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Teachers Fake Gunman Attack

Ender Ryan Re:Poor judgement (863 comments)

A shooter can't train his weapon on 32 people at the same time. Duck and Cover isn't very helpful when the shooter is stalking around the room putting a bullet in everyone's head.

But it's not in the event a shooter is running around killing people that matters so much, but the rest of the time when someone has a loaded weapon in the school.

more than 7 years ago


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Ender Ryan Ender Ryan writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Fuck Slashdot. And fuck the the goddamn Wii. Fuck Microsoft. Fuck Sony too. But most of all... fuck YOU!

Slashdot used to be a good place for dispelling FUD. Now it is one of the primary carriers.

Fuck Slashdot. Fuck these stupidass /. journals. Fuck "Tags." Fuck moderation. Fuck karma. And most of all... fuck YOU!

Fuck Cmdrtaco. For being totally out of it. Every time he chimes in, it's goddamn obvious he's not paying attention anymore. Fuck Hemos. Mr. DUPlicator. Fuck Zonk, goddamn he's the worst. editor. ever. "Bias is what game journalism is all about, right?" Fuck that new guy. I could do a better job, and that's pathetic. Yeah, so what? Fuck me too. But most of all.. fuck YOU!

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