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Artificial Heart Recipient Has No Pulse

Eternal Annoyance Doesn't this have all kinds of other implications? (465 comments)

Like increasing her average body temperature, inducing laziness of the vascular muscles (which keep the blood from flowing back), constant pressure on organs and muscles (which were used to pauses in the pressure), etc.

more than 5 years ago

According to Linus, Linux Is "Bloated"

Eternal Annoyance Re:MIcrokernels - life without patches (639 comments)

The point appears to be that since everything is done in userspace, security increases and bloat is kept out.

more than 5 years ago

Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch Worries Researchers

Eternal Annoyance Mother nature doesn't care (296 comments)

Well, mother nature will find a way to deal with this. Species will evolve, which thrive on plastic.

Isn't it an excellent defense for the group to be poisonous to most predators? In turn some specialized predators will evolve which have ways to deal with the 'poison'.

However, to us it could pose a huge problem as it could turn out that plastics could eventually start to rot faster as they do now.

All that being said, it's best to clean this up /now/ before mother nature starts taking care of this, because that could endanger our food supply in the long run.

more than 5 years ago

First European Provider To Break Net Neutrality

Eternal Annoyance heh... UPC... lol (343 comments)

UPC is already known as one of the worst providers in the Netherlands. Various consumer rights TV shows have already spent hours chewing on UPC (by the way: UPC also delivers cable television).

They are asking for trouble, as consumers can simply refuse to pay if they don't get the service they are paying for.

Your network can't cope? upgrade it so it can cope. And finally: make sure the users of your network are secure, zombies consume bandwidth too, you know.

more than 5 years ago

Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession

Eternal Annoyance good move (640 comments)

...but not there completely.

They still need to legalize production and trade of soft-drugs (marijuana for example), this will cause the price to collapse and will allow the government to check the quality of the products.

Legalizing soft-drugs completely also allows the government to track the production and trade, which could expose the gangs even further.

However, allowing people to posses small amounts of drugs makes it easier for those with a drug issue to look for help.

more than 5 years ago

Ubisoft Working On a New Anti-Piracy Tool

Eternal Annoyance Why don't they learn? (377 comments)

The bigest issue with piracy is that games are simply too expensive.

If the game I encounter in the store costs me 5 euros, I wouldn't have bothered that much with buying it. Instead, games start out at about 50 euros or more.

At 5 euros I don't care that much if the game isn't perfect or doesn't last that long, but with 50 euros or more, I do care. As a result I download games and judge them if they are worth the money. And, no, demos usually don't last long enough to determine whether I want to buy a game or not.

Sadly, most of the games are of such low quality these days, that almost none are worth my money. So, if Ubisoft wants me to buy their games, they have to make their games fun first.

Sadly, it's graphics, sound and physics that are more important these days, instead of fun gameplay.

more than 5 years ago

NASA Sticking To Imperial Units For Shuttle Replacement

Eternal Annoyance Some mighty expensive scripts, apparently (901 comments)

Have they gone nuts? Can't they make some scripts to do most work for them? A few days and nights of ruby, python or perl work should do wonders and spare them millions in the process.

more than 5 years ago

In Round 2, Jammie Thomas Jury Awards RIAA $1,920,000

Eternal Annoyance Monsters (793 comments)

If I recollect correctly, this girl was depressed and suffered from some incurable disease. Add this to her (already big) list of problems, and she's ready to commit suicide.

This isn't justice anymore, this is extortion. The lawyers of the RIAA know damn well of this girl's state, and they just press on.

What kind monsters are they? When will the state step in and start kicking the RIAA around over this? Must this girl be turned into a martyr to convince the justice department to prosecute the RIAA?

more than 5 years ago

The State of Iran's Ongoing Netwar

Eternal Annoyance hhhmmmmm... (263 comments)

Am I paranoid or is this coincidence?

NATO troops to the east and west of Iran, a revolt going on inside Iran... what a coincidence.

The U.S. might be behind this (telling Israel to use its excellent intelligence service, to apply some pressure here and there), or it's a gift from the heavens for Washington.

Why would it be a gift from the heavens for the U.S.? Simple, a while ago Iran set up an alternative oil-market to the U.S. one which was based on the Euro. Now, the only thing which needs to happen is that an U.S. friendly government "should" be installed and that problem is solved... but wait.

China and Veneuela won't like the U.S. messing with Iran and I'm not sure about the EU, but they're watching this very closely. This could go in any direction, but it will most likely benefit China.

If the U.S. and/or Israeli intelligence services appear to be involved and this net-war is stopped by the Iranian government, there's a good chance nothing will come out of this.

On the other hand; if the net-war succeeds and the Iranian government is toppled while information gets out that the CIA or Mossad are behind this... China and Venezuela might just get pissed. The latter doesn't worry me but the first does.

So, who stands to proffit from this? For the U.S. or Israel the price is a bit too high. China is too obvious and I doubt Venezuela can afford to stage this.

So, who's REALLY behind this? The stakes run too high to be just the people.

more than 5 years ago

A Supervolcano Beneath Mt. St. Helens?

Eternal Annoyance oh no! (180 comments)

This thing is going to explode tomorrow and kill millions!
We're all going to dieeeee!

Now, where can I best observe the carnage and mass panic?

more than 5 years ago

First Look At Microsoft Silverlight 3

Eternal Annoyance Hello monopoly abuse (228 comments)

Apparently Microsoft isn't learning from it's experience with the EU and US antitrust and competition regulatory organs.

Adding silverlight support to visual studio, instead of making a separate IDE for that or a plug-in which is sold independent of visual studio, smells like abuse of monopoly position to me.

In order to make silverlight applications, you now need visual studio. In order to run visual studio, you need windows. You can bet on it that some future version of silverlight will become buggy on linux and will be rock solid on windows... or it simply won't be available on linux, once enough market penetration has been reached.

Lets hope Adobe and Sun start complaining about this anti-competitive behavior of Microsoft.

more than 5 years ago

How Do IT Guys Get Respect and Not Become BOFHs?

Eternal Annoyance Give them the BFOH for a while. (902 comments)

Just for a while (until they get the hint). Announce that period in advance (enough time so everybody has the ability to read the email... 2 days or so).

The email should contain clear information. This can be achieved by using short sentences. Allow for no deviation from the IT-policy. You are the one interpreting the IT-policy. Give examples of possible punishments of IT-policy violations.

Now, here's the catch. The persons who stick to IT-policy and show signs of willingness to help you (for example: instead of announcing the need for something 2 weeks in advance (mandated by IT-policy), announcing it 4 weeks in advance giving you more space to do your work) get a less and less annoying you to deal with.

The others will notice this and will start to stick to IT-policy too. The jerks will stick to exactly the IT-policy while the nice persons will cheerfully help you along. Keep giving the jerks the BFOH, while the nice guys will get a more lenient you.

In short: turn a bit hypocrite. If people confront you about it (the jerks will probably do this), tell them there's a need for such action, otherwise it wouldn't have happened.

more than 5 years ago

Harsh Words From Google On Linux Development

Eternal Annoyance Maybe a wrapper? (948 comments)

The issue at hand is that there is a jungle of toolkits, each having a different focus. So, to keep all those toolkits but eliminate the differences between them a toolkit which basically is a wrapper around the most popular toolkits is needed.

more than 5 years ago

Human Language Gene Changes How Mice Squeak

Eternal Annoyance Mutants? (185 comments)

With the current rate of development we'll be creating an intelligent species which will be perfectly able to function as slaves in about onehundredfifty years. Since they technically won't be human, we can trample their rights in whatever way we wish... until they revolt.

So, how about taking a long, hard look at "human" rights?

more than 5 years ago

Smile! Urine Candid Camera!

Eternal Annoyance bull's eye! (370 comments)

Well, now I've got something to piss at when I'm at a U.S. airport.

more than 5 years ago

How To Help a Friend With an MMO Addiction?

Eternal Annoyance Do's and don'ts (811 comments)

DO take away the source of the addiction and everything which might pull him back in.
DO /active/ fun things with him.
DO have a person in authority around. This person should be able and competent, not some moron.
DO give something back (or enable him) to replace the addiction. Preferably something he likes or complies with his goals in life.
DO give space for emotions, but...
DON'T allow his emotions to control your (re)actions.
DO be honest (100% needed here).
DO take time for your own emotions. You're going to shed some tears, trust me on this.
DO establish structure in his life. Shove it down his throat if needed, however...
DON'T become abusive (in any way).
DON'T allow yourself to be abused.
DO remain calm.
DO try to figure out what created the space for the addiction to occur in the first place and send him to therapy, if needed (make sure he goes).
DO be patient. It takes time to get rid of addictions.
DO be observant. In the beginning he'll do anything to get to his addiction.
DO have a social worker or (even better) a therapist available.

If the person starts shouting, his eyes dilate, his face becomes red and he starts clenching his fists, lower your voice to a level that he's got to concentrate to hear you. Anger and concentration cannot occur together. Doing this might very well spare you several bruises. Making him laugh will also help.

more than 5 years ago

Court Sets Rules For RIAA Hard Drive Inspection

Eternal Annoyance oh crap... (470 comments)

Overwrite your entire mp3 collection with the sound of somebody taking a crap. Of course each of those files should be of different length and each mp3 should be somebody else taking a crap. The end result might be madonna taking a crap, michael jackson taking a crap, etc.

In court you could then claim you collect sounds of various famous persons taking a crap in various stages of their life.

more than 5 years ago

US Trustee Asks To Send SCO Into Chapter 7

Eternal Annoyance Where's the SEC? (259 comments)

I wonder when they will come banging on the door of senior SCO managers who performed insider trading. Also, it wouldn't amaze me if they follow the cash donation (that $500.000.000 they got from Microsoft) back to the source and start asking some very nasty questions over there.

SEC's arguments: competition fraud, misleading shareholders, inciting forgery of papers, inciting abuse of the judicial system.

When will that RICO act be invoked against Microsoft by the SEC?

more than 5 years ago

Germany Institutes Censorship Infrastructure

Eternal Annoyance Re:Inc. China (235 comments)

I'll provide you with step 3... "author's" "rights" blacklists, websites offering drugs or the materials needed to commit suicide.

This is all becoming very disturbing. Who is directing all this corruption? The media companies is just a bit too obvious for my taste.

more than 5 years ago

Where's Your Coding Happy Place?

Eternal Annoyance My humble requirements (508 comments)

Clean, impulse free room... except for the LOUD non-distracting and motivating music (this mostly means techno or metal). The other extreme is complete silence.

Also, any windowing environment helps bringing down my productivity. So it's console for me. Just nano, gcc, cmake and subersion for me.

When I tried emacs, I ran away screaming. Vim ended up annoying me (but was a much nicer experience as emacs). Since my distro defaluts to nano, I started using nano and I liked it.

more than 5 years ago


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