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New Search Engine Cuil Takes Aim At Google

Embedded Geek Ego Surfing, Pagerank Alternative (649 comments)

You know, ego surfing isn't anywhere near as fun when you can't even find your own website. Until their indexing database is more developed, it's kinda the equivalent of waiting for waves in a public pool. I wonder if instead of webmasters throwing out meaningless pride behind their Google pagerank we might soon see bragging rights to "Well, Cuil found my site on such & such date"

more than 6 years ago



If Your Hard Drive Could Testify...

Embedded Geek Embedded Geek writes  |  about 7 years ago

Embedded Geek writes "The New York Times has an underreported story about an expected federal appeals court ruling that will uphold the government's right to search through all electronic media entering the country, just as they have the right to search through suitcases, baggage, etc. The case involves a man returning from the Philippines who was caught with child pornography on his laptop in a folder labeled "Kodak Pictures." Under the standard, officials would not need "reasonable suspicion" as is required for a body search. Instead, "border authorities could systematically collect all of the information contained on every laptop computer, BlackBerry and other electronic device carried across our national borders by every traveler, American or foreign." Interestingly, encryption seems to be the best option to protecting privacy at the border here just as it is elsewhere — as long as you never voluntarily provide the password to Customs, as they can force you to do it again if they forget to write it down."
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