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New Asimov Movies Coming

Elemenope Re:This is good... (396 comments)

Now take a look at an actor like Depp. Sure you can recognize him, but you could watch a whole movie without actually really noticing that he's in there.

No, no. That's Gary Oldman. Depp is still too flashy to blend seamlessly into his roles. The closest he came was ironically his flashiest role: Cap'n Jack Sparrow...and he was aided by copious accouterments and make-up to pull it off.

more than 6 years ago

First Trek Film Footage Unveiled

Elemenope Re:'Never really been a huge Star Trek fan.' (320 comments)

On the contrary. Star Trek I to VI were at least glorified fan flicks from insiders, from then on they tried to appeal to a more general public: Now they even lost that bit of appeal.

IV was pretty accessible on general principles, and VI was accessible to anyone who wasn't in a coma during the entirely of the Cold War.

But otherwise, I get your point.

more than 6 years ago

McCain Campaign Protests YouTube's DMCA Policy

Elemenope Re:We Can Only Hope the Same Happens to Obama (597 comments)

CBS and FOX won't do it to Obama because they *like* Obama. They don't mind if Obama uses their videos to help him win the election.

Yeah, FOX *loves* Obama.

What, are you stoned?

more than 6 years ago

Obama Campaign Seeks LAMP Developers

Elemenope Re:But they're anarchists! They can't have meeting (488 comments)

Uh, no, no. Some modern interpretations of Christianity hold only murder to be wrong, while many historical strains (and certainly the text!) argue for the stricter interpretation. Christian "just war" theory is a hotly disputed topic amongst even modern Christians, and for good reason: there is barely if any scriptural support for it, and many see it as simply a pragmatic concession to the fact that living as a Christian in a cruel, cruel world is rather difficult. I would point you, for example, to Martin Luther King, Jr.'s early writings, where he explains the man reasons why he rejected the Just War theory that he held in his youth as he found it inconsistent with the Christianity he studied and believed in.

more than 6 years ago

Obama Campaign Seeks LAMP Developers

Elemenope But they're anarchists! They can't have meetings! (488 comments)

And philosophically, could the Open Source community support one side in a competition such as this?

Killing is wrong, according to Christianity. Can Christians support one side of a war over another?

YES! Duh.

more than 6 years ago


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