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Confessions of a Public Speaker

DrPascal Plethora (111 comments)

I saw the first sentence starting with "While there is a plethora of..." and rolled my eyes, and then died laughing when I saw it as a story tag. Thanks to whomever caused that laugh, it was appreciated.

more than 5 years ago

Review of Das Keyboard

DrPascal Re:Calling Shenanigans on this Review (713 comments)

For $130 keyboards? Here is a review for a non-enthusiast:

"It is $130. Move along."

There is a price range with everything that might enter the realm of luxury in which most people are going to balk at the price because the cheap version is plenty sufficient. Normal keyboards at the store are $20... this is not a keyboard for people that would ever say "$130? It's just a KEYBOARD!"

Therefore, I stand by my statement about requiring a keyboard enthusiast, as it would be someone from the niche of people that would consider buying the keyboard in the first place, instead of walking away from sticker shock.

more than 5 years ago



DrPascal DrPascal writes  |  about 8 years ago

Joe Drago writes "I purchased a Mac Pro within the first week that they were available, and immediately upgraded to 3GB of RAM (knowing that OSX loves memory). When playing 3D games (World of Warcraft mainly), the game would Kernel Panic the machine if I had played it for a few hours, or if I swap in and out of the game a few times, etc.

I eventually found out that NVidia has a bug in their drivers that kernel panic's a Mac Pro if any memory past the 2GB boundary is addressed in the driver (from an official Blizzard poster). After waiting months for a resolution to this, I decided to post on Apple's support site. An image of my post is here.

Within a few hours, they removed it from the site, placing it under "Posts Removed by Administration". What's going on here? Is Apple trying to hide this bug, or is there something more serious going on between Apple and NVidia?"


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