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Google News Removes Belgian Newspaper

DzugZug Re:No trespassing (381 comments)

In most states, you DO need a "no trespassing" sign or a fence. Otherwise, you have to ask people to leave before you can have them arrested. NOCACHE is a simple way for the newspaper to ask Google to leave.

more than 8 years ago


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DzugZug DzugZug writes  |  more than 11 years ago Now this story:
Is the worst kind of reporting there is. The scientist has a project (a really cool project) but just a project -- no results. The Slashdot teaser for the New Scientist article makes it sound like they are about to test these things in humans. In fact, they are just going to try them on rat brain slices -- they are not even implanting them into rats yet. This will be really cool if it works, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Oh and another thing -- I happen to work in a Neuroscience lab and so I feel the need to break the following to a lot of Slashdot posters: Just because you know something about neural networks (in the Comp Sci sense) doesn't mean you know something about the brain. There are a lot of highly rated authoritatively stated posts that are just plain wrong.


My Default Response to Crazy Scientific Claims

DzugZug DzugZug writes  |  more than 11 years ago My response to all potentially B.S. research (including B.S. pseudo research that gets posted in Slashdot) is the same: In which peer reveiewed journal will they be publishing their findings.

This has been a point of agrivation for me for some time. Science relies on repeatablity and peer review. When someone calls the New York times rather than Nature, 90% of the time they are full of crap. I have decided to start keeping track of these instances. Here is youf first installment:
Read how these satelites have pictures of UFO but they won't show them to you.

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