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Ask Slashdot: Good Ideas For Creative Gaming With Girlfriend?

ElizabethGreene Re:Minecraft (337 comments)

I travel 75% of the time, and my love playing minecraft with my kids. Setting up our own server was time well spent.

My SO doesn't like to play though. That sucks.

about a year and a half ago

The Cryonics Institute Offers a Chance at Immortality (Video)

ElizabethGreene Re:Slashvertisement (254 comments)

Yes, for strawberries your statement is accurate. Conveniently, people (and all mammals) have a significantly more complex circulatory system than a strawberry. Part of the pre-cooling perfusion process is to flood your body with chemicals that reduce this mush-forming problem. Then they use a specific cooling regimen to further reduce ice stressing by moving very slowly through the glass transition temperature.

Even with that, It's not survivable today, and that's where our R&D money goes.

Disclaimer: I am a CI member and future customer.

about a year and a half ago

Looking Beyond Corn and Sugarcane For Cost-Effective Biofuels

ElizabethGreene Re:Nature's solar panel (242 comments)

"So when do solar panels become effective enough to replace growing a plant to harness the sun's energy?"

When they grow on trees.

Plant based ethanol serves two purposes, energy collection and storage. The current cost per kilowatt of solar energy and storage technology isn't in the same order of magnitude vs. ethanol.

Back to the OP, there was a book from the 70's called "Alcohol, it's a gas." A crapton* of this research has already been done. Yeah industry for taking a look at it!

* Not an SI unit.

about a year and a half ago

Browser Choice May Affect Your Job Prospects

ElizabethGreene Re:Loaded language? (374 comments)

I had a prospective employer tell me that they round-filed my original resume because I had an aol.com email address. The same resume went through a recruiter that stripped the contact details off. I got the interview and the job.

I thought that a FirstnameLastname@aol.com email address was professionally acceptable. I was wrong. Lesson learned.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Bitcoin Mining For Go-Green Initiatives?

ElizabethGreene Re:Ask the (ABC) Australian Broadcasting Corp. (312 comments)

I suppose you have let that box run 24/7 then before it collapsed.

None of the boxes have collapsed, I have both my dual radeon GPU and batch 1 avalon-asic miner running currently.

The GPU box is my living room computer and it's noisier than I'd like. It helps if I keep it free of dust bunnies, but it can be annoying when watching a movie. I would like to move it elsewhere. The kids like it where it is because they can play PlanetSide 2 on the big TV with no lag.

For the Asic box I have the fans cranked way up. This makes it significantly louder than the GPU machine. It's in my non-climate controlled garage now, but that won't work for long as spring is coming. I need to come up with a better solution for this ASAP. They may end up in my bedroom as a white noise generator. I also have some as-yet-unknown worried about running all of them on the same electrical circuit, so that may force me into something else.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Bitcoin Mining For Go-Green Initiatives?

ElizabethGreene Re:Ask the (ABC) Australian Broadcasting Corp. (312 comments)

The ASIC miner companies are about as reliable as a rusty Yugo. Don't invest any money you aren't willing to lose. I placed an order for a Butterfly labs box in December. They still haven't shipped. I also ordered a batch 1 Avalon Asic that has shipped, arrived, and has paid for itself. The day that box broke even I canceled my Butterfly order. I subsequently ordered two more of the Avalon asics in Batch 2 and am expecting delivery within the next 3-5 weeks. The batch 1 Avalon will have paid for the batch 2 boxes by the time they arrive. The batch 3 avalons are significantly more expensive, and violate my risk/return time horizon. I am not purchasing any at this time.

My long term approach is to cash out as soon as possible to pay for the mining hardware. After that, I let BTC accumulate. 1/3 goes to my fund for whatever I want to play with, 1/3 to tangible physical precious metals (coinabul.com) and 1/3 to long term savings. Of my long term savings, a subset is conservatively invested at BtcJam.com. The rest is in a paper wallet.

The pay-for-the-hardware-first approach places me you in the gambler's paradise. That is the sweet spot where you are playing with the house's money and not your own. The disadvantage of this that I've sold 50+ Btc from GPU mining at exchange rates that were grossly lower than what they are today. It happens.

You might also consider investing in AsicMiner shares. Just a thought. That adds a whole other dynamic of risk, since you have people involved.


about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Bitcoin Mining For Go-Green Initiatives?

ElizabethGreene Re:Ask the (ABC) Australian Broadcasting Corp. (312 comments)

s/Kh/Mh/g in the above, I said it wrong.

CPU mining is measured in Khash/sec.
GPU mining is measured in Mhash/sec.
Asic mining is measured in Ghash/sec.
Pool mining is measured in Thash/sec.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Bitcoin Mining For Go-Green Initiatives?

ElizabethGreene Re:Ask the (ABC) Australian Broadcasting Corp. (312 comments)

Unless your HPC cluster includes large numbers of FPGAs or GPUs, you'll be quite disappointed at the performance. If you do have GPUs then it depends on the integer operation performance of the chips. As a real world example, my 1 year old mid-range CPU mines at around 1Kh/second. The two $100 video cards in the box mine at 180Kh/s each. The $1500 Asic miners I bought last month mine at 60Gh/s each.

CPU based mining is not worth the power required to mine it and manage the heat.

about 2 years ago

Australian Tax Office Stores Passwords In Clear Text

ElizabethGreene Re:Storing plaintext passwords should be illegal (84 comments)

More laws are rarely the answer. Saying "There should be a law" is really saying "I trust the bastions of incompetence in the halls of government to do ..." I don't trust those halls to pick up garbage, much less to regulate IT.

about 2 years ago

Large Corporations Displacing Aging IT Workers With H-1B Visa Workers

ElizabethGreene Re:the South has risen again (617 comments)

Don't like it? When they post the required employer notice, report them to the labor board. The penalties have teeth.

about 2 years ago

Planetary Resources To 'Claim' Asteroids With Beacons

ElizabethGreene Re:Not legally enforceable (221 comments)

1. Attach vectorable booster rockets to large asteroid(s).
2. Sell to highest bidder as next-generation* WMD.
3. Profit.
4. Buy a very very deep cave.

* Next-generation or very old school. Your choice. The dinosaurs would choose with the latter.

about 2 years ago

Asteroid 2012 DA14 Approaches

ElizabethGreene Delta-V (94 comments)

I wonder how much delta-V it would take to circularize it's orbit? Surely there is something useful we could do with it?

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Electronics Prototyping Platform?

ElizabethGreene The best choice... (228 comments)

Questions like this remind me of a saying.

Perfect is the mortal enemy of good enough.

Right now, today, I'm playing with the Arduino platform. Before that it was an OOpic. Before that, it was an 40 pound IBM XT with a parallel port adapter I built. Before that it was a huge 40 pin DIP Z80. In High school I got a radio shack "Electronics learning lab" with a breadboard, and it's been the only constant.

The small forest Mimms electronics books are a good "here build this" introduction. When you get bored with those, the "Art of Electronics" book is fantastic!

Have fun, and enjoy letting the smoke out!

about 2 years ago

North Korea Launches Long-Range Rocket

ElizabethGreene Re:Why would they stop developing weaponry? (384 comments)

Speaking as an unwashed mass, I respectfully disagree with your conclusion. Asymmetric force multipliers are the only logical objective for a country that opposes US rule.

more than 2 years ago

North Korea Launches Long-Range Rocket

ElizabethGreene Re:Why would they stop developing weaponry? (384 comments)

NK wouldn't hold out in a military conflict for more than a few days against a well-prepared US attack.


All NK might -might- be able to do with it's nukes is take out a few hundred soldiers.


Please observe that NK developed both Nuclear weapons and orbital capability, a combination that permits a hypothetical EMP attack. This type of attack against the continental United States has significantly higher indirect casualty estimates. The lowest estimate I've seen is 10% of the population. If this isn't a major component of NK's nuclear deterrent plan, then they need to hire new strategists.

Has anyone seen orbit data for the new satellite yet?

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Server Room Toolbox?

ElizabethGreene My reccomendation: (416 comments)

In my work, I primarily use

A sturdy cart with an LCD monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
A label maker
An electric rechargeable screwdriver and assortment of bits
A rechargeable flashlight
A magnetic pickup tool and/or a claw tool for dropped kit.
A well-made phillips #2 and #3 manual screwdriver, for loosening screws that are too tight for the electric screwdriver.
A large pair of channel lock pliers for loosening screws that have been rounded out.
Needle nose pliers for removing stubborn cage nuts.
A box cutter for opening boxes.
Hearing protection.
Wire cutters
A 6 foot ladder.
An inexpensive hand-cart for moving boxes.

My preferences for manufacturers are Klein screwdrivers, Channel-Lock pliers and wire cutters, and Dymo labelers. I don't use the specialty made-for-cables labelers, as I can't justify the extra cost. For the crash cart, I like the composite plastic one made by rubbermaid.

The Crash Cart:
Get a power strip with a long power cord and mounting holes.
Permanently mount the power strip to the cart.
Secure the LCD Monitor stand to the cart to prevent tipping.
Get long MtF extension cables for the LCD, Keyboard and mouse. Bundle them together in an umbilical and secure one end to the cart. Remove the screws from the server end of the umbilical. You want this cable to fall off if someone knocks the cart away from the servers.
I used a stack of 4 Plastic Drawer Bins screwed to the cart bottom shelf to hold tools, USB sticks, labeler cartridges, spare cage nuts, a small stock of patch cables, and a CD case that held _copies_ of commonly used install medias.
If you manage a number of servers without CD/DVD drives, permanently mount a USB DVD drive to the cart.
Permanently mount the screwdriver and flashlight chargers to the cart.
Find a comfortable stool or rolling chair at an appropriate height for the crash cart.

Other notes:
I occasionally use a tone and probe to trace wires. I would not buy one if I didn't already have it.
I used a multimeter to check the wiring when we moved in and when we upgraded UPS. Haven't needed it since.
An Ammeter (the clip on kind) will help you if you don't want to track your power budget properly^W in a spreadsheet.
I used wrenches and a socket set to assemble our racks. Haven't needed them since.
I used an impact drill to drill holes for concrete anchors to bolt down the 2 post racks. Haven't needed it since. The concrete floor was not level, and I used washers to shim the racks level.
For full racks, level them with the adjustable feet before tightening everything up.
If your racks lock, put a spare key outside the DC. You will forget/lose the primary key at an inopportune time.
I painted the plywood where the other telecom kit mounts. It looks neater.
You may be tempted to make your own Ethernet cables. Don't. The TCO is significantly higher vs. maintaining a stock of patch cables.
Don't use zip-ties for cable management. Get a big roll of the velcro wire ties instead.
Put a trash can, broom, and dustpan in the DC.
Put a "no food or drink" sign in the DC.
Put a rat poison bait station in the DC.
Drywall dust is very very bad for servers and UPS. Don't remodel without protecting your boxes.
If you don't have any monitoring infrastructure, setup a PC to monitor and record temperatures. Have it monitor a mains powered device so you'll get a page if the power goes out.
A phone in the DC is nice _if_ you can be heard over the fans and HVAC.
Tape off a parking place for the crash cart near an outlet so you don't forget to plug it in/charge the light and driver.
If you have a raised floor, get a tile lifter. If you don't have budget, get a suction-cup-dent-puller from an auto parts store. Also, please don't leave the floor open and unattended.
A quality cable tester exceeds your budget severalfold. If you suspect a bad cable, test by substitution. If the cable is confirmed bad, cut the ends off before you throw it away. Otherwise, someone (probably you) will grab it and use it again.

more than 2 years ago

Supreme Court To Decide If Monsanto GMO Patents Are Valid

ElizabethGreene Re:Why is the Obama administration objecting ? (308 comments)

Terminator genes are not widespread due to farmer and popular outrage. That's unfortunate, because the GMO seed cross-pollinates non-GMO fields and eventually farmers who save seed end up with some GMO population in their stocks. Then Monsanto sues them for patent infringement. That is the allegation in this case. Usually the farmer will settle out of court and under strict NDA. The only cases you hear about on /. are the ones where the farmer decides to blow his/her life savings on attorney's fees.

more than 2 years ago

Gold Artifact To Orbit Earth In Hope of Alien Retrieval

ElizabethGreene Re:Copyright License? (282 comments)

You laugh, but the painful truth is that you earthlings can't listen to much of the Voyager space probe's Golden Record because it is still in copyright.


more than 2 years ago



Poll: Would you take a one way ticket to Mars?

ElizabethGreene ElizabethGreene writes  |  more than 4 years ago

ElizabethGreene (1185405) writes "Options:
1. Yes, even if I would die on impact.
2. Yes, if we had a 50% chance of surviving a year.
3. Yes, if we had a 50% chance of surviving 5 years.
4. Yes, if we had a 50% chance of surviving 10 years.
5. No way, round trip only.
6. No way, flying is for the birds.
7. I'm already there."

Google/Blogger implements OpenId

ElizabethGreene ElizabethGreene writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ElizabethGreene writes "While posting on a blog this morning, I noticed a new option. A blog commenter can sign in with the standard Google/Blogger ID, OR an OpenID.

Sweet! Thanks, Google!!!



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