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Web Fraud 2.0 — Point-and-Click Cracking Tools

Enlarged to Show Tex This shouldn't be terribly surprising (92 comments)

All this really means is that script kiddies can now do identity theft as easily as they can perform DDoS attacks...

more than 6 years ago



New trial possible in Minnesota music-sharing case

Enlarged to Show Tex Enlarged to Show Tex writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Enlarged to Show Tex (911413) writes "The judge in a landmark file-sharing case in Brainerd, Minnesota may grant a new trial based on a determination that he incorrectly instructed the jury on what constitutes what is considered to be illegal file-sharing. Apparently, simply uploading songs to a file-sharing network may not be enough to constitute a copyright violation on her part, and appears to run contrary to precedent in the Eighth Judicial Circuit. Interested parties can submit amicus curiae briefs no later than 29 May — NewYorkCountryLawyer, perhaps?"
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