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Who's To Blame For Rules That Block Tesla Sales In Most US States?

ElitistWhiner Dealers in-the-room (136 comments)

Vote with the Almighty Dollar. Stop dancing around the facts go buy a Tesla. In a free country, exercise the liberty so many Americans fought and died for so you can enjoy all your freedoms. Buy your Tesla. Stop with the feigned guts to point to the beast and say look there's a fucking Elephant. Of course there's an Elephant who's scared of a tiny little Tesla. Its just the nature of the beast.

Is there anyone who isn't driving the Tesla-of-their-dreams because they are scared of Elephants?

2 days ago

Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

ElitistWhiner Free market loss (573 comments)

I was just getting ready to go see " THE INTERVIEW".

SONY lost an American free market opportunity.

2 days ago

Researchers Accidentally Discover How To Turn Off Skin Aging Gene

ElitistWhiner Re:Seems unintuative (174 comments)


"immortal, sunlight-fearing vampires"

3 days ago

Bellard Creates New Image Format To Replace JPEG

ElitistWhiner Re:Great... (377 comments)

Exactly correct answer. Merge JPEG-BPG-> JPG


about two weeks ago

Apple, IBM Partnership Yields First Results: 10 Mobile Apps

ElitistWhiner First Principles: CONSUMER (53 comments)

IBM (old guys) wants the worlds most valuable and most popular consumer product company to crack into BYOD enterprises. SteveJobs built the most valuable company on the planet based upon CONSUMER from Day0 at AAPL. After being kicked out of Apple, SteveJobs turned focused on Enterprise with his NeXT Inc. venture. Ten years later NeXT had changed computing. It popularized O-O with Obj-C providing Soloman Inc. the tool and means to abstract financial instruments for trading bonds. That precluded WallSt. CMO's, Derivitives and electronic trading. NeXT enabled a CERN researcher to invent a better Gopher.app with a simple worldwideweb; www.app. Bill Gates even gave Steve $150 million to keep NeXT in business to avoid anti-trust but I digress. BUT that marked the definitive end to Enterprise for SteveJob's NeXT. SO it was SteveJobs intuitive understanding of everyday consumers that created Apple in the first place and upon his requested return its future success.

Apple's turning focus away from CONSUMER toward ENTERPRISE would mark a leadership milestone. A milestone SteveJobs would prove " Life after Death" by hurling back at Tim Cook rather than rollover in his grave.

about two weeks ago

California Sues Uber Over Practices

ElitistWhiner Re:What if.... (139 comments)

Evidence for your hypothesis being? OK, Uber did hire the NY Taxi Commission Board member.

about two weeks ago

Now worth $40 billion, upstart Uber outraces other tech models

ElitistWhiner Friction-free capitalism (1 comments)

Uber's business model-in-the-making may be the highest embodiment of a new benchmark. Friction-free capitalism that features free markets, free enterprise, cash-free transaction, wage free productivity but its compelling " free benefits" are its strongest defining attribute.

about two weeks ago

Apple Accused of Deleting Songs From iPods Without Users' Knowledge

ElitistWhiner Re:Apple deleted my songs (250 comments)

The were songs on computer. Purchased on iBook, then new hardware upgrade to a Mac mini no iNothin' device involved. Songs simply didn't transfer to the new hardware & OS X upgrade, were no longer in iTunes store even though they showed in purchase history but were unavailable for recovery/download. So I had to sneakerNET transfer them from my backup.

about two weeks ago

Apple Accused of Deleting Songs From iPods Without Users' Knowledge

ElitistWhiner Apple deleted my songs (250 comments)

Songs I bought didn't survive an iTunes ' upgrade'. So Apple removes content from iTunes and from your account " magically". I suspect they stopped paying an artist and sold copies anyway. Magic erased evidence on iTunes for Apple which propogated down to the client accounts!

BUT...to get my songs back off backup I paid a service fee of $122.00 to fire up an antiquated hard drive and copy...priceless

about two weeks ago

Physicist Kip Thorne On the Physics of "Interstellar"

ElitistWhiner Re:Confession - I didn't like Interstellar (289 comments)

The movie is about " What if it were the case that we really don't know what is true?".

At the end of the movie, it boils down to the power of human's capacity to imagine, believe and transcend man's madeup limitations. The subtext of the movie uses the twin human weaknesses of Abandonment and Engulfment to demonstrate what we know to be true is what we " feel is true".

Identity is otherside of Engulfment. The movie narrative struggles substituting enmeshment / engulfment as though they were equivalents. The setup juxtaposes two instances to demonstrate that man's Identity ( what he feels) is more important than saving humanity.

In the earthbound instance the professor's enmeshment with humanity requires that he will take to his grave the secret that it is doomed, except there's a twist - with his last dying breath he reveals he knew the grand hoax of his scientific evidence to the contrary upon which the hopes of the planet were placed in the recolonization mission. His Identity ( id) released by his imminent death, he inflicts pain and suffering to relieve dying with a guilty conscience. His last breaths are an act in saving his Identity as the Professor.

In the interstellar instance the marooned astronaut survived an illusion of engulfment in wrapping his life into the pursuit of a mission he is told cannot succeed. A virtual outlier and existential outsider faced with perpetrating the Professor's grand hoax or pertetuating his own life, his (id) rises to the occasion voting to save man, himself, his Identity over humanity.

In neither instance does the truth save you nor does what they feel.

Except the other side of Abandonment is Love or Hollywood Happy Endings...to wit: Interstellar where Love (what we feel) conquers all.

about three weeks ago

Corning Reveals Gorilla Glass 4, Promises No More Broken IPhones

ElitistWhiner Timing is everything...dust settled. (203 comments)

The collapse of a competitive advantage crystal lens product in GT Advanced which was summarily driven into the ground, bankrupted and which failure narily caused a single Apple iPhone shipment delay.

Any problems connecting dots, seeing the landscape and strategy now?

about a month ago

Blame America For Everything You Hate About "Internet Culture"

ElitistWhiner Mirror, mirror... (376 comments)

No wonder the French are literate, savvy and experienced social creatures online....just a reflection how dumb-down is U.S.-style Internet.

The French led home terminal connectivity 10 years before the Internet launched nationwide in United States homes. Minitel terminals were text based phone company-issued devices which the French affectionately hung onto well after the internet age arrived. It took an act of government to dismantle the service.

about a month ago

Can the US Actually Cultivate Local Competition in Broadband?

ElitistWhiner OLDarg: Fibre to the Belly again (135 comments)

Follow GOOG, if they can't embrace, extend and deploy broadband beyond testbed, realworld deployment in very select environments? Who thinks they are smarter, richer and better positioned to profit on fibre to the belly.

about a month ago

Ars Dissects Android's Problems With Big Screens -- Including In Lollipop

ElitistWhiner OffTopic: AttaBoy (103 comments)

I like the Nexus7 tablet. AttaBoy it is a standard. Its responsive, unobtrusive and " just works" better than any iPad for getting shit done. Go GOOG! The Nexus7 form factor feels right

about a month ago

Start-Up Vsenn Emerges From Stealth With Project Ara Modular Phone Competitor

ElitistWhiner Last Century mindblocks (30 comments)

Really? Lego meets Nokia, that's a concept looking for a problem to solve.

Maybe GOOG can embrace and extend beyond backcover hubcap thinking

about a month and a half ago

New Watson-Style AI Called Viv Seeks To Be the First 'Global Brain'

ElitistWhiner Viv is a wet dream (161 comments)

Apple doesn't push the arrow until the wood breaks. They take the pointy end, aim and ship (RealDevelopers). SteveJobs didn't want the iPhone to merely fix our gaze but service our needs. Siri could break the paradigm and shift its focus off the screen back onto our needs. Steve saw that, that opened up an entire handheld services market and Apple would own the abstract layer between services and customer through Siri.

Apple didn't drop the ball on Siri. Siri hit a threshold, limit or criticality beyond which Five9's reliability eroded. They had to build infrastructure, to host Siri demand. The marketplace would help test and build a Siri strong enough to bridge the paradigm. Its not there yet.

Developers ship and Viv stands at the pinnacle of dreams while Siri is shipping daily.

about 4 months ago

Tesla: A Carmaker Or Grid-Storage Company?

ElitistWhiner Giga market play (151 comments)

The real position in play is abstraction over the GRID and selling it back as a viable business model. EV's are transitional technologies on the way to the future. Tesla cars are proof-of-concepts that a future can work without petroleum dependancy. They spotlight those millions of tailpipe emissions which only electric and hydrogen eliminate.

Power markets refuse to invest in the capture of smokestack emissions at source so the exercise Tesla is running remains retail only. When hydrogen competes with electric fuel cells that day will mark petroleum's last tailpipe gasp. Then emissions at the smokestack are all that's left to capture then.

Tesla will be there and in position to sell you power for your business, home or car in whatever form required from an eco-conscious GRID that puts the cost of capture into the end product and puts producer's responsibility back onto the consumer end user.

about 8 months ago

Are New Technologies Undermining the Laws of War?

ElitistWhiner Re:"Laws" of war? (317 comments)

On point, concise, factual and directly focused on First Principles. Of course this post is rated -1. That's why you need to read the (-) comments first!

about a year ago

BlackBerry Sues iPhone Keyboard Maker Typo

ElitistWhiner Desperation or churning? (226 comments)

Lawyers earn and no better way is there than to churn. In the interest of protecting a client, its a quick action to take because they can. Just because they could doesn't mean they should. SO this could be a legal action outside the sphere of Blackberry just doing what they do - churn to earn.

OR Blackberry in its desperation could be attacking all comers to its last remaining properties. It's interesting that there exists professionals for whom Blackberry remains an essential AND want to integrate other devices adding keyboard functionality. But this device looked like it was too much of a ' kludge' for my personal tastes. I chose not to pursue the $100 case for iPhone with keyboard.

AND I think that threshold barrier to purchase is reason enough that Blackberry have no case of patent infringement since keyboards have been around for awhile now. Adding a bluetooth keyboard case for iPhone doesn't equate to a Blackberry phone.

about a year ago


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