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Do Non-Technical Managers Add Value?

Eros Re:A good manager deals with the paperwork (249 comments)

A good manager deals with the paperwork of requisitions, financing, and getting "buy in" from "customer" departments and management.

A good manager makes sure your projects have visibility, and that their successes and ROI are broadcast through the company so your department doesn't end up downsized.

Having technical knowledge is good for a manager to understand what their team is doing and what they're saying in meetings, but "technical knowledge" is not and never has been what the manager's job is about. A good manager doesn't need to understand the details, because they're not micro-managing their staff.

So how is this non-technical manager supposed to provide oversight, manage conflict, improve workflows, and improve processes when they don't understand the technology or tools?

Seriously, when the shit hits the fan non-technical managers are just guessing at how to fix it and why it happened in the first place? I'm sure we have all worked with plenty of bullshitters that make the rest of our lives hell. And they get to exist and continue to exist because of non-technical managers that can't filter them out.

I know it is tough to keep up with technology when being a manager because of all the things you mentioned. But there is a reason why we are paid more to manager engineers instead of Wendy's workers. We are expected to know more and actually lead by example; not just be a baby kissing politician.

about 3 months ago

Java API and Microsoft's .NET API: a Comparison

Eros Re:Critical Bugs (319 comments)

Oh they are there, it is MS so you can be sure of it. They just don't have a web browser accessible install base anywhere near the size of Java. But please go on believing the reason those bugs aren't surfacing is because they are not there.

about 10 months ago

Why Mark Zuckerberg Is a Bad Role Model For Aspiring Tech Execs

Eros Re:If you have a great idea... (326 comments)

If you have a great idea, you should see it through. You can always go back to college later, and the experience of pursuing it will be far more beneficial to you than any class you could possibly take.

If you don't have a great idea, than dropping out of college is stupid and will gain you very little.

Or maybe you could go to college and pick up some ideas for how to best execute your idea so it has a fighting chance of becoming reality. You might even be able to build a network of contacts that could help. And maybe even get the credentials that many investors will want to see in order to give you the money you'll need to get off the ground.

Or just hope that you can do it all on your own with no resources or formal training.

about 2 years ago

Firefox 4 Beta 12 Released; Fixes Over 650 Bugs

Eros Re:Status bar? (181 comments)

How can URLs be displayed in a non-existent status bar? Did they resurrect it? I didn't see anything about a "status bar" in the release notes...

Right now I'm using the "Status-4-evah" add-on to get the status bar back - and that plugin already takes care of displaying the URL in the "status bar".

No, the status bar is still gone. Now it is like Chrome and IE9. You hover over the link and the URL is appears in the bottom left of the window.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook's Zuckerberg To Give Away Half His Cash

Eros Re:I Take Issue with the Phrase "Give Away" (450 comments)

His point was that this isn't as altruistic as people are saying. Yes, he sets up a foundation that does good through the interest earned each year.

So he helps some people for pennies on the dollar while he throws around the real power of the foundation to get what he really wants in the end. Which may be in fact be evil.

It is just a tool for the rich. They don't give a damn about the people they "help".

more than 3 years ago

Google Bringing HTML5 To Gmail

Eros Re:Thats not new (112 comments)

They already have this feature too. Just click the green beaker in the upper right hand corner and search for "Inserting Images". It is a labs project now. But it is there.

more than 3 years ago

Old Malware Tricks Still Defeat Most AV Scanners

Eros Of course they do ... (122 comments)

Of course they still fool AV scanners. If they didn't how would they be able to sell you a malware scanner on top of your AV scanner?

more than 5 years ago


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