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What We Can Do About Massive Solar Flares

Eminence What could we do? (224 comments)

I mean, the only thing we could do if there is a major solar outburst is (cue funny music): "duck and cover!"

more than 5 years ago

eReader.com Limits E-book Sales To US Citizens

Eminence Great way to give TPB more users (182 comments)

With attitude like this the only thing we - all other people on Earth - can do is download off the "Pirate Bay" and other sites like this. Region lockings and limitations like this one are insane, especially now with worl being interconnected. Someone, who thinks digital content can be limited to a teritorry is so detached from reality of Internet it is pathetic.

And btw in case you haven't noticed there is much more people elsewhere than in the US - interesting that US companies fail to notice that. But that has its advantages too. For example, Amazon Kindle is not available outside the US, which means alternatives will be developed and entrenched before they will get their act together to move to new markets.

more than 5 years ago

Author Faces Canadian Tribunal For Hate Speech

Eminence Political correcntes is censorship - now legally (818 comments)

Either freedom and free speech or political correctness, hate speech, hate crimes - next thought crimes. You choose.

This is really frightening to see how much freedom in the civilized countries has eroded over the last few decades. But this erosion was of course rather selective. So a pastor got jailed in Sweden for preaching that homosexuality is a sin and is bad (which it is according to his book), now this guy will be jailed for saying Islam is bad. Why the outcry is not equal in both cases? Both cases is free speech being eliminated because someone might be offended. Idiocy is reaching our legal system (well, Canadian system...).

more than 6 years ago


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