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Reno Selected For Tesla Motors Battery Factory

Dynotrick Re:Stop Making Up Words! (157 comments)

WTF is a "gigafactory?"

Is it somehow different than any other kind of factory? Or is it a made-up word designed to satisfy some narcissists ego?

It's the opposite of a nanofactory.

about 4 months ago

The Tricky Science of Olympic Gender Testing

Dynotrick Re:Is it true that Chinese girl pass all drug test (559 comments)

You're ignoring that regardless of gender at that age you are growing and increasing strength. The comment I made above was a partial copy / paste from my former coach who is an extremely experienced and had at least one athlete in the Olympic trials this year. He has also been participating in exchange programs with Chinese coaches over the past year. Pretty sure he knows exactly what he's talking about vs commentators and pundits who know near nothing about the sport. It's all sour grapes at being beat by a Chinese girl.

more than 2 years ago

The Tricky Science of Olympic Gender Testing

Dynotrick Re:Is it true that Chinese girl pass all drug test (559 comments)

Yes, there is past history (distant) in China, but there is nothing to suggest she or any of the other Chinese swimmers are cheating. She passed all her tests so far this year. In fact, she has NEVER failed a drug test and has been tested often in the past several years. People, 16 year old swimmers can do some amazing things. But what did she really do? and was it all that amazing? She dropped from a 4:33.6 to a 4:28.1 in the 400 IM. a 5.5 seconds drop (a 2% improvement). In the 200 IM she dropped from a 2:09 to a 2:07 (a 1.5% gain). People are saying that that is not possible? REALLY? When Michael Phelps was her age, he dropped 7 seconds in the 400 IM (from 4:22 to 2:15 - or 2.6% gain) and 2.5 seconds (from 2:03.4 to 2:00.8 - or 2% in the 200 IM from age 15 to age 16. Basically, the same statistical improvement, or even a little more. No one even suggested his gains were anything other then natural.

more than 2 years ago

First Review of Avatar Special Edition

Dynotrick Re:Hmm... (387 comments)

At least it wasn't yet-another re-make of a '70s or '80s TV show or movie,

It was. You may remember a film called Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0104254/ Ok early 90's, but still....

more than 4 years ago



Woman who says her WiFi was used by a 'house party for 100' not liable for copyr

Dynotrick Dynotrick writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Dynotrick (947014) writes "A key court ruling in Finland says WiFi providers are not responsible if their connection is used by third parties to pirate copyrighted content. In 2010 anti-piracy body CIAPC sued a Finnish woman for using her WiFi connection to download copyrighted material, and threatened a €6,000 fine. But she defended herself, saying although it was her connection, she had open WiFi, and anyone could have logged in and used the line to illegally download content such as films, music or books.
As it happens, during the 12 minutes the offense took place, the woman was hosting a party for 100 people – all potential lawbreakers."

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