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Whole Foods: America's Temple of Pseudoscience

Dr. Smooth Re:God (794 comments)

Why do reasonable people always try to find some way for bible stories to have their foundation in some actual event? What if it's just straight-up bullshit? You know, like Greek myths, or 8-armed Hindu gods, Cthulu, FSM, etc.? Sometimes I think that even trying to find a way to fit biblical stories into reality is like accepting that there's some modicum of truth to these stories.

But if you really think about it, what stories could possibly survive 2000 years of sharing and still resemble their origins? Have you ever played the telephone game? Within 10 minutes, the story is so distorted that you can't even recognize the original. Add in centuries of illiteracy, dozens of ulterior motives, and there is no reason to think that *any* story in the bible has any basis in reality.

about a year ago

How Can Nintendo Recover?

Dr. Smooth Re: List: (559 comments)

yeah, backwards compatibility for software and hardware really sucks. I like to buy all new stuff every 5 years. Seriously, I've been able to use my games and controllers for 8 to 10 years per generation. I feel like I'm being treated like dirt.

1 year,7 days

RadioShark for Windows and Mac OS X

Dr. Smooth Radio Shark software for Windows sucks (165 comments)

The review really glosses over some major flaws in the Windows software:

  • no MP3 support
  • no iTunes support

Because of the last, you must leave somebody logged in and running the software in order for your scheduled recordings to record. If you want to play your files on a non-WMA-enabled device, you have to record as WAV and then write your own automation to convert to MP3. Then you still have to manually import the files into iTunes.

I don't think there's much hope of trying to run the existing software as a service, since it launches the GUI and turns on the audio when you launch it! D'oh!

The packaging is really misleading, suggesting that there is more direct iTunes support.

But it does work if the software is running. But honestly, how much more work would it have taken to make it a true Windows service? Lame.

more than 9 years ago


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