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Fukushima Disaster Leads Japan To Backpedal On Emissions Pledge

Endimiao Re:Nuclear as it stands is horrible (274 comments)

Im quoting a certain recent article... by David Suzuki. A rather nasty potential worst case scenario outcome of fukushima, wouldnt you say?

1 year,7 days

Fukushima Disaster Leads Japan To Backpedal On Emissions Pledge

Endimiao Nuclear as it stands is horrible (274 comments)

Despite how many cheerleaders in the US nuclear may have, the reality is that nuclear power as it stands right now is a damn liability, profitable only to those that benefict from the short-term gains, and not-competitive if we include costs and risks down the line. When we estimate that, due to human negligence we may have to evacuate whole countries due to one meager nuclear power plant, then its better to start considering alternatives, be it renewable or, if you keep hammering the nuclear key, just go thorium or fusion already (peak uranium/plutonium is already knocking at the door as production can't keep up with demand).

In my perspective, greed-versus-safety, the only safe place for present technology nuclear power plants to be place is in sterile, out-of-the-earth environments.
Put those dirty eyesores on the moon and just tight-beam the energy to earth. How competitive with plain solar power would that be then?

1 year,8 days

Can the US Be Weaned Off Ethanol?

Endimiao Simple waste management... (330 comments)

Ethanol is just a way to dump to excess produce, much like corn syrup instead of "true" sugar cane, or corn feeding livestock. It makes economic sense.

It would make environmental sense if all the wasted corn+vegetable matter were to be converted into full bio-fuels, not just blends - as long as one consider it a "waste", and not something that affects the price of foodstocks or arable land. Algae or hemp would probably be more efficient than corn, but they bring their own problems, such as water consumption in the case of hemp, or contamination in the case of algae...

1 year,9 days

USA Calling For the Extradition of Snowden

Endimiao It really annoys the hell out of me... (955 comments)

... how they placed a high school dropout in such a position of trust. Quoting the Guardian "Snowden is a 29-year-old high-school dropout who trained for the Army Special Forces before an injury forced him to leave the military. His IT credentials are apparently limited to a few “computer” classes he took at a community college in order to get his high-school equivalency degree—courses that he did not complete. His first job at the NSA was as a security guard. Then, amazingly, he moved up the ranks of the United States’ national security infrastructure: The CIA gave him a job in IT security. He was given diplomatic cover in Geneva. He was hired by Booz Allen Hamilton, the government contractor, which paid him $200,000 a year to work on the NSA’s computer systems." .. Wtf are people smoking in the US?

about a year and a half ago

Google's View On the Whac-a-Mole of Blocking Pirate Sites

Endimiao Search engines (182 comments)

Google should thread lightly on this path. Too much censorship and suddenly some less restrictive search engine could make it go the way of Yahoo..

about a year and a half ago

Hanford Nuclear Waste Vitrification Plant "Too Dangerous"

Endimiao Greed (292 comments)

And this is why people oppose nuclear power. It's harder to screw things up at such level with renewables. The simpsons greedy bastard running a nuke plant isn't a fiction. It's a damned archetype.

about a year and a half ago

Microsoft Sponsors Linux Foundation Event

Endimiao Rmoney... (134 comments)

Well, linux brings them alot of cash... Android-flavored

about 2 years ago

Are Porn and Video Games Ruining a Generation?

Endimiao CNN is made by wackos (1034 comments)

By that same token I can also say that CNN is another source of conservative propaganda, maybe not at the same level of those nut-jobs at FOX news, but sometimes it shows. Games and porn were always available in whatever generation you can mention, in one form or another. I can also make the case that maybe men these days simply cannot cope with the level of acceptance of infidelity, complete loss of sense of roles and values in most relationships and that pretty much a good deal of women these days aren't worth the potential troubles that marriage or something of the sorts would bring.

more than 2 years ago

One In Eight Chance of a Financially Catastrophic Solar Storm By 2020

Endimiao Re:convert to electric, quick! (337 comments)

Your forgetting what starts your car engine (battery)

more than 2 years ago

Eric Schmidt: UN Treaty a 'Disaster' For the Internet

Endimiao It's time to re-invent the web (346 comments)

Something like Tor, but some steps further, decentralized, untrackable and immune to government control.

more than 2 years ago

2011 Was the 9th Hottest Year On Record

Endimiao Re:There is no denying the Earth is getting hotter (877 comments)

Actually, by the comments on american newspapers such as USAtoday, there are still plenty of people that think the earth is flat... armm, there's no such thing as global warming.

My answer is always the same: http://climate.nasa.gov/keyIndicators/

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Killing Silverlight?

Endimiao .NET is next. (324 comments)

Just wait and see. I'm betting that .NET will be so cumbersome and buggy in regards to integration in Windows 8 that it will be the next one in the chopping block

about 3 years ago

1st Strikes Issued Under New Zealand Anti-Piracy Laws

Endimiao Boycott (123 comments)

Just stop buying those worthless pieces of crap altogether, Downloading? Go ahead, instill the fear of even touching a "legit" product from said names.

And then start actually to take note on the alternatives, such as Jamendo and the likes. Go to concerts to support the authors you do enjoy and search good music instead that being popularized by outlets such as MTV.

Only then can true copyright reform begin, and prices drop to affordable levels.

about 3 years ago

Schools In Portugal Moving To OSS

Endimiao A portuguese perspective here (319 comments)

Certainly the economic troubles have a role here. But I'm frankly pessimist about said outcome.
Let's see why:

- Portugal is sadly often enough a testing bed for microsoft-based techs. In regards to the enterprise microsoft in portugal has alot of power. Until some years ago most of linux users I've met tend to came from an university background. Check the statistics in regards to browser/email/operative system as opposed to the rest of europe and you'll often see said effect.

- Most school netbooks are dual-boot linux/xp. Guess which one kids tend to choose from.

- Plenty of enterprises typically buy a copy or a single computer (usually windows comes pre-installed on most purchases), then carry on and simply shamelessly use a pirated cd to update whatever outdated system they have - this assuming they go to such troubles of course.

about 3 years ago

Why Aren't There More Civilians In Military Video Games?

Endimiao Re:Because then... (431 comments)

That's brilliant man.

more than 3 years ago

Why Google Needs Firefox

Endimiao Re:Two views (182 comments)

The second option is the same rationale Elop is using in regards to the Nokia's N9. It's a gold mine but a threat to its so-far-non-existant WP7 market.
Smart eh?
Let's see if Google is able to emulate that. I'm starting to believe all those solar storms are frying up some brains..

more than 3 years ago

China Aims To Build World's Largest Rocket

Endimiao America's next "Sputnik moment"? (250 comments)

Kind of reminds me of Obama's state of the union 2011. The new "sputnik moment may not be that far off... can you say "permanent self-sufficient moonbase", and maybe with a good deal of ingenuity and ambition a dockyard for deep space exploration using moon resources?

If they actually manage to pull such a feat despite naysayers just watch the US struggle to catch up.

more than 3 years ago

Why Linux Loses Out On Hardware Acceleration In Firefox

Endimiao Wine players already knew that. (456 comments)

There are plenty of games that would be a bother to play via wine were it not for the Nvidia drivers. Thats why for more than 8 years I've installed nothing but Geforce video boards on most desktops, sad as it may be.

more than 3 years ago


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