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Driver Arrested In Ohio For Secret Car Compartment Full of Nothing

EGenius007 Re:What a joke.... (670 comments)

Seeing as how the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that any officer of the law trained in "speed determination" and alleging to have witnessed speeding was sufficient grounds to uphold a speeding charge, without any mechanical confirmation whatsoever, I'm less than optimistic.

about a year ago

Elon Musk Making a Working Version of James Bond's Submersible Car

EGenius007 Re:Submersible, but not dry (91 comments)

I'm starting to worry that Elon Musk is getting spread too thin. Space-X, Tesla, Hyperloop, automatic driving, plus this. We really need for Space-X and Tesla to succeed.

Maybe the key to success will ultimately lie in Musk giving those businesses (and the people who run them day-to-day) the space they need to make their own decisions.

1 year,3 days

Gravity: Can Film Ever Get the Science Right?

EGenius007 Re:I get what he's saying here (438 comments)

Apollo 13 is hardcore real, only strained interpersonal dynamics were hammed up from what actually happened.

My understanding is that the way that film presents the multiple crises (air filter conversion, weight discrepancy due to lack of lunar samples, fixed point needed for avoiding gimble lock during manual burn) also had, shall we say, "Hollywood conversion" applied to their time frames and threat-to-survival-legitimacy levels. Not that it wasn't an awesome movie, but they tweaked more than one aspect of the story to keep it compelling.

1 year,7 days

Synchronized Virtual Reality Heartbeat Triggers Out-of-Body Experiences

EGenius007 Control? Publication? (183 comments)

I'm unclear from the article whether there was a control group that was exposed to the same VR environment without a projected heart beat indicator and/or whether the researchers tried projecting the heart beat indicator on one or more images that were not the user's own image.

I also didn't see any indication this was related to an article being published in a pier review journal, which essentially just makes it complete hearsay. On the way home I think I'll ask the sasquatch who lives next to the bike trail whether he thinks claims like this deserve journalistic coverage.

about a year ago

Open Source Mapping Software Shows Every Traffic Death On Earth

EGenius007 Road Skill (322 comments)

Anyone else think the ambiguous URL (Roads Kill vs. Road Skill) is just a little bit funny?

about a year ago

Amazon Angling For Same-Day Delivery Beyond Groceries

EGenius007 Re:Maybe they deserve it (193 comments)

Even though they share the same branding and (usually) the same product selection, they function as if they are separate companies.

I was at a Sears B&M and inquired why the website had better pricing on a particular Craftsman tool (about $1.80 cheaper on a $12 product). The salesman (early-20s kid) replied "Well, they're actually our competitor."

Talk about missing the ONE advantage...

Kohl's, on the other hand, mostly gets it - allowing you to return in-store what you buy online, and if you order online from an in-store kiosk you get free S&H.

about a year ago

Colorado Town Considers Drone-Hunting Licenses

EGenius007 Anyone else mentally reverse the headline & st (341 comments)

I thought they were going to offer licenses to hunt WITH drones not FOR drones. (As in the difference between a "bow hunting" and "deer hunting" license.)

Hunting WITH drones seemed a bit technologically innovative. Though given the target is drones it also seems like a practical method. Who wouldn't enjoy a little drone on drone violence?

about a year ago

James Bond's Creator, and the Real Spy Gadgets He Inspired

EGenius007 Re:I hate modern writers (38 comments)

Alliterations are alright, although abundant abuses abound and asperse appropriate applications.

about a year ago

Describe Any Location On Earth In 3 Words

EGenius007 API - Easy OneWord update needed (478 comments)

I can see this service being especially valuable when you're trying to meet someone at a crowded public venue. Share your OneWord with them in advance and set your phone to update your location every 5 minutes.

I think it would also be nice to use at "+PIN" operation to temporary disable a OneWord unless you specify additional information. Simply typing the *OneWord without the +PIN could display a permanent location or an error message indicating that the user is protecting their location.

about a year ago

Temporal Cloak Erases Data From History

EGenius007 First Post (102 comments)

Sure, it might not look like it now, but that's only because I haven't activated my lasers.

about a year ago

Google Rolling Out Gmail Redesign

EGenius007 Re: No! (303 comments)

My point wasn't that sources have changed, but that the breadth of importance, urgency and information content has changed. Though I think the real mistake I made was in assuming people might be interested in discussing this topic rather than essentially saying "I have found a sufficiently capable methodology to solve this problem for myself, using existing tools which haven't always existed. But anyone who thinks other tools should continue to be developed is an idiot."

about a year ago

Google Rolling Out Gmail Redesign

EGenius007 Re:No! (303 comments)

I mean, what is so difficult about reading all my incoming emails in the order I see I've done with email since I first got email on the internet in about '93.

Yeah, I mean, just like back in '93 when I used to get all those facebook invites to my email. And the craigslist responses. And the messages from my state government about my license plates needing renewed. The updates on the status of my federal income tax return. Messages from PayPal about changes to policies on availability of funds on their system. Notification from my bank about my checking account balance. Statements and bill notifications from all of my utilities providers. Receipts for pizzas I ordered online, as well as information about when the delivery was expected.

You'd almost think that in addition to attracting a larger mass of personal correspondence due to the ubiquity of internet access for the whole world, we're generating more automated messages of varying degrees of import by consuming goods and services that somehow haven't always been around.

about a year ago

Water Isolated for Over a Billion Years Found Under Ontario

EGenius007 Re:3. Profit (207 comments)

Pfft, you obviously need to sell the homeopathic version that's been diluted 10,000x to be even more effective.

about a year and a half ago

Larry Page's Vocal Cords Are Partially Paralyzed

EGenius007 Oblig. Mad TV (189 comments)

How has this not come up yet?

"Perhaps your greatest achievement, sir, was your cure for cancer?"
"How did I cure cancer?"
"Well, you took 9 of the heads of the world's largest corporations and gave them all cancer. Within 7 months we had 4 different cures."

about a year and a half ago

Copyright Squabble Threatens Accessibility Boost for the Blind

EGenius007 Re:confused (61 comments)

The copyright holders recognize that the only remotely-feasible way to stop illegal distribution is to make it difficult to make copies.

The copyright holders desperately want to believe that there exists a feasible way to stop illegal distribution and that they can do so by diminishing the quality of their product for legitimate customers, in part by making it difficult to make copies. (FTFY).

about a year and a half ago

No Such Thing As a Tax-Free Lunch At Google?

EGenius007 Re:Does the professor also pay for the water he us (631 comments)

On the other hand, the IRS would like to say no, if it happens more than once a week, it's not such an event. Or, no, if there's not a set time during which every body comes, it's not such an event.

Memorandum: The company-wide morale building dining event will now run from 12:00:01 - 11:59:59. Anyone arriving at 12:00:00 will have to wait until the next event starts. As ever, these events will be held annually, to commemorate holidays like every day ending in "Y."

about a year and a half ago

The RFP and IT Logistics For Washington's "Pot Czar"

EGenius007 Re:Wonder if the position is drug tested? (117 comments)

If your urine tested negative for THC would you consider that a pass or a failure in this case?

about a year and a half ago


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