gamera Re:Rule number 7 (56 comments)

You know you're a geek when you get the joke immediately because you recognize the number.

For a couple of days after we change the clocks in the spring and fall, the usual minute-long recorded message at the USNO Master Clock is shortened to thirty seconds, presumably because they are essentially getting slashdotted at those times.

more than 2 years ago



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