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Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

Errol backfiring Re:Simple rule, actually (749 comments)

Wait, you mean it is not forced down our throats BY "investment groups"? If so, why does it also grant secrecy to financial institutions?

about two weeks ago

Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

Errol backfiring Re:Say goodbye to the undergroud economy (753 comments)

You forget one: Bribery. No chance in hell that cash is going to vanish. But for the common man it will be harder and harder to use.

about two weeks ago

A Box of Forgotten Smallpox Vials Was Just Found In an FDA Closet

Errol backfiring Re:they don't want to destory it (120 comments)

Yes, Pollution. But that is another story. As anybody knows, Pestilence retired mumbling something about Penicillin.

about three weeks ago

London Regulator Says Uber Is Operating Legally

Errol backfiring Re:Holland (105 comments)

So? The Netherlands are a tax haven for postal-box firms from all over the world. These firms have no business in the Netherlands, except for avoiding to pay tax. They don't care what their name says in Dutch.

about three weeks ago

Solar-Powered Electrochemical Cell Used To Produce Formic Acid From CO2

Errol backfiring Oh please, no carbon storage (133 comments)

Storing CO2 does not help anyone, and only does harm. The problem is not that there is too much CO2 in the world, the problem is that we convert way too much carbon and oxygen into CO2. Period. If we store all the CO2, we deprive ourselves from oxygen, because we keep on converting it! The Biosphere II experiment has clearly demonstrated that (by using concrete, which, by itself, stores CO2). Storing CO2 is just one more environmental crime to cover up another.

about three weeks ago

Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature

Errol backfiring Re:Economy (579 comments)

Please do not mix economy with finance. They are hardly related anymore.


  1. 1 - The market will solve it!
  2. 2 - The money goes to a newly formed group of big companies in bed with a bank (because this allows the bank to create money out of thin air). Off course, the bank demands "securities" (for what?) and society is heavily taxed.
  3. 3 - Problem solved. At least, on the low-traffic pacific island where the "investors" now live.

about a month ago

Western Energy Companies Under Sabotage Threat

Errol backfiring Re:How is this any different than any other day? (86 comments)

To bear the blame if things go wrong. Oh, you want quality? Sorry, in the modern everything-must-be-done-yesterday-at-no-cost IT sector, quality is usually not an option. There's no market for quality.

about a month ago

Ninety-Nine Percent of the Ocean's Plastic Is Missing

Errol backfiring They left a message (304 comments)

They left a message: "So long, and thanks for all the plastic"

about a month ago

Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries

Errol backfiring Re:Agreement?? (242 comments)

Well, they did not send an X-Do-Not-Spy HTTP header, so they obviously agreed.

about a month ago

White House May Name Patent Reform Opponent As New Head of Patent Office

Errol backfiring Re:Classic Obama (211 comments)

That's the problem of politics today: when so much money is at stake, it is plainly impossible to put that money where your mouth is. It literally doesn't fit...

about a month ago

Julian Assange Plans Modeling Debut At London Fashion Show

Errol backfiring Good move (173 comments)

What happened to him is totally unfair.

Yes. It is totally unfair, but nevertheless it seems quite fashionable.

about a month ago

They're Spying On You: Hacking Team Mobile Malware, Infrastructure Uncovered

Errol backfiring Re:Pigs at the trough (48 comments)

They don't. They operate at different levels, so they may be listening to an extra "backup" data flow. I rather think they use each other. It is too convenient for "intelligence" agencies not to tap into the already existing camera and audio feed from another spy.

about a month ago

Supreme Court Upholds Most EPA Rules On Greenhouse Gases

Errol backfiring Re:Long story short (109 comments)

The EPA can continue to undermine the someone's finance in pursuit of fairy tales.

There, fixed that for you. By the way, that is a good thing for an actual economy, as it is stopped from drowning, draught, etc. Some of these fairy tales are already fairly convincing.

about a month ago

Climate Change Prompts Emperor Penguins To Find New Breeding Grounds

Errol backfiring Re:No Evidence (215 comments)

Any connection to "climate change" was purely speculative on the part of the article writer

Indeed. It was probably the mortgage bubble that was responsible for this.

about a month ago

Radar Data Yields High-Resolution Views of Near-Earth Asteroid HQ124

Errol backfiring Re:Requisite (29 comments)

Well, you may laugh about that, but in the past that is exactly what happened, and we try to cover it up now in scientific circles.

It took a religious liberation to stop people to adhere to ancient texts that could only be interpreted by priests. People started looking for the Creator by investigating the creation. This religiously motivated search has added tremendously to science. For example, the Frederik Ruysch collection in the KunstKammer in St Petersburg is from that period.

Alas, we like to think that science is "neutral", just observing and deducing. Any other motives are left out of the educational system. So we learn that Newton saw an apple falling and wrote his laws. And then deduce Kepler's laws from them. It actually was the other way around: Kepler thought that the creation had to be "harmonic" and therefore brilliantly simple. So planet movements could not be governed by more than second order formulas. That (and being brilliant in measurement of position of celestial bodies) led him to discover his laws, from which Newton derived his.

Now I am not in favour or against religion, but I am very much against rewriting history. Especially in science. Some problems are much easier solved with one school of thought than with another. For example, Pythogoras' theorem is easily solved with greek math, and very hard with arabic math. Even schools of thought that you might considered "flawed" can accidentally yield insightful results. Suppressing any school of thought in science is a crime to science itself, and making even making science into a form of religion (with believers in "neutrality").

about a month and a half ago

Why the Moon's New Birthday Means the Earth Is Older Than We Thought

Errol backfiring Re:Age of the earth (98 comments)

At least, thanks to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, we know that Earth is a Vega. Or has that theory been busted as well?

about a month and a half ago

Human "Suspended Animation" Trials To Start This Month

Errol backfiring New film title (104 comments)

Ah. We have a new film title: The Resuscitator.

about 2 months ago

Cambridge Company Unveils 3D Printed "Fruit"

Errol backfiring Finally! (59 comments)

Finally a "slime mold" can be made by putting slime into a mold.

about 2 months ago

EU Court Backs 'Right To Be Forgotten'

Errol backfiring No bullshit at all (153 comments)

You say it yourself: your crime is forgotten in real life. Only if one knows where to look and take a lot of trouble, it could be found again. Not so with Google. Heck, I could just type in the name of a village and find the article describing a domestic murder from 20 years ago. That is way different. Information can hurt. Even information that is not true.

about 2 months ago



In the Netherlands, criticising the money system is not allowed

Errol backfiring Errol backfiring writes  |  about 10 months ago

Errol backfiring (1280012) writes "The organization ("our money dot now") has been denied a payment account for receiving donations (in Dutch) (Google translation in English) because they want to reform the money system. They want to inform the public about what they think is wrong with our money system and push for changing the law towards full-reserve banking. They are not against banks, just against how banking is performed.

After they called the payment provider to explain that they are not against banks, but against the way banking is legally allowed to be done, and that they are striving to get the banking law changed, they were informed that pushing for change in money politics is not acceptable."

Dutch providers do not need to block Pirate Bay

Errol backfiring Errol backfiring writes  |  about 4 years ago

Errol backfiring (1280012) writes "The judge thinks that Brein (a dutch "intellectual property" group) should go after individual customers, not after the internet service providers.
(article link in dutch). This decision is not final.

Brein had sued the provider Ziggo, and the provider XS4ALL has joined them on principal grounds. The verdict (PDF, dutch) can be found at"

Link to Original Source



Romanic vs Germanic property and religion

Errol backfiring Errol backfiring writes  |  more than 3 years ago

While I am searching for types of properrty and its history, I have found a few references that the transition from catholic to protestant religion has also brought a change from germanic property ("clan" property, property that means responsibility) to romanic property ("if I own it I can do with it what I want, even if it hurts others").

the problem is that I cannot see any sense in it. Why would protestants see property different from catholics? If anyone out there is reading this and can give some insight, please post a comment.

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