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Should the Next 'Doctor Who' Be a Woman?

Duds Re:Really? Political correctness? (772 comments)

It's a product of 40 years after its creation and 20 years after the first films? Impressive.

about a year ago

EA Offering Free Game to Users After SimCity Launch Problems

Duds Re:Too little, too late (259 comments)

That won't work because just by buying it you accepted it was a rental. No-one bought without the knowledge that it was server dependant and therefore that the servers (and thus the game) would be switch off as soon as it became unprofitable.

Or 2 seconds after the release of Sim City 6.

about a year ago

Feedback On Simcity Gets User Banned From EA Forums

Duds Re:Was it EA..... (386 comments)

Yep, I saw the original story saying that, I stopped reading about the game. I mess about with their iOS Simpsons game and I get connection failures way too often to deal with a game that will only let me play when I can see their failservers.

Worse of course, this is EA, they retire online services for games as soon as a year after it comes out. In this case, that means "retiring" the entire game.

about a year ago

"Jedi" Religion Most Popular Alternative Faith In England

Duds Re:Survey with "Jedi" option available (262 comments)

Because census results are aggregated and by putting ANY region you're increasing government funding for pro-religion programs.

You might think it's a joke but you're basically voting for your taxes to be used for brainwashing kids.

about a year and a half ago

Parrot Drives Robotic Buggy

Duds Re:ironic... (182 comments)

Cutting my hair does not impede my primary means of locomotion.

about a year and a half ago

Parrot Drives Robotic Buggy

Duds Re:ironic... (182 comments)

If they're too big for the average house, don't KEEP them in an average house.

And how is it being temporary any better, that just means you're doing it more often.

about a year and a half ago

Parrot Drives Robotic Buggy

Duds Re:ironic... (182 comments)

You can report his site as it's google hosted on the grounds of cruelty to animals.

about a year and a half ago

Hit Game Makes £52 In First Week On Windows RT

Duds Re:Sorry to be frank but what did he think (308 comments)

And quite apart from that he ported an old game to a new platform.

I.e - not only are there not many people who own the platform, the vast majority are switching from the other popular platforms where, if they wanted your game, they could ALREADY have bought it.

about a year and a half ago

The Promo Bay Blocked By UK ISPs

Duds I'm on BT and I can see it. (132 comments)

So if they're blocking it might be pure DNS since I use OpenDNS.

about a year and a half ago

Secession Petitions Flood White House Website

Duds Re:If there was a Bad at Math Map... (1163 comments)

"The point is, Obama does not have a strong mandate and would do well to incorporate some of the moderate and conservative fiscal ideas into his policies going forward."

Well he has of course, by the standards of virtually the entire rest of the world, Obama is, at the absolute best, centre right. He's more right wing than virtually every world leader.

about a year and a half ago

Hyundai Overstated MPG On Over 1 Million Cars

Duds Re:A Modus Operandi - Just 3 for VM? (238 comments)

VW/Audi/Porsche/Skoda/SEAT/Lamborgini/Bugatti you mean.

And frankly I think I'm forgetting at least one.

about a year and a half ago

Rearview Car Cameras Likely Mandated By 2014

Duds Re:Not worth it (652 comments)

The french law is interesting because it technically demands 2 breathalysers.

Because if you ever actually use it to check yourself then you just used it and can't drive because while you are legal, your car of course is now not.

about 2 years ago

RadioShack To Rebrand As "The Shack"?

Duds Re:Beware of namechanges (629 comments)

Oh that's what it is, I thought it was a service that delivered you a popular 80s console by 9am...

more than 4 years ago

RadioShack To Rebrand As "The Shack"?

Duds Beware of namechanges (629 comments)

It's very dangerous to rebrand because of how much you lose vs how much you gain. IBM makes bugger all money from "International Business Machines" these days but they wouldn't want to lose a brand everyone knows. Same for "Carphone Warehouse" in the UK, they don't want to lose the recognition despite the fact no-one has called a cell/mobile phone a car phone in 2 decades.

And Microsoft's stuff certainly isn't small. (*sidesteps hook*)

So despite the lack of "Radio" as their main business, they should REALLY look and see if the number of people who say "I don't need a radio I won't go there" might be outnumbered by the people who will end up saying "What the f is "The Shack"?". It sounds like somewhere you'd buy a very dodgy Hawaiian style shirt.

more than 4 years ago

Ubisoft Working On a New Anti-Piracy Tool

Duds Re:New anti-piracy tool, eh? (377 comments)

Exactly, I stopped looking at their stuff for the same reason I stopped looking at EAs and for the same reason I buy very few PC games that aren't £10 or from It's a f'ing hassle to get legal copies running.

about 5 years ago

Exchange Rates Spell High Prices for Windows 7 In the EU

Duds Re:It's not only Europe (548 comments)

The above post is complete fiction unless the US retail price is $40US.

more than 4 years ago

Judge Thinks Linking To Copyrighted Material Should Be Illegal

Duds Re:So this implies... (390 comments)

Nah, you're not technically linking to the article until someone reads it so we're fine.

more than 4 years ago

Red Dwarf To Return, Find Earth

Duds Re:fantastic? (298 comments)

Or more accurately, one of them is. Rob Grant is still not involved.

more than 5 years ago

How do you get to work?

Duds Re:Missing option: (887 comments)

Good thing no-one lives outside the US and has internet then really isn't it?

more than 5 years ago


Duds hasn't submitted any stories.



I have no idea

Duds Duds writes  |  more than 11 years ago

You know I have absolutely no idea what this is for.

Or who the 2 friends I appearently have are.

Saves me right for being a Windows user :P

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