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Duke University Creates Perfect, Centimeter-scale Invisibility Cloak

DustMagnet Re:Hmmm (96 comments)

Higher freqs?

The problem isn't just higher frequencies, which as you say getting to optical frequencies will be really hard, but not impossible. The rest of the problem is bandwidth. I can't find the source article for this, but I'd bet the bandwidth is tiny. Visible light covers and entire octave of bandwidth. I've seen zero sign that metamaterials will ever have close to that much bandwidth. Increasing the frequency just means making things smaller. Most of the metamaterials have elements that resonate at specific frequencies.

more than 2 years ago

Run Chickie! Here comes da fuzz!

DustMagnet Re:Doesn't always have to with plates... (6 comments)

Mistakes suck, but I'm far more worried about the "chilling effect" of data mining for suspects. Already you have to be careful not too look suspicious when a cop is near. As more and more things are logged, people will have to be careful not to look suspicious any time an action is logged, which is already starting to become continuous.

Did that cop log my plate? I didn't do anything, but I this area has lots of street dealers, so the computer might think I'm here to buy drugs. Good thing I didn't withdraw any cash recently.

Look at how the Eliot Spitzer investigation started. I've moved that much cash for entirely legit reasons and so it creaps me out that he was investigated and his phone was tapped over something so trivial. I don't see how they had probable cause, not that it matters for someone like Spitzer. Even if a judge tossed the evidence, his political career is over. The government doesn't have to prove guilt to ruin someone's life.

20 years ago I was pulled over because the computer said my car didn't match my plates. It was my girlfriends fault (her car) and it was just because she forgot to file a piece of paper. Still, the cop called for backup and I had to go to court to get my fine dropped (they didn't fine her). There was no way I could have know I was in violation of the law.

I have sinus problems and buy pseudofed and because it's used to make meth I'm scared to buy it. You have to show ID and they log your name and address. I don't want my doors kicked down. My wife used to use nitric acid to etch printing plates, that's the other main ingredient (she only uses ferric now). You get the idea.

Innocent people suffer under a police state and technology is making a police state very cheap to run. Minority Report had psychics (or whatever) predicting future crimes. The police are already using computers to predict crimes and investigating before a crime is actually committed. They even charge some people with conspiracy, which is effectively a thought crime.

BTW, this is my first non-AC comment in a long while.

more than 6 years ago


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DustMagnet DustMagnet writes  |  more than 10 years ago If you haven't figured out by now I'm pretty fickle with my friends and foes list. Here's my very strange comment options (at the moment):

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