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New Method Could Hide Malware In PDFs, No Further Exploits Needed

Dupedupeshakur In other news... (234 comments)

...with a bit of clever social engineering I can get you to open my malware executable directly.

more than 4 years ago

Federal Agents Quietly Using Social Media

Dupedupeshakur Re:I'd hope so. (171 comments)

Another way it can go bad is corrupt judges. As they say, who watches the watchers?

more than 4 years ago

Windows 7 Starter Edition — 3 Apps Only

Dupedupeshakur Re:Wow, this would wind me up fast (695 comments)

"Stay out of your users' way and let them work the way they want to. If I'm daft enough to want to try to host a commercial website or want to do serious software development on a netbook, that's my problem."

MS probably agrees with you, you'll just have to pay the normal going rate. Remember, we're talking about a ~$40 version of Windows here. It's more OS options as far as I'm concerned... especially if they subtract that $40 from an upgrade to the real deal. Voila, people that don't care about the restriction pay less for legitimate software, and those who want all the features are pretty much unaffected.

more than 5 years ago

The FBI Has a Trojan To Watch You

Dupedupeshakur Re:no wonder he was unemployed.... (372 comments)


The real weak link would be whenever and whereever he physically took possession of the money. That's where his real identity must interact with the "chain" the money has followed.

PS IAACFI (I am a computer forensics investigator).

Mostly agreed... but if Somali pirates can get money wired to them anonymously - why not this guy?

more than 5 years ago

Is Your Mood a Result of Where You Live?

Dupedupeshakur Re:My mood? (364 comments)

>"We got laws against noisy car exhausts..."

Noisy exhausts save lives - do your part.

^ Citation Needed I'm tired of hearing the myth that loud exhaust save lives. Drawing all other drivers' attention to your vehicle is anything *but* safe for them. And if by "lives", you mean just of those who have loud exhaust... then consider this - you (and by extension those around you) are less able to hear *important* noises that signal danger (sirens, car horns). Driving defensively (and like you're invisible if you're a biker as I am) is a far safer and more practical solution for everyone.

And people won't think you're a flaming jackass.

more than 5 years ago



Can Atom based Win8 tablets handle 3d gaming?

Dupedupeshakur Dupedupeshakur writes  |  about 2 years ago

Dupedupeshakur (1343359) writes "Reviews of windows 8 tablets have all heralded a common theme, that when it comes to battery life and performance, "you can't have your cake and eat it too". As an early adopter of Acer's Clovertrail (Atom 1.8 dual core CPU) based Win8 tablet, I set out on a mission to prove the reviews wrong, and in one way, did. See my video showing the Iconia W510 playing World of Warcraft, something quite a few reviewers claimed "not possible". http://youtu.be/XEi8Rz6rZ0s (youtube, ads disabled)"
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