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BitHammer, the BitTorrent Banhammer

Eevee Re:Alternative headline (429 comments)

Yes, clearly the two wrong acts aren't equivalent. The torrent user is just an inconsiderate asshole while this dude is an outright malicious asshole.

But can you do it as a car analogy?

The first guy is the kind of idiot who pulls into an intersection on a yellow light when there's not enough room to pull completely through. The second guy's a BMW owner.

about three weeks ago

Department of Defense May Give Private Cloud Vendors Access To Top Secret Data

Eevee Not "The Cloud" (60 comments)

They're looking for cleared contractors to set up private clouds in their facilities.

about three weeks ago

Possible Reason Behind Version Hop to Windows 10: Compatibility

Eevee You've got it backwards (349 comments)

The problem isn't making sure code that worked on Windows 95 still works. It's code that wouldn't run in the DOS code tree, but will still run in the NT tree, and has code that prevents trying to run it on older systems...and, instead of checking for Windows_NT and proceeding, checked for Windows_9* and stopped.

And, for the record, on a Windows 7 box, the OS environment variable is still "Windows_NT". Somebody out there must have a 95 (or 98) box still running that could check if it shows "Windows_95". ("echo %OS%", but if you've still got a box that old, you knew that.)

about a month ago

David Cameron Says Brits Should Be Taught Imperial Measures

Eevee Re:Simple answer (942 comments)

Water freezes at zero and boils at one hundred.

You mean, water freezes at 0C and boils at 94C. (Well, technically, it freezes at 0.01C, but who's counting.)

What could be simpler?

It's hard to get simpler than assuming everyone lives at sea level. It's just not very accurate.

about a month ago

Microsoft's Asimov System To Monitor Users' Machines In Real Time

Eevee Re:Asmiov = Halo? (269 comments)

Because if you're going to tarnish the name "Asimov", I'd rather you blame it on Halo than Isaac.

about 1 month ago

Facebook To Start Testing Internet-Beaming Drones In 2015

Eevee Gotta like the pro-level bullshit. (42 comments)

From the article:

Maguire, in conversation with Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore, likened the vehicles to planes rather than drones, a word that does carry some negative connotations.

Drone means there's no pilot; they take surplus/retired conventional planes, such as a Phantom and turn them into a, yes, drone. (And stick a Q in front of the designation so it's now a QF-4,)

about a month ago

Device Allows Paralyzed Rats To Walk, Human Trials Scheduled Next Summer

Eevee Re:Poor rats (85 comments)

I go out of my way to find products that weren't tested on animals.

Those products are still being tested on animals; it's just that the animal being used for testing is you.

about a month ago

South Carolina Student Arrested For "Killing Pet Dinosaur"

Eevee Re:Please, don't tell them ... (421 comments)

... but I strangled my neighbor's unicorn, last night.

Now, I've heard the phrase choking the chicken before, but that one's a new euphemism to me.

about 2 months ago

Dramatic Shifts In Manufacturing Costs Are Driving Companies To US, Mexico

Eevee Re:Zooooom! (233 comments)

Yes, it's in the platform in Texas.. SO? Such verbiage plays well here. That does not make it a campaign.

Yes, your Honor, we were both naked, in bed, and I had my penis inside her vagina. But that doesn't mean we were having sexual intercourse.

about 2 months ago

Asteroid Mining Bill Introduced In Congress To Protect Private Property Rights

Eevee Re:Bullshit (181 comments)

If you can get it and defend it, it's yours.

So, you believe if I can take it from you by force, it's mine?

Putin believes this.

about 4 months ago

Duolingo is a Free, Crowdsourced Language Learning App (Video)

Eevee Re:Wife (75 comments)

1, certain parts want you to use a microphone.

Hover over your name at the top of the page, select settings, and turn Microphone off.

about 4 months ago

Half of Germany's Power Supplied By Solar, Briefly

Eevee Re:Thanks for pointing out the "briefly" part. (461 comments)

Excluding Chernobyl, I dont think theres been a single death (actual or projected) from nuclear power-- certainly none in the last 20 years.

I'm sure everyone working for JCO in Tokaimura is happy to hear that, as are the residents of the town.

about 4 months ago

To distress my enemies, I'd force on them ...

Eevee Re:Javascript-requiring content (199 comments)

Hell, I disable javascript on most sites to avoid the comments. Reading internet comments on anything but a specialty site is more punishment than the ads.

about 5 months ago

Thousands of Europeans Petition For Their 'Right To Be Forgotten'

Eevee Re:All I'll say... (224 comments)

So you saying this is a case where Google should hide the results, right?

In a perfect world, those passing judgement would only pay attention to the facts brought into court for this particular case. But, due to the ease of searching on the web, jurors are much more likely to look and find information about his past behavior, thus tainting their judgement. So it is people with current legal troubles that are most in need of this kind of protection.

about 4 months ago

Yelp Reviews Help NYC Health Department Find and Close Dirty Restaurants

Eevee They don't close the restaurant due to the review (64 comments)

The yelp reviews provide a suggestion that there may be a problem; there is a health inspector who examines the restaurant based on the suggestion. If it's a fake yelp review and the restaurant does meet the standard, then the health inspector gives a good grade and there's no problem. On the other hand, if there's a fake yelp review and the restaurant does have problems--well, the restaurant deserves the failing grade; the false yelp review just gets the inspector there sooner than the normal review cycle.

about 5 months ago

Virgin Galactic Passengers May Just Miss Going into Space

Eevee Re:Does it really matter? (203 comments)

The Karman line is only arbitrary in so far as they picked a nice even number in the metric system which is pretty damn close to the point where winged flight isn't possible without being at orbital speed. If it had been originally defined in the US customary units, it still would have been in the area of 62 miles up.

about 6 months ago

The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse

Eevee There are people running 8.1? (293 comments)

If they want Windows, why haven't they spent $20 to have Windows 7 installed by the kid down the street so they can actually use the box?

about 6 months ago

Electric Bikes Get More Elegant Every Year (Video)

Eevee They aren't really bicycles. (164 comments)

The main problem with e-bikes is they don't fit the bicycle category; they're really underpowered motorcycles. One of the first things I noticed in the clip was a brag about being able to go 20mph--most urban bike traffic will be going at half that speed, say 8-12 mph. (For example, one of the local biking groups shows that 18-20 mph is for top cyclist in a paceline.)

These really don't belong on multi-purpose trails or in bike lanes. The speed differential between them and normal bikes is just asking for accidents.

about 8 months ago


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