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Thousands of Whistle Blowers Vulnerable After Anonymous Hacks SAPS

Draque Out of character... (132 comments)

How on earth does this fit with Anonymous' general philosophy of helping the little guy against the oppressive regime? Nine times out of ten they take that philosophy to an insane extreme, but this seems just the opposite.

about a year ago

Wrong Fuel Chokes Presidential Limo

Draque Modern Diesel... (612 comments)

is less polluting and more efficient than typical gas. Although 30 years ago that wasn't the case, modern chemistry has changed stuff. So step off the hate on diesel. Per mile traveled, it's better for the environment.

about a year and a half ago

Magician Suing For Copyright Over Magic Trick

Draque Bullshit. (296 comments)

I calls 'em like I sees 'em, Teller. Backward engineering a trick and selling the solution is legit.

more than 2 years ago

Female Passengers Say They Were Targeted For TSA Body Scanners

Draque If you've got nothing to hide... (572 comments)

then let me see under your blouse. Sorry, ma'am. Have to check everyone. That isn't fat or a dude.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Responds to EPIC FTC Timeline Complaint

Draque ENSURE (150 comments)

There's a reason that there are two different words, one meaning "a fiscal investment against mishap" and the other meaning "to make certain."

more than 2 years ago

Student Loans In America: the Next Big Credit Bubble

Draque This article is ripped off (768 comments)

The text of this article is more or less verbatim from this week's copy of The Economist's article "Nope, just debt." Some citation for credit would probably be appropriate.

more than 2 years ago

10-Year Study Reveals Electron Shape

Draque Planck Length? (370 comments)

"So round, in fact, that if the electron were enlarged to the size of the solar system, its shape would diverge from a perfect sphere less than the width of a human hair." I'm highly skeptical of the entire article. That measurement would be well under the Planck Length. Below that, isn't all geometry and spatial measurement meaningless? I'm asking, rather than asserting.

more than 3 years ago

Instant Quantum Communication Is Near

Draque Re:Physics (287 comments)

I think it has to do with transmission of q-bits within memory. It's not for communication between two different people, but communication of a q-bit from one memory location to another, which *would* be a big step forward... but not a step that was communicated well within the article. ^^()

more than 3 years ago

Nintendo Seeks To Trademarks "It's On Like Donkey Kong"

Draque Re:Will this pass muster? (183 comments)

Trademark is very different than copyright. It can apply to a particular branch of products or services. For example, "Apple" is trademarked by multiple different companies that inhabit different economic fields. Nintendo could feasibly argue that they wanted to prevent people from using the phrase in video game related sales and promotions. That having been said, I think it's clear that the true intent is to strengthen control over the use of the words themselves. Trademark strength and applicability has been elevated nearly to that of copyright, and I worry that their goal might be to prevent anyone in any commercial (or even worse, *noncommercial*) field from using the phrase. Interpreted loosely enough, trademark law would allow this. And that would be terrible.

more than 3 years ago

Supernova Shrapnel Found In Meteorite

Draque Might be a nitpick but... (105 comments)

This might be a nitpick, but isn't *all* solid matter shrapnel from supernovas?

about 4 years ago

RIAA President Says Copyright Law "Isn't Working"

Draque The food was awful, and the portions small! (473 comments)

Now correct me if I'm being blindingly stupid here, but is Sherman suggesting that because there is a systemic problem with copyright law, that we make more of it?

about 4 years ago

Sentence Spacing — 1 Space or 2?

Draque two spaces for me, thanks (814 comments)

I personally prefer two spaces when I'm reading, as I find it easier to separate sentences while scanning text. Also, what's with the whole "since we all agreed that tab indenting for code was properly two spaces." bit? I don't believe I've seen that in any of my coding positions.

more than 4 years ago

5.5 Earthquake Hits Canada; Felt in US Midwest, New England

Draque Independence, OH (560 comments)

I'm in Independence, OH, and I we felt it in the 6th floor of my building. At first I thought it was just my imagination due to it being so subtle, but the rhythmic swaying lasted for a little over a minute and was noticeable in pools of water and the office plants swaying.

more than 4 years ago

Australia Air Travelers' Laptops To Be Searched For Porn

Draque *offline* rights (647 comments)

Am I splitting hairs here, or is this the exact *opposite* of online rights? These are offline, traditional rights that are being violated/reneged on.

more than 4 years ago

Magnetism Can Sway Man's Moral Compass

Draque Should read "Magnetism makes people more rational" (586 comments)

Having read through that, all I can think is that the magnetism made people more rational. It said that after the treatment, people were more likely to base morality solely on whether an action caused harm. To me, that is entirely reasonable. If something causes no harm, we have no basis to call it immoral other than some personal preference without citing some higher power (which again, I see as irrational).

more than 4 years ago

OLPC Unveils Plans For Tablets By 2012

Draque pre-doom stock inflation (102 comments)

This is clearly just a ploy to inflate their own stocks before planet X smashes into the earth in 2012. They don't even need to develop anything at all!

more than 4 years ago

Engineered Bacteria Glows To Reveal Land Mines

Draque Legitimately good idea (248 comments)

Am I the only one here who is aware of how bad of a problem land mines are to civilians in many third world countries? The response here seems generally negative, but if this technology helps to diffuse old land mine fields, it would be wonderful. Just because it was planted in WW2 doesn't guarantee that it's become inactive or that it won't kill you now.

more than 4 years ago

People Emit Visible Light

Draque Re:nothing special... (347 comments)

You're right that they need different energies. If you graph the energies of photons emitted due to heat radiation, they'll form your typical bell curve, with the peak of the bell curve representing and energy level corresponding with infra-red radiation. That having been said... a few standard deviations from the center, you'll see the (very rare) photons emitted that have energy levels corrosponding with visible light. This happens when enough energy concentrates (by random, highly unlikely chance) to create a photon with much higher energy than is typical for a radiating body. It's very, very unlikely for ay given photon, but photons are created very, very often, so it happens frequently, though not enough to create intense enough light to see.

more than 5 years ago

People Emit Visible Light

Draque nothing special... (347 comments)

This isn't any kind of new or unpredicted phenomenon. Everything that emits heat emits some light. The chances that the wavelength of a photon emitted by a human being (while giving off normal heat) will fall within the visible spectrum is very low, but given that we emit billions and billions of photons on a regular basis, it's sure to happen every now and then. Get sensitive enough cameras, and you'll see that glow from everything that isn't at absolute zero.

more than 5 years ago

Want to Eat Chocolate Every Day For a Year?

Draque great plan (158 comments)

Theory: Making diabetics eat candy every day will result in something good. Proposal: Give us funding so we can feed diabetics candy. Every day.

more than 5 years ago


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