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Microsoft's Surface RT Was Doomed From Day One

Ensign_Expendable Kind of reminds me of something in the past (442 comments)

"From the outset, Surface RT had an issue with the potential to mightily trip up Microsoft: While Windows RT looks exactly like Windows 8, it can't run legacy Windows programs built for x86 processors, limiting users to what they can download from the built-in Windows Store app hub." I'm thinking of the PC, Jr.

about a year ago

RC Plane Attack 'Foiled,' Say German Authorities

Ensign_Expendable Re:Threat from r/c planes (233 comments)

Disagree here. Weaponized bacteria delivered by aerosol spray.

about a year ago

Don't Panic, But We've Passed Peak Apple (and Google, and Facebook)

Ensign_Expendable Re:Glass??? (307 comments)

The complete reliance on external expansion by the new Mac Pro could be seen as, perhaps not a "game changer," but certainly as a new direction for a desktop workstation.

about a year ago

CERN Gives Away Higgs Boson Particles To 10 Lucky Winners

Ensign_Expendable And furthermore (71 comments)

ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

about a year and a half ago

Richard Stallman: 'Apple Has Tightest Digital Handcuffs In History'

Ensign_Expendable Re:Fuck him. (515 comments)

If I had half a clue how to mod you up (I'm an old fart) I'd mod your post to 11, brother.

about 2 years ago

NASA To Encrypt All of Its Laptops

Ensign_Expendable Re:Large Company in Defense Sector (226 comments)

Yep, they seem to be 90% Mac from what I see on the TV news. So I take it OS X's built-in FireVault won't do the trick. So what else is out there in the World of OS X security packages?

about 2 years ago

Why Valve Wants To Port Games To Linux: Because Windows 8 Is a Catastrophe

Ensign_Expendable Same ole story (880 comments)

Meh. We hear the old refrain every time Microsoft comes out with a new version of Windows. "It's the worst thing ever.". "People will be migrating to OSX/Linux/whatever in droves." The sad fact is that businesses and IT are so heavily invested in the Windows ecosystem that they have no choice but to eventually upgrade. Think of all the specialized apps out there on the Windows platform: banking apps, auto shop diagnostic apps, imaging apps, etc. Even if developers want to switch to another OS, how are they going to migrate their users? Tell them they have to throw out their PCs and buy Macs? Or wipe their drives and set up an Ubuntu partition?

more than 2 years ago

IT Positions Some of the Toughest Jobs To Fill In US

Ensign_Expendable Parents of College Students (886 comments)

The next time your kid says the college advisor told him/or her about the great careers awaiting Western Civ graduates, smack the crap out of him/her and MAKE them go to engineering school!!!

more than 2 years ago

Iran Deleted From the World's Banking Computers

Ensign_Expendable No Problem for Iran (667 comments)

They will just run their transactions through Chinese and Russian intermediaries. Inconvenient but not crippling.

more than 2 years ago

Why 2012 Will Be the Year of the Android Tablet

Ensign_Expendable iPad will lose market share, but...... (584 comments)

Apple is not all about "winning" or largest market share. Their philosophy seems to be to push innovative products into the market place at a healthy profit, and let the chips fall where they may.

more than 2 years ago

First Person Dungeon Crawlers Making a Return

Ensign_Expendable Alternate Reality: City and Dungeon (163 comments)

Played these on an Atari 800. The graphics were pretty primitive, but boy were those games playable.

more than 2 years ago

How Google Killing Accounts Can Leave Androids Orphaned

Ensign_Expendable Be Like Jason (210 comments)

Google's bullshit and Apple's walled garden. What's the solution? Be like Jason Bourne: prepaid dumb phones, baby.

more than 3 years ago

Google Fights Back Against Android Fragmentation

Ensign_Expendable A passing thought (373 comments)

I'm no expert in open source use conditions, so I won't mind being *ahem* corrected if I display my ignorance here. I totally understand Google wanting to exercise control over the Android OS to avoid some of the nightmares that are happening with carrier customizations, etc. But if they wanted to manage Android that way, shouldn't they have developed (or purchased) their own OS, and not used open source?

more than 3 years ago

Shareholders Push Hard For Apple Succession Plan

Ensign_Expendable Speculation (233 comments)

Rumor mill says Eric Schmidt.

more than 3 years ago

Moscow Has Eyes On WikiLeaks, Too

Ensign_Expendable Opportunity Knocks (579 comments)

Any Slashdoters out there who sell Polonium detectors could make a fast sale.

more than 3 years ago

Windows Phone 7 Sales Continue To Struggle

Ensign_Expendable So What ARE Win Phone 7 Sales Numbers? (351 comments)

One thing that does not bode well for Win 7 phone is the fact that MS is silent on sales figures. A Google search yields exactly one fact: they sold 40,000 units on the first day. I would assume they would crowing about their phone sales the same way they are bragging about their Kinect sales figures. Thurrott's site was talking Win Phone 7 for six months. Now, except for a link to his Win 7 Phone Guide, there is zero mention of the phone on his site.

more than 3 years ago



HP to Spin Off PC Business?

Ensign_Expendable Ensign_Expendable writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Ensign_Expendable (1045224) writes "PC Magazine (and others) are reporting that HP plans to spin off its personal computer business as part of an acquisition of analytics software vendor Autonomy. PC Mag and other commentators speculate that price pressure and small margins in the PC market make it unprofitable to continue the business. Quite a shock and maybe a sad thing for one of the pioneers in the business to exit that segment."
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