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Nicaragua Gives Chinese Firm Contract To Build Alternative To Panama Canal

Eccles Re:CHINA NEEDS WOMEN (323 comments)

> Sexbots and VR porn only fulfill the basest needs and will only serve as a stopgap.

Well, how do we keep U.S. male virgins occupied?

Clearly we need a Chinese version of slashdot.

about a year ago

Nicaragua Gives Chinese Firm Contract To Build Alternative To Panama Canal

Eccles Re:Competition (323 comments)

According to the developer's website, it will not use the San Juan River.

Lake Nicaragua is freshwater, though. I can't see using it without dramatic environmental impact on that lake.

about a year ago

Submarine Tech Reaches For Deep Ocean Record

Eccles Re:Transparent Aluminum (164 comments)

I was thinking more like a General Products Hull.

more than 3 years ago

Open Source Programming Tools On the Rise

Eccles Re:Your secret is out. (113 comments)

Given the typical programmer's social skills, it's due to lots of practice. /programmer :-(

more than 2 years ago

If App Store's Trademark Is Generic, So Is Windows'

Eccles Re:Are they kidding? (356 comments)

No, I'm saying the term is generic. Whether or not Apple (or possibly NeXT?) used the abbreviation app first, it's widely used, an obvious slang term for application, and used as a distinct noun, and Wikipedia et al do not associate it with Apple.

more than 3 years ago

If App Store's Trademark Is Generic, So Is Windows'

Eccles Re:Are they kidding? (356 comments)

Google "android app"

About 70,800,000 results (0.28 seconds)

I think it's been used elsewhere for a bit.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook Linked To One In Five Divorces In US

Eccles Re:Outside influences (292 comments)

I think it's more:
1) Will never cheat
2) Will cheat given the opportunity
3) Will cheat in times of stress, depression, weakness (a revenge affair, for ex.) if there is an opportunity.

Social networking makes it more likely group 3 will cheat, as it is more likely they will have an opportunity when they are vulnerable.

It doesn't excuse the affair, and doesn't make the other person feel any better about it; it just makes the 3s statistically more likely to cheat than if they were, say, living on an isolated farm in Montana in the 1880s.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook Linked To One In Five Divorces In US

Eccles Re:Facebook Linked To One In Five Divorces In US (292 comments)

You do realize the fellas have to cheat with someone, don't you? And I don't think the closet cases are anywhere near the majority.

I suppose you could claim it's married men and unmarried women, but there are certainly lots of unmarried men who are more than willing to sleep with married women.

more than 3 years ago

Spinal-Fluid Test Confirmed To Predict Alzheimer's

Eccles Re:Not just a test benefit (138 comments)

Thank you for your kind thoughts, but I really do think it's too late for him. For my wife's sake, I hope for one for me. For my mother's sake, I hate to think this way, but... well, I won't say it, just think it.

As a general rule, my father doesn't seem scared, just confused, although he's had a strange paranoia about money. This despite a generous retirement pension/savings/etc.

more than 3 years ago

Spinal-Fluid Test Confirmed To Predict Alzheimer's

Eccles Not just a test benefit (138 comments)

Not only does this give an actual test for Alzheimers, it also means that there's a definitive symptom for it. Wipe out the cause of that symptom and maybe you can stop or reverse the progression of this horrible affliction.

My father is already at the moderate dementia stage of this illness, and it's devastating. Not so much for him as it is for my mother.

more than 3 years ago

Moore's Law Will Die Without GPUs

Eccles Re:Objectivity? (250 comments)

The industry has moved away from "more horsepower than you'll ever need!" to "uses less power than you can ever imagine!"

As someone who still spends way too much time waiting for computers to finish tasks, I think there's still room for both. What we really want is CPUs that are lightning-fast and likely multi-parallel (and not necessarily low-power) for brief bursts of time, and low-power the rest of the time.

My CPU load (3Ghz Core 2 Duo) is at 60% right now thanks to a build running in the background. More power, Scotty!

more than 4 years ago

Tesla Roadster Breaks Distance Record For Electric Car

Eccles Re:Now THAT is an electric car. (392 comments)

one option would be to put induction cables into the road, so that the car can be charged while driving.

Taxi stands could have built-in charging cables for electric taxis.

more than 4 years ago

Ultracapacitor Bus Recharges At Each Stop

Eccles Re:Next model (419 comments)

1.21 gigawatts? Great Scott!

more than 4 years ago

Alabama Wages War Against the Perfect Weed

Eccles Re:The perfect weed? (360 comments)

The only goat I've ever had seemed like it had a high proportion of bone, grisle, etc. for a given amount of goat meat. Is this typical or was it just a cheap cut?

more than 4 years ago

Is City-Wide Wi-Fi a Dead Idea?

Eccles Re:Wifi is effectively dead (259 comments)

Hey its whatever your plan is say 50 bucks plus 10 bucks an additional line, and 30 bucks for data (for the iphone) per iphone as well so if you have two iphones thats 60 bucks for data, man per iphone talk about nickel and dime-ing you to death

More like tenning and twentying you to death, I'd say...

more than 4 years ago

A History of the Shrinking Game Console

Eccles Is there much call for a next gen? (107 comments)

For the past 30 years, there's been a real technology treadmill. PCs, video games, VCRs->DVDs->BluRay, more recently flat panel TVs and digital cameras. It seems, though, like the treadmills are starting to slow. The move to 64-bit OSes (handled cleanly by Linux and Apple, Microsoft... not so much) seems like the last major transition even to be done, and high-end video cards can handle most games at beyond HD resolution. Movies and TVs could go even higher-def, but human eyesight often isn't good enough to care. Likewise, cameras are all multi-mega-pixel, capable of storing huge numbers of photos and even taking high-quality video. Do you think we're nearing the end of the upgrade treadmill for video games too? The next Wii could be higher def and higher-detail graphics capable, the 360 could have Blu-Ray, the PS3... seems like there's no compelling reason to upgrade. Sure, it could be even faster, and look a little better as a result, but would that be enough to justify the purchase?

If not, shrinking the system (to reduce costs) and selling more throughout the world may be the only direction Sony can profitably go.

more than 4 years ago

Fully Functional Bioengineered Tooth Grown In a Mouse

Eccles Re:Hu Hu (264 comments)

I think above or below would probably be better for DP, don't know about DV or DA.

more than 4 years ago

Earth's Period of Habitability Is Nearly Over

Eccles Re:Dang! Things were just getting fun (756 comments)

Nuclear Fission is the energy of right now. Problem is too many DIPSHITS are in the way of plentiful cheap energy.

With a few small localized exceptions, there have been no laws preventing building nuclear plants. We stopped building nuclear power plants because they weren't cheap. Little to do with the dipshits (ok, some lawsuits); mainly to do with the bean-counters. Coal is just cheaper.

Now, maybe if we institute a carbon tax on fossil fuels and level the playing field, nuclear power might look more attractive. But then your kvetching should be aimed at those opposing said taxes, not greenies.

I'm an environmentalist who is not opposed to nuclear power, though I like some of the CANDU-derived systems better than fuel-rod systems.

more than 4 years ago

Most Complete Topographical Map of Earth Complete

Eccles Re:As noted... (207 comments)

As noted by some. This also has been the most detailed fail.

Don't tell me they left the lens cap on *again*!...

about 5 years ago


Eccles hasn't submitted any stories.



Is this a new ebay change? It's disturbing if so

Eccles Eccles writes  |  more than 8 years ago

On ebay these days, when you go to bid:

"Reminder: Even if you don't bid again, you could still end up as the winning bidder if higher bids are retracted or canceled. Continue to check the status of this item until it ends."

Well that's wonderful. Place a bid, get outbid, go to buy the same thing from a different seller, and you could still be on the hook for the first one. How long has ebay had this policy?


A technical help request

Eccles Eccles writes  |  more than 8 years ago

I picked up a cheap but decent set of 5.1 speakers, Logitech model X-530. The sole input is a trio of 1/8" stereo jacks, for left/right front, left/right surround, and center/subwoofer. What I'd like to do is buy something that allows me to take a combination of 2 channel stereo, TOSLink, optical digital, and analog 5.1 sources (like some PC sound cards) and connect to these speakers. So basically an audio receiver, except instead of standard speaker posts, it drives these 5.1 guys. Anyone know of such a beast? Soundblaster has an external sound "card" that has at least some of what I'm looking for, but I'd prefer something that runs even with the computer not turned on.

Much thanks in advance for any advice.

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