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Wealthy Americans Turning To Europe For Medical Treatment

Drachasor Re:More Like Patients Dodging Federal Regulation (519 comments)

You do not have organized neuron firings until well into the 2nd trimester. Given that we have no reason to think the more or less random firings before that mean anything, I generally think late 2nd trimester or later abortions should be avoided unless there is a serious health risk. This handily covers the vast majority of abortions that do occur.

about 3 years ago

Bejeweled Yields Cognitive Benefit In Older Adults

Drachasor Completely Unsurprising (82 comments)

From what I understand, having old people learn ANY new task will help their brains keep working well. I know the speech therapist my grandmother sees uses a lot of computer games for this purpose. This isn't to say exercise isn't important too, but you need to do something regularly with your brain. New things are better than well-honed tasks.

about 3 years ago

Flying Robot Bird Unveiled

Drachasor Re:Wow, just wow. The uncanny valley extends .... (152 comments)

Things evolve into higher life forms not to find better ways of story energy, but to out-compete other life forms. Evolution is a war between various forms of life..well, various strands of DNA really, each vying to continue to exist. There are also limits as to what is biological possible, or at least limits to what has evolved on Earth. You can see this just by comparing life to technology -- gunpowder and other high explosives never evolves, nor did a lot of other things.

more than 3 years ago

Mobile Phone May Rot Your Bones

Drachasor Re:I am not surprised (220 comments)

Agreed. It almost undoubtedly IS psychosomatic. Note he has don't any controlled study on himself (easy to do at least a single blind with a friend). Very likely he has some OTHER problem and is just blaming his cell phone. A classic case of how the human brain tries to find order in absolute chaos. He's zeroed in on his cell phone use and decided that's it, and his brain finds hits and ignores misses. Cell Phone Energy really is ridiculously weak. Several orders of magnitude lower than the random fluctuations in the energy of your molecules or the strength of even the ionic bonds in your body. The idea it could cause any harm is laughable. It's kind of like saying you could cook food with a 1 watt microwave.

more than 3 years ago

Mobile Phone May Rot Your Bones

Drachasor There's No Sensible Justification (220 comments)

If you do the math, cell phone radiation is several orders of magnitude lower than what is needed to mess with an ionic bond. The photons just have way, way, way too little energy. Heck, when you compare the energy of the photons to the random motion of the particles, it is still orders of magnitude below their kinetic energy. The idea that Cell Phone radiation could interfere with the human body is really quite ridiculous. It is physically impossible it could cause cancer or really do anything else. Blue Light, on the other hand, is potentially dangerous (massively more energetic photons there) -- well, all light is much more energetic, but blue light actually is at the low end of having enough energy to start messing with some weak bonds, potentially.

more than 3 years ago

Colbert New Comic-in-Chief

Drachasor Re:Mmph (939 comments)

Excuse me, but you say that Slashdot has a "liberal bias", for its multinational/multicultural readership that make this up are more liberal than mainstream America.

Then you say that the news that this populace cares about, that this populace would say "matters", is somehow innappropriate? I say it is the right venue because, at least according to you, most of the people on slashdot want to actually hear about things like this. You are the one in the minority, and only because you disagree with the message. It isn't as though non-technology news is a recent phenomenon on slashdot. We've had things like this for years. "Stuff that matters" doesn't just mean technology and science, but other very important issues of the day. Hence something like this pops up now and then, and that's how it should be.

more than 8 years ago


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