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Debate Postponed On UK RIP Act Amendment

Dr_Cheeks It gets worse! (103 comments)

Oh Lord! The original act was bad enough, but now they want to give The Post Office!!!! (among others) access to traffic data w/o a warrant or anything!

Please, every UK resident who values their privacy use the form to fax your MP, or better yet write a letter (I know; archaic, but it might just get the attention of a technophobe MP or two in a way that a fax wouldn't).

more than 12 years ago


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I'm a student again!

Dr_Cheeks Dr_Cheeks writes  |  more than 13 years ago Yes, it's true, I'm a damn dirty student once more. They had us go register about 1.5 hours ago, and that's how long it took me to get everything done, complain about the state of my ID card and get it swapped, test it at the library, get a photocopy card, do a bit of work that's due in tomorrow, then realise that I could come get my new network account (probably).

I'm probably the first person on my course to do it by a couple of days (I'll bet I'm the only one to have laboriously converted the lousy CV template they gave us to HTML and stuck it up on the web so I don't have to keep sending copies to my tutors), but I guess 1.5 hours is pretty slow for the crowd around here. Gotta say as well, they've got some nice new Dells in, but the account creation procedure is now different to the one they've given us instructions for. Not an issue for me, natch, but it's gonna kinda suck for everyone else. Still, maybe I could make some new *cough* female *cough* friends by showing them how to do it. Snoogans!


3.5 days left now

Dr_Cheeks Dr_Cheeks writes  |  more than 13 years ago It's getting closer, steadily closer. I can almost taste those Friday night beers. Oh, and last night I did some work on The Club - one new review written and another one half written. They're not up yet, but hopefully will be by this time tomorrow.


4.5 days left to work

Dr_Cheeks Dr_Cheeks writes  |  more than 13 years ago Whooooo! I finish my job on Friday, so in an unprofessional manner I'm actually spending time posting to this pointless journal while I work my notice.

For those who're interested (and too lazy to go on over to Club Foot and read my diary there), I'm quitting the IT industry to go back to university and learn how to be a high-school teacher. Physics, natch. I could've gone for teaching ICT (that C is for communications, and you should be able to figure the rest out yourself), but I figured there's probably a lot of people with some experience using Word and Excel who're also going for it, and I thought Physics would be more 1337 (seeing as it's the least popular subject to teach, I guess I must be right there).

OK, it would've been nice to get on board with a dot-com, but seeing as I only graduated a year ago I don't have any experience, and nowhere will hire me w/o experience. Yes, that old catch-22. So seeing as I couldn't get in there, I'm now going for somewhere where they are willing to take people on. I'll think of you all when I'm taking my many long holidays (about 12 weeks per year, all paid), and only working 6 hour days :)

Anyway, I finish working in my current job this Friday, so I'm just taking my time right now. Wrong? Yes. But frankly I think it's fair payback for all the extra hours I've put in that'll count for almost nothing in my future career. Yes, I am jaded.


Entry #2, still no worthwhile content

Dr_Cheeks Dr_Cheeks writes  |  more than 13 years ago Oh look; Slash 2.0 is up and my beta journal entry hasn't been lost. Shame. I expect no random acts of God are likely to kill this one either.

Like I said last time, try my website. It's too difficult to maintain all these separate logs. Club-Foot.co.uk.

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