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A Day in the Life With a Final Fantasy Creator

Durumbrain With? (29 comments)

A day in the life with a final fantasy creator? Is it about his wife?

more than 8 years ago


Durumbrain hasn't submitted any stories.



Why not XHTML?

Durumbrain Durumbrain writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I love the new slashdot design. The fact that it makes use of css is great, but why HTML? With only a few small changes, we would have correct XHTML...


Slashdot is hideous!

Durumbrain Durumbrain writes  |  more than 9 years ago

After having been a quite irregular visitor of ./ for a while, I finally decided to subscribe to the RSS-feed and create an account.

Then it struck me; this site is ugly.

Seriously, take a look a it! Everything still looks like its from the 90's (which isn't strange since everything IS from the 90's). The HTML-design looks bad and is coded in a stupid way (with a-hundred-or-so nested tables). And HTML 3.2?? Why not make a few corrections and adapt to HTML 4 or, preferably, XHTML 1.0. Why are there no Cascading Style Sheets?

Maybe the site was made in a var un-dynamic way from the beginning so that it is really hard to make changes. What do I know? I am but a newcomer.

Maybe I shouldn't complain about one of the best sites ever. That's another thing for me to think about.

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