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Doomsday Clock Could Move

ErGalvao Duh (145 comments)

It could also stay still and "move" can mean "move backwards", so the title is sensationalist at best.

about a week ago

Ask Slashdot: Which Web Platform Would You Use?

ErGalvao Re:PHP is great (519 comments)

So, you're basically admitting that the language has nothing to do with your complain. There are lazy people in every programming language and it's possible to write spaghetti code in every programming language as well.

about 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Which Web Platform Would You Use?

ErGalvao Re:PHP is an ugly programming language (519 comments)

"An ugly programming language"? PHP syntatically follows the same style as Perl and C, so you're basically saying all three are ugly? Or maybe you're saying that only about PHP because it makes you look so cool? Seriously now, if you wanna criticize a programming language do so by using technical arguments, this is not a beauty pageant.

about 3 years ago



ErGalvao ErGalvao writes  |  more than 8 years ago

ErGalvao writes "Mozilla announced today a project where it joins forces with Qualcomm (the makers of the popular e-mail client Eudora) to produce Penelope [wiki.mozilla.org/Penelope], a new open source, "Thunderbird-based", free e-mail client which will offer users the rich interface of Eudora.

From the press release:
"The Mozilla Foundation and Qualcomm have announced that future versions of the Eudora mail client will be based on Mozilla Thunderbird. The first Thunderbird-based release of Eudora is expected to be made available in the first half of 2007 and will be both free and open-source. According to the press release, it will retain "Eudora's uniquely rich feature set and productivity enhancements". Thunderbird and Eudora will remain separate products, though they may benefit from common improvements in the future."
As a previous Eudora and now Thunderbird fan and user this looks quite interesting to me."

ErGalvao ErGalvao writes  |  more than 8 years ago

ErGalvao (843384) writes "I've recently tried, without any success, to invite my girlfriend into the WorldFirefoxDay [worldfirefoxday.com] thingy. I really believe it's a great PR idea, and I'd be delighted to see both of our names with that pretty heart symbol between us, but it seems that Mozilla couldn't care less.

The invitation system just doesn't work. I receive the confirmation e-mail, but she never receives nothing. I've already tried with four different e-mail addresses she use and the results are the same.

It's not filtered in some dumb AntiSPAM tool, it just doesn't get to her mailbox. The sad part is that, since she has never received the invitation and therefore never accepted nor refused it, I just can't invite her in the same address again.

Now she doesn't have any e-mail addresses left to receive it, and the e-mails I've sent to webmaster at mozilla.org and webmaster at worldfirefoxday.com were never answered. In five days (this promotion expires on September 15th) we lose the oportunity.

So, the whole thing is just great, but only for those lucky enough to get it working.

Congrats both to Mozilla and to those behind this promotion. It's the first time a FireFox related subject lets me down and I'll always remember it, since I intend to continue using it."


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