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Google "Evicted" the Berlin Wall From Property It Bought

Enter the Shoggoth Re:Save the nostalgia for trailer trash... (59 comments)

This is news for nerds, not news for trailer trash that hide in their nuclear bunkers every night because the reds are coming.

After years of reading the comments on this site I'm not so sure that those two groupings are distinct.

about 2 months ago

Why the Z-80's Data Pins Are Scrambled

Enter the Shoggoth Re:C=128 (167 comments)

built-in three commands machine language (one of which was only ever used by one application ever) to change display resolution mid-monitor

I'm curious... any more detail on this?

about 4 months ago

Study: Global Warming Solvable If Fossil Fuel Subsidies Given To Clean Energy

Enter the Shoggoth Re: How about (385 comments)

Your solution is?

Obviously, let government have less influence on our lives.
Individuals can still redress wrongs perpetrated against them by corporations. Haven't you ever seen the movie about Erin Brockovich?

Obvious troll is obvious

about 7 months ago

How Vacuum Tubes, New Technology Might Save Moore's Law

Enter the Shoggoth Re:Computers are boring now (183 comments)

The fad is ending.

Intended as a troll I think... but it's sadly true

about 7 months ago

Why Microsoft Shouldn't Patch the XP Internet Explorer Flaw

Enter the Shoggoth Misses the big picture (345 comments)

A well formed argument that entirely misses the point; OS updates (not just microsoft) are essentially the broken window fallacy writ large.

It's all about sales and marketing types being able to say "oooh look shiny!" whilst fleecing everyone.... good engineering is about form following function not planned obsolescence.

about 9 months ago

Introducing a Calendar System For the Information Age

Enter the Shoggoth Re:Um no (224 comments)

On the shortest day of the year, sunset is just after 4:30 PM here. Sunrise is 7:15. I see maybe 30 minutes of sunlight in a given day during that time of the year. I work in a basement office with no windows.

Just wait! Any day now they're going to remove you from the payroll.

about 10 months ago

Transhumanist Children's Book Argues, "Death Is Wrong"

Enter the Shoggoth Re:Huh? (334 comments)

Because it's rightist utopian garbage. There's a lot of that here. Death is a part of life. Ironically, without it, there'd be no 'progress' or evolution, two things the left claims to hold in high esteem.


about 10 months ago

Live Q&A With Ex-TSA Agent Jason Harrington

Enter the Shoggoth Re:How do you think that it should work? (141 comments)

There are many airports across the U.S. that actually went privatized-- the cities decided they didn't want TSA anymore. SFO, San Francisco, is one example. The government regulates and monitors the private firms at those airports to make sure they're up to federal requirements. I believe private firms do just about everything more cheaply. And I can't imagine they would be any less effective than TSA.

That's fascinating. I'm an aussie who has travelled to the US twice, once to San Jose via LAX, and once direct to SFO.

The difference between them was chalk and cheese... I'd previously put it down to cultural differences between SoCal and the north of the state. But, now that I know that SFO isn't the TSA it makes perfect sense.

about a year ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Enter the Shoggoth Re:*golf claps* (2219 comments)

Thank you. I sitll intend to participate in the slashcott next week, however. I believe that there is a political element at Dice that would not mind seeing the wretched hive of men's rights activism and anti-feminism that is Slashdot in mothballs.

Godspeed to those who are working on altslashdot.org. I'm afraid that Code.org and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have given orders from On High that the community that questions feminism at Slashdot must be disbanded.

I've encountered sexism many times in my life before. Usually the argument is that because I was assigned the male gender at birth, despite the physical gender of the wetware between my ears, THEREFORE I am sexist. Q. E. D.

I wished many, many times during my male adolescence thatI had been born female instead. None of those wishes came true. However, if any of them had, I suspect that my school's administration would not have attempted to threaten me with FBI incarceration because I wanted to have a computer club nor would they have attempted to paint me as a plagarist because my code was "too good" for somebody of my age back then.

More assigned males are speaking out against this problem. There is nothing you can do, Dice or Code.org. More and more of us are becoming aware that the feminist narrative is wrong-headed.

As much as I wish more cis women would go into programming, I am not their mistress or their Borg queen. I do not control their actions.

There needs to be a different approach.

How about a -1 WTF option?

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Educating Kids About Older Technologies?

Enter the Shoggoth Re:Unnecessary (208 comments)

A big advantage of the "old" technologies is that you can get them running with household items. It's impossible to built an integrated circuit at home, but it's quite feasible to build a steam engine. I learned a lot about technology by servicing my bicycle. I had a very old typewriter which was build on a completely different principle than the usual querty keys, it had a pointer which mechanically connected to a cylinder with the letters and only one key which caused the cylinder to hammer down on the carbon ribbon and the paper. Just to see that there are many different solutions to a given problem greatly increases your understanding of technology. So yes, I think you missed out greatly. All you had was magical black boxes which somehow did what you wanted them to do.

Don't be so sure about that

about a year ago

Google Glass User Fights Speeding Ticket, Saying She's Defending the Future

Enter the Shoggoth Re:Reinforcing the term (464 comments)

With that defense, yeah - a total douche. She isn't "defending the future", she's trying to dodge the speeding ticket, with a twist that she was caught what the state of California (IMHO rightly) defines as a monitor. They didn't say it was a "television", and neither does the citation.

Sorry, ma'am, but even if you manage to get the law itself changed, you're still guilty of violating it.


My experience with driving in the US (specifically California) is that if she wasn't doing 80+ in a 65 zone the cops would have picked someone who was, they wouldn't have had to wait long at all. She was caught speeding and is trying to make a spectacle out of it in order to get off.

I see what you did there

1 year,8 days

Man Jailed For Refusing To Reveal USB Password

Enter the Shoggoth Re:Cry me a fucking river... (374 comments)

Oh, so it's a synonym for "highway." Damn Brits and their other words for common things. I hear "motorway" and thing "road where motored vehicles travel," which would include pretty much everything other than bike paths and trails.

Yeah damn those English people who speak something other than English as it's spoken by those who invented it.

Oh wait! It's called English because the English "invented" it and the ex-colonists decide to fuck with it.

Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

1 year,8 days

India Frees Itself of Polio

Enter the Shoggoth Re:it'll be back (309 comments)

Smallpox has been absent since the 70's, and hasn't show up yet... So if the premise is the same with polio, yes we can say that it is extinct... I think.

I think it only exists in one CDC facility and one research / germ warfare facility in siberia, now.

Meh. I'm sure it exists in other places as well. For example, the sequence for smallpox is well-known, so it could be reconstructed by a government even if those samples were destroyed. Furthermore, there's always the random serendipity of as-yet undiscovered samples:
Century-old smallpox scabs in N.M. envelope (found in a library, of all places...)

However, I concur that the disease is extinct in the wild, and, barring malfeasance, there will never be another epidemic of smallpox.

Interesting that the FBI sent the envelope to the CDC via mail... aside from being illegal I would've thought that this would of at least raised a few eye brows at the CDC.

1 year,12 days

Extinct Species of Early Human Survived On Grass Bulbs, Not Meat

Enter the Shoggoth Re:Tiger nuts? Not meat? (318 comments)

The paleo movement is frustrating for anthropologists. Humans ate pretty much whatever they could get their grubby little hands on: meat, nuts, edible leaves, roots, fruit, etc. We did eat quite a bit of plants, though. Mostly because they didn't run away.

Vegans who insist we're herbivores are equally frustrating, however.

I'm curious: in what way has the paleo movement frustrated anthropologists? Care to enlighten me.

1 year,12 days

Counterpoint: Why Edward Snowden May Not Deserve Clemency

Enter the Shoggoth Re:And so begins the FUD (573 comments)

our elites have failed us and it's only a matter of time before history repeats and the streets run with blood.

You have a very... limited understanding of history if you think that the elites "failing" the commoners tends to result in their blood being spilled.

A much more common pattern is that the commoners get out of line and their blood ends up running in the streets, and then order is restored.

I'm thinking elections are a lot more likely to reform government agencies than riots.

You've made an assumption about who's blood I was referring to. You've also inferred here that I'm presuming that civil unrest will necessarily lead to change.

So that there is no room for misunderstanding I will rephrase:

Those of us who have had faith enough in "the system" to be self correcting are in a majority but none the less our cohort is shrinking.

I am not suggesting that there will be a rapid change in the numbers of the politically active, I am suggesting that a significant number of those who have remained passive will not do so for very much longer and also that those who are already politically engaged will become disenfranchised with the notion of slow, progressive change from within the system and will become radicalised to varying degrees.

Note also I am not advocating a more radicalised approach either but am becoming more resigned to a significant change in the size of the outlying region of the political bell curve which I believe will result in a positive feedback loop where those in power and the middle that still support the system will double down against those who have given up on the idea of being able to change the system from within.

In actual fact I do agree that elections are better than riots but there comes a point where a large enough minority disagrees with this and that's where things go awfully wrong and simply blaming the rioters in isolation does nothing to remedy the problem.

1 year,16 days

Counterpoint: Why Edward Snowden May Not Deserve Clemency

Enter the Shoggoth Re: freedom (573 comments)

Soldiers fight for our freedom? As if fighting in some third-world crap hole has anything to do with our freedom here in the United States. I think Snowden is a true hero. He didn't give his life for oil or empire, he gave his life for something that intimately has to do with *our* freedom.

WTF? Who said anything about soldiers.... Please re-read what I wrote

1 year,20 days

Counterpoint: Why Edward Snowden May Not Deserve Clemency

Enter the Shoggoth And so begins the FUD (573 comments)

Snowden may be a first class asshole for all I know but that's irrelevant... our elites have failed us and it's only a matter of time before history repeats and the streets run with blood.

All Snowden has done is shown precisely how naked the Emperor is. Squabbling over minutiae is just window dressing from this point onwards.

1 year,20 days

Ask Slashdot: What Are the Books Everyone Should Read?

Enter the Shoggoth My tuppence worth.... (796 comments)

the one book that I suspect no one else will mention but everyone aught to read is John Ralston Sauls's Voltaire's Bastards

1 year,23 days

King James Programming

Enter the Shoggoth Re: Mark V Shaney was decades ago (184 comments)

FFS it's bad enough that slashcode seems to be 7-bit ASCII only but it can't even do punctuation.... and they call themselves geeks/nerds what a load of old cobblers

about a year ago

King James Programming

Enter the Shoggoth Mark V Shaney was decades ago (184 comments)

For crying out loud don't they teach kids any history these days?

See http://glenda.cat-v.org/friends/mark-v-shaney/classics

My personal favourite:

I would like to be present everywhere

Grace is the âoeupdateâ program, which simply issues a sync system call.

Iâ(TM)ve received two pieces of email that imply that somebody recently posted the entire world with a flood, to remove all rational obstacles to believing something revealed by God.

I have to pass a tuple containing the existing Unix technology. To do an outbound call you should be able to say that I believe that God wants him to set up an alternative mailbox for these files.

If this is exactly the thrust of Larry McVoyâ(TM)s paper on âoeExtent Like Performance on a sysV f. s.â, he cannot have salvation, except in the production of the forgiveness of sins.

I would like to be present everywhere.

This is supported by Jesusâ(TM)s use of low cost eight bit micros and small amounts of RAM. When you find salvation.

For the sinner deserves not life but death, according to the disk devices. For example, start with Plan 9, which is free of sin, the case is different from His perspective.

The Roman Church has always been a part of a file system semantics.

Grab the cat torture shit. Lets be real familiar with these braindead but safe solutions. We have to look further into this possible interpretation.

Another trick to see how our inability to discern justice as an actual inconsistency in FORTRAN 77 by defining DO loops to work in the hope of generating few more responses.

Female clergy are widely but not quite.

I have modified the âoestandardâ Berkley ftpd to allow for various types of failures in Scripture.

Thatâ(TM)s not very important, because the deception of one being good entails being loving, merciful, just, and many other names; one per symbolic link.

Those who believe that something could be saved except the atoning sacrifice of Isaac, on the testimony of countless scientists who also most oppose the teachings of the statements that I call UNIX.

ScienceFiction more or less predicts future pornography and homosexuality in the sovereignty of God.

Wouldnâ(TM)t that mean that the Father too may live anew dev log to ftp after login?

Probably first choice of block size on all of their salvation.

If God truly loves humankind then why does He create sinners? If human is His creation, then who is the ultimate in all shells?

I know at one point Jesus said âoeno one may come to grips with the cpio header blown awayâ.

It speaks of the original ftpd.

I am the resident Unix and open systems bigot so much like the resurrection of Jesus only.

Geoff modified relaynews to write an essay on prayer.

dvips for DVI files should run on the testimony of countless scientists who also most oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church through no fault of his posting, in which the idea that it passes the diagnostics.

And I get real turned on by a good English translation of the Bible; because there is sufficient response I would want to change the nature of the points of Catholic theology would immediately have to be God and satan who is a free variable :â")

Christian theology is not seek optimization, which the means pertain, as was said above

Good. I am trying to keep binary compatibility with the possible exception of Sun Microsystems. Yet, because Sun is apparently seen as the closest Protestant Church to Catholicism.

That observation doesnâ(TM)t get one anywhere. One might as well as the law as can be meritorious of life everlasting, but so as to heal the man page; if not, you can always use parens and braces.

On a SVR4, I am interested in building a list of names and addresses to be in the name of Martin Luther, who led the religious reformation of the HP Laserjet

â¦with a God who, Paul believes, is constantly concerned with the current FFS implementation.

Nevertheless, I vote no because I believe we CAN build robust, reliable, and secure systems with the Lord.

Mark V. Shaney

about a year ago



Australia's largest super computer unveiled in Canberra

Enter the Shoggoth Enter the Shoggoth writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Enter the Shoggoth (1362079) writes "he nation’s most powerful computer was officially launched today at the opening of the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) high performance computing centre at The Australian National University (ANU).

Named after the Japanese god of thunder, lightning and storms, Raijin can perform the same number of calculations in one hour that would take seven billion people armed with calculators 20 years.

The supercomputer is the largest in Australia, and will enable researchers to process vast volumes of data that would otherwise take years to complete, and simply not be possible using desktop computers.

“Advanced computational methods form an increasingly essential component of high-impact research, in many cases underpinning discoveries that cannot be achieved by other means, as well as underpinning the platform with which to sustain innovation at an internationally competitive level,” said Professor Lindsay Botten, Director of the NCI.

Capable of running at 1.2 petaflops (a measure of speed) when performing at its peak, Raijin can complete 170,000 calculations for every human on the face of the Earth, every second.

The computer’s speed enables researchers to run complex models. They might, for example, seek to understand the forces that bind the building blocks of our universe, to ‘supercharge’ the photosynthesis of virtual crops or to understand the dynamics of the world’s oceans and their impact on the climate.

The operation of the NCI is sustained through co-investment by a number of partner organisations including ANU, CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), Geoscience Australia and other research-intensive universities supported by the Australian Research Council, the total of which amounts to a further $50 million over four years.

Senator the Honourable Kim Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, was joined at the launch today by ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Young AO, and BoM CEO Dr Rob Vertessy, Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science Professor Andy Pitman and CEO of Geoscience Australia Dr Chris Pigram."

Link to Original Source

New medication brings hope of jet lag cure

Enter the Shoggoth Enter the Shoggoth writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Enter the Shoggoth (1362079) writes "According to this press release

A team of researchers from Monash University, The Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston), Harvard Medical School and Vanda Pharmaceuticals has found a new drug with the potential to alleviate jet lag and sleep disorders caused by shift work.

Dr Shantha Rajaratnam from Monash University's School of Psychology, Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine said tasimelteon, a drug which acts on melatonin receptors in the brain, could be a highly effective treatment for circadian rhythm sleep disorders.

The research was released today in respected publication, The Lancet.

"Our studies show that tasimelteon is able to effectively shift the rhythm of melatonin levels in the body, which are a well-established marker of the human biological clock," Dr Rajaratnam said.

"This drug has the potential to improve the quality and quantity of sleep for patients with transient insomnia caused by jet lag.

"Tasimelteon improved a patient's ability to fall asleep and then stay asleep when bedtime was shifted earlier by five hours.

"This is the equivalent of travelling eastwards and putting your clock back five hours, such as returning from India to Melbourne, or Dubai to Perth.

"About two thirds of all international travellers who cross time zones experience jet lag symptoms, which include disruption of sleep, difficulty getting to and staying asleep, sleepiness during waking hours and gastrointestinal symptoms."

He said the drug could also help those who work at night or early in the morning.

"An estimated one in five work outside the regular nine-to-five pattern. In the United states alone it is estimated 19.7 million people start work between 2.30 and 7 am," Dr Rajaratnam said.

"Our work has shown the drug to be highly potent, having the strongest effect when first taken; a single dose treatment was found to be effective for this type of sleep disturbance."

The drug is in the later stages of trials and must undergo rigorous testing before being made available to consumers.

Finally some good news for all those slashdotters whole work shift"


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