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GameSpy Multiplayer Shutting Down, Affecting Hundreds of Games

Embedded2004 A great alternative to GameSpy is Voobly (145 comments)

I've been using Voobly.com for a few games that used to by hosted on GameSpy. In many cases, they've added some excellent third party patches, such as the AoE I HD fan patch @ http://www.voobly.com/pages/vi... -- features include: HD resolution support, multi-mon, new map sizes, new map types (all free). Their AoE II support is 2nd to none, adding features like spectator mode (supporting over 100 spectators).

about 9 months ago

Microsoft Patents "Pg Up" and "Pg Dn"

Embedded2004 Re:No they didn't (350 comments)

But go ahead, link to a case where someone has been sucessfully sued for infringing on a software patent where the methods of implementation in question were independently developed. I'd love to see it.

See NTP vs RIM

more than 6 years ago


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