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NVIDIA Launches Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 GPUs

Espectr0 Re:Tips? (122 comments)

I was looking at the 970 just before you posted, i can't believe that kind of performance at less than 100$ more of my budget, with that incredible low power draw (which is important to me, on my country we are heavily penalized for high power consumption, since we have blackouts every day)

It's tempting... Let's see what happens on december.

2 days ago

NVIDIA Launches Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 GPUs

Espectr0 Re:Tips? (122 comments)

I have just seen a 285 review, which is basically a 280 with more features and same price.

For what i have seen, the 285 beats the 760 on every front, including power draw, and the nvidia response was to lower the price about 30$.

I haven't bought nvidia for years, while they have great drivers and performance, power use and price hasn't been competitive.

I will keep looking to see if the prices change or a new board gets introduced by december. I am not happy the 285 is still a 2GB card, while my 22" monitor isn't even 1980p so it shouldn't matter much.

2 days ago

NVIDIA Launches Maxwell-Based GeForce GTX 980 and GeForce GTX 970 GPUs

Espectr0 Tips? (122 comments)

I'm on the market for a GPU this december. My requirements are: less than 250$, low power consumption, good compatibility with Z77 chipset (intel i5 3570k), no overclocking needed, low noise, best performance/price ratio and of course better performance than my current GPU (msi twin 7850 2GB).

So far i have seen either a r9 280 or gtx 760.
Anyone would like to offer some advice?

2 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Advice On Building a Firewall With VPN Capabilities?

Espectr0 hmmm (238 comments)

somehow i think he is just trying to hide behind a VPN to do some "torrenting"

about two weeks ago

Google Hangouts Gets Google Voice Integration And Free VoIP Calls

Espectr0 Re:Hangouts is, in turn, part of plus, right? (162 comments)

that's about 25% of a standard (250MB) data plan in Venezuela.
Still, i can call family in the US with wifi. I previously had to use either skype or hangouts for ios.

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Smartwatch Apps Could You See Yourself Using?

Espectr0 Re:I have Pebble Steel (471 comments)

i get 7 days on mine without notifications (i am using it as a watch with some offline apps). What watch face do you use?

about two weeks ago

AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

Espectr0 Whiners (528 comments)

I have 1.5 Mbps, and we call it broadband here in Venezuela. Basic 360p Youtube, and netflix (SD) even works.

I would KILL for 10 Mbps, let alone 4 Mbps. You guys are lucky!

about two weeks ago

Post-Microsoft Nokia Offering Mapping Services To Samsung

Espectr0 sideload? (67 comments)

here's (no pun intended) hoping that we can sideload the here app somehow on the rest of android phones

about three weeks ago

Windows 8.1 Update Crippling PCs With BSOD, Microsoft Suggests You Roll Back

Espectr0 Re:It isn't only Windows 8 (304 comments)

I only reboot windows once a month after patch tuesday.
Crappy experiences are mostly gone since 7 (and in my case, since Vista as well. I experienced only one major bug in vista, slow file copying which was fixed in SP1)

about a month ago

Comparison: Linux Text Editors

Espectr0 text editors (402 comments)

i would like some text editors reviews as well, like nano, joe and others

about 1 month ago

Western US States Using Up Ground Water At an Alarming Rate

Espectr0 we are experiencing something similar (377 comments)

in northwestern Venezuela we are having the biggest drought in 60 years. We only have 57 days left of water, and that's including with limited use (1 and a half days of water per week!)

Our water comes by the way of reservoirs, and we depend heavily on rain. Can't remember the last time it rained and we are getting extremely worried

about 2 months ago

Apple Fixes Major SSL Bug In OS X, iOS

Espectr0 Re:Not a open source issue. (96 comments)

decided posting instead of modding you down, since you may not know that Apple does not use OpenSSL, therefore you are just wrong.

about 4 months ago

Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

Espectr0 Re:running 8.1 update 1 from wsus (575 comments)

we have specialized hardware as our firewall
we have an antivirus on all machines
we are policies to restrict software to only allow sanctioned bits.
we have sensible subnetting in place

I admin 600 client machines and the only issue in over 9 years was an IIS security issue.

I am not saying we are 100% secure, but really, if you think about it, SSL isn't going to do anything for us.

about 5 months ago

Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

Espectr0 running 8.1 update 1 from wsus (575 comments)

if you have wsus without ssl, it works fine after importing the update from the catalog.

i don't see the need of ssl on an internal small server, anyway even with ssl you can enable tls 1.2 manually and it will work.

this article is also misleading, since the update itself is a regular update and not labeled "update 1" or even a service pack, but on every windows version out there there are updates that depend on other updates, especially service packs, so nothing new here.

about 5 months ago

Meet the Diehards Who Refuse To Move On From Windows XP

Espectr0 Re:If only there was an update tool from xp to win (641 comments)

There is one. Pcmover by laplink (not the free version) says that it can migrate apps as well as data.

If you only want to migrate the data and profiles, use USMT (free), it's a command line tool but works fine.

If you are migrating to 7 instead of 8.1, use windows easy transfer, it's a GUI to usmt that comes with it built in, download for XP and then format and double click on the .mig file to get the data back.

about 5 months ago



Ask Slashdot: tips on migration from Active Directory 2003 to 2008

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  about 2 years ago

Espectr0 (577637) writes "We are an insurance company with about 600 client machines dispersed in 20 cities in our country. Our server infrastructure is mostly centralized on one city, with servers running Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server. We just want to migrate Active Directory from 2003 to 2008. Not everyone of our clients are using DHCP, which we want to force with group policy with this migration. Our clients are 80% windows xp pro sp3, with the rest being windows 7 pro. So far we have found this link and this one. Any good tips?"

High tech for insurance claims office?

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Espectr0 (577637) writes "We are moving our current main insurance automobile claims office to a new location, and the board said to not spare any costs in tech. The office will be big enough to handle lots of customers with their insurance automobile claims and also hold the complete branch of automobile of the company. We will acquire the qmatic system to handle customer support, all in one PC's for the front and have a modern conference room. What kind of technology are slashdot users familiar with in such type of environment? What would you recommend?"

Microsoft must pay $1.4bn to EU

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Espectr0 writes "The BBC is carrying an article that mentions that the European Commission has fined US computer giant Microsoft for defying sanctions imposed on it for anti-competitive behaviour. Microsoft must now pay 899 million euros ($1.4bn; £680.9m) after it failed to comply with a 2004 ruling that it took part in monopolistic practices. The ruling said that Microsoft was guilty of not providing vital information to rival software makers. EU regulators said the firm was the first to break an EU antitrust ruling."
Link to Original Source

Yahoo to reject Microsoft bid

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Espectr0 writes "CNN is running a story saying that Yahoo Inc.'s board plans to reject Microsoft Corp.'s unsolicited $44.6 billion offer to acquire the Web giant. Yahoo's board determined that the $31 per share offer "massively undervalues" Yahoo, and that it also doesn't account for the risk that a deal could be blocked by regulators."
Link to Original Source

Microsoft Proposes $44.6B Buyout Of Yahoo

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Espectr0 writes "An artitle shows that Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) offered to buy Yahoo Inc. (YHOO) for $44.6 billion, a move designed to pick up a struggling rival as both companies are fighting in the online-advertising world with Google Inc. (GOOG). The offer, $31 a share in cash and stock, is a 62% premium to Thursday's closing price of $19.18. Yahoo shares jumped to $29.70 in recent premarket trading. Microsoft closed at $32.60 and dipped to $31.95 in the premarket recently. The proposal, presented in a letter to Yahoo's board of directors from Ballmer, is subject to the negotiation of a definitive agreement between the two companies. Microsoft is saying a deal could close in the second half of the year."
Link to Original Source

Comcast Promising Ultra-Fast Internet

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Espectr0 writes "CNN has a story where Comcast's Chief Executive Brian Roberts told The Associated Press in a preview of his speech at the Consumer Electronics show on Tuesday, that they are expected to demonstrate a technology that delivers up to 160 megabits of data per second: It will allow him to download a high-definition copy of "Batman Begins" in four minutes. The technology, DOCSIS 3.0, will start rolling out this year."
Link to Original Source

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Espectr0 writes "Apple has upgraded their line of MacBook Pro's. This revision includes a decent amount of ram (2 GB), LED backlit displays, 2.2 or 2.4 Ghz processors, 8x double-layer SuperDrive and NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT video cards. Apple recently addressed Greenpiece's concerns regarding its environmental policy by unveiling a clear strategy which mentioned a planed switch to the LED-backlit displays technology starting this year. Lastly, the battery is supposed to last 6 hours."
Link to Original Source

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Espectr0 writes "On May 9, 2007, Red Hat announced the public release of a set of high-quality fonts under the trademark LIBERATION at the Red Hat Summit. There are three sets: Sans (a substitute for Arial, Albany, Helvetica, Nimbus Sans L, and Bitstream Vera Sans), Serif (a substitute for Times New Roman, Thorndale, Nimbus Roman, and Bitstream Vera Serif) and Mono (a substitute for Courier New, Cumberland, Courier, Nimbus Mono L, and Bitstream Vera Sans Mono). The press release covers the details."

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Espectr0 writes "Crack group PARADOX has cracked Windows Vista. It works by exploiting a 'feature' that allows bigger OEM's like ASUS to include their own version of Vista that doesn't require activation. Also, crack crack group Pantheon has included an OEM Emulation Driver, that virtually allows any kind of board to run this version."

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Espectr0 writes "Sun has officially released Java SE 6. With a development cycle of over two years, and frequent releases to the public, the release is the first one after Sun's commitment to release the complete Java SE (language, compiler and libraries) in the first half of 2007. Java 6 is focused on the desktop users this time, with a range of features, including double buffering , performance tweaks and desktop integration."

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Espectr0 writes "According to an article over at Wall Street Journal Online, Google Inc. is in talks to acquire popular video-sharing site YouTube Inc. for roughly $1.6 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter. The discussions are still at a sensitive stage and could well break off, this person says. YouTube commanded 46% of visits to U.S. online video sites in August, according to market research firm Hitwise. That compared to a 23% share for the video activities of News Corp.'s MySpace social-networking site, and 10% for Google Video."

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  about 8 years ago

Espectr0 writes "Knowing a handful of programming languages is seen by many as a harbor in a job market storm, solid skills that will be marketable as long as the languages are. By picking the brains of Web developers and IT recruiters, eWEEK selected 10 programming languages that are a bonus for developers to add to their resumes. Even better, they're great jumping-off points, with loads of job opportunities for younger recruits. What does the slashdot community think?"



Chavez wins

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 10 years ago

The electoral council announced this morning that Chavez had 58% of the votes.

I can say, while being objective, that this is simply not true. The goverment played its card, requiring voters to use a special machine which captures fingerprints, which failed most of the time (it even failed on the president himself).

Lines were long, and i mean LONG. People got up at 3am and most didn't leave up to 3pm. I myself waited until it was 7:30pm to go and only had to be 3 hours in line.

This results ARE NOT LEGIT. I have proof myself. I own several scanner radios, where i could heard the fraud going on.

They were bringing people from across the colombian border. There were talking about voting twice (don't know how, since we get inked at the end of the voting), although all electoral members were put by the goverment, figure how!

Thy bet we would get out of the lines due to the sun and getting tired. Maybe some did, but i tell you lot of people didn't.

People who had voted, went to the stores and bought food and drinks for the people in line. Talk about union in the voters. Feeding completely strangers. That's who we venezuelans are.

Via "exit polls" people were knowing the results. Opposition said they had 58% while goverment said they had 65%.

No one of the international observers (OAS, Carter Center) have announced anything. There were reports of the electronic machines changing votes. There is a rumor that a YES vote counted as a YES AND NO vote.

So, i say fraud. Unexpected? Hell no.

UPDATE 8/17: The opposition has proved that the electronic machines had a maximum ceiling vote for the YES option, making any vote for that option beyond that fixed number have an unknown destination


Will Chavez win?

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 10 years ago

The recall election is this sunday. If people give more than 3.7 million votes against Chavez (and if they are more than the votes of people wanting to keep him) then Chavez gets kicked and leaves power to the vicepresident.

The irony in this, that there is nothing in the constitution that wouldn't allow him to be a candidate in the election for president 30 days later.

So can he win? Certainly. He has given citizenship to about 2 million people. Will all of them vote for him? Only time will tell.

What about the election system? The election will be automatic, only manual vote will be used in rural places or if there is a problem. I have seen the specs on the technology, and it seems way better than Diebold machines.

This is what i remember. You enter your fingerprint in a machine, and it will tell you if you have voted so you can't vote twice. Then you are checked to see if you are allowed to vote (registered, etc) and then on the next machine you get a question and 2 choices:

"Are you OK to end Chavez's job as current president of Venezuela?" Rough translation.

                                  NO YES (in that order)

After you choose, you confirm, and a small receipt gets printed, which you insert into a box.

Chavez could win. He has the control of the entire goverment, the electoral council, the supreme court. But also, sunday's vote will be private, instead of the signatures to request the recall. That may be the deciding factor on sunday.


Will Venezuela get a referendum?

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 10 years ago

According to Constitution, if 20% of the voters sign a petition, there must be general elections that decide if the president stays in power after half of the term.

The goverment is trying everything it can to impede this. A month ago, the national electoral council dismissed the signatures people made because they were "old" (i.e, collected before the half of the term)

If the country doesn't get the referendum elections, this country may go to a civil war. Although it could happen the same if:

-Referendum goes, president loses
- " " wins
-No referendum


Military speaks up

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 11 years ago

This never ends. Now some high ranking military officers in Venezuela have declared themselves on "legal disobedience" or whatever that means.

I am tired on this goverment. There is hate, the country is too divided, it will break itself. I mean in previous goverments it was bad but at least we had peace.


Did the U.S fund the coup?

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 11 years ago

In my first journal, someone asked what i thought about the U.S funding the april 11th coup in my country.

Some months ago, i was browsing Stallman's site and i was mad. He was defending my president (which he does not know) because he said the U.S had funded the coup, cheated on the Florida elections, etc etc.

Anyway, for those of you that have some credible information, comments are welcome.


About my experience on /.

Espectr0 Espectr0 writes  |  more than 11 years ago

I have been on the internet since about 1994, when in my state didn't have internet access and the only way was through the local university. A different university had a satellite dish and we had a connection to that university.

Only relatives of professors of our local university had access (though we found our way in, by borrowing accounts)

The access was at 2400 baud, and it was done via telnet. Later it was upgraded to 9600 baud and you could do some graphic browsing via a browser i can't remember its name.

In text mode, you had to send mail to a ftpmail server in order to be able to download a file. I remember i asked for the 2 patchs that were available for Doom ][

Later in 1995, Compuserve came to town (i live in Maracaibo, Venezuela, South America) and it was really slow and difficult to connect. My dad was foolishly scammed by a member and his credit card was stolen.

Later we got an ISP. 28.8kbaud. Fast foward 1997, and i had my own connection, 56k, 5 minutes a day. It growed to an hour a day, and with programs like wingate i could share the connection between my dad and me.

Since december 2000, we have adsl 256kkbits/64kbits. And about from that time, i have a ritual every day of a list of sites i visit. Currently those are, in order:

My experience on /. hasn't been really positive. I started as anonymous, then opened an account (i wanted espectro but the letter o was taken). I would find out that every comment i made wasn't read because i posted some hours after the article. Even being a registered user, i was getting all 0 points post. A flaw in the slash code maybe?

I asked taco about it. This is no troll, but i think he either was wasted or he is completely stupid when in email mode. I asked him why all i get would be 0 points posts. He just answered in one line: "post"

I mean WTF is that? Even for a long time, i would not get moderated, either up or down. Not surpringsinly, after about 1-2 weeks after i emailed taco, i would start getting the default 1 point posts, and on my way to finally getting karma: neutral.

Now, i finally got 2 good posts, one modded +3, the other +4, so my karma is positive now.

My only other gripe, is news submission. I have submitted 7 of them, none have been approved. Even one of those 7 was posted about a week later than the date i submitted it.

So, that is my currently experience on /.
My specs: i have 2 pc in my room, a compaq amd 333 64mb laptop that i use the most, with mostly winxp sp1 and vector linux 2.5, and my main amd 2100 xp 256mb ram which has gentoo, winxp and win98

I am 21 and studying computer science down here in the local university.

Probably no one will ever read this, so why bother? I was just bored. Hope you are bored too so you can read this :)

Hasta luego,
Francisco León a.k.a Espectr0

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