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Obama To Launch Website For Tracking Tax Expenditures

Dragon By Proxy Mod Parent Up (358 comments)

As a product of one of the women the parent mentions, I agree with pretty much every word there; the government makes it viable for women to produce children that, more often than not, amount to nothing, for that extra six hundred dollars a month from raping the system.

It's strange, but there does seem to be a culture around cheating the government through mass-reproduction and claiming all these faux mental issues (ADD? Seriously, they're kids; they'll be energetic!), which is passed down, more often than not, to the children of these women.

This is a cancer in society that ought to be cut out quickly, though as long as there are people that genuinely deserve help, there will be people faking injury to live free and lazy. It seems the only ways to stop this abuse are to shut the system down or change the way claims are evaluated.

about 6 years ago

Messenger Sends First Full Fly-By Image of Mercury

Dragon By Proxy Re:Oblig (55 comments)

xkcd to the rescue.

more than 6 years ago


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