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The Toyota FT-86 Chief Engineer Speaks

EWNiedermeyer EWNiedermeyer writes  |  about 3 years ago

EWNiedermeyer writes "TTAC sits down with Testsuya Tada, chief engineer of Toyota's upcoming FT-86 affordable sportscar. Tada-san talks "engineering for the customer, not the engineer," the need for affordable sportscars, the FT-86's clean-sheet design process, and "putting the driver back in the driver's seat." In-depth and entertaining."
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NHTSA On Unintended Acceleration In Toyotas

EWNiedermeyer EWNiedermeyer writes  |  more than 4 years ago

EWNiedermeyer (1736128) writes "Why do Toyotas suddenly accelerate out of control? According to data from NHTSA's complaint database, they might not actually. While NASA studies Toyota's throttle electronics for signs of a ghost in the machine, the National Research Council and NHTSA have found that unintended acceleration in Toyotas is a recent, media-fueled phenomenon. It happens predominantly to old and inexperienced drivers. Prior to Toyota's floormat recall, it happened to as many Volvos (per thousand sold) as it did Toyotas. Most UA events take place in parking lots. See all this and more brought to life in the full presentation made by various government officials (available for download in PDF format, incisive commentary at no extra charge) at The Truth About Cars."
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NHTSA Complaint Database Oozes Personal Data

EWNiedermeyer EWNiedermeyer writes  |  more than 4 years ago

EWNiedermeyer (1736128) writes "Are your name, address, date of birth, driver's license number and social security number publicly available online? If you've been involved in an accident, they might be and you would never know. The Department of Transportation's National Highway Safety Administration solicits defect complaints from the public, which are hosted on NHTSA's public database. There are currently about 792,000 of these complaints currently online, and as the video at the link proves, many of them are improperly redacted. As a result, the most personal information imaginable is available to anyone who takes the time to troll the database. This is a clear violation of the Privacy Act of 1974, and NHTSA needs to shut down the database until it can control the personal data stored there. See the video for more..."
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Fix For Sticky Toyota Pedals Temporary At Best

EWNiedermeyer EWNiedermeyer writes  |  more than 4 years ago

EWNiedermeyer (1736128) writes "Toyota's fix for its sticky pedal problem has arrived at dealers, and it looks to be temporary at best. According to official Toyota recall instructions, the fix amounts to placing one of seven different shims on a tension arm that Toyota claims was causing the pedal assembly to stick (non-recalled, Denso-supplied units are designed without tension arms). The Truth About Cars performed the fix on a recalled gas pedal assembly per official Toyota recall instructions [available in PDF format at the TTAC link], and concludes:

"The only way we interpret the necessity of measuring the friction arm gap and choosing an appropriately sized shim is that the older units with more wear will have a smaller gap than the new(er) ones. The shim will compensate for that wear, but in a static, not dynamic way. As soon as the continued wear on the friction arm changes its size or other friction characteristics, the pedal is potentially back to the same sticky situation as before."

Not good."

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