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Not A Graceful Recovery For HP Customers

Evil Inside HP (434 comments)

Hairy POST!

more than 12 years ago


Evil Inside hasn't submitted any stories.



Page widening is not cool!

Evil Inside Evil Inside writes  |  more than 12 years ago

Ive had enough of widening! Cmdertaco, Klerck and many others are doing it, and ive had enough!
Ive ranted and raved about it! But they keep widening, and its almost as annoying as Jon katz!

I'm a troll, but im finding trolling very hard with them messing up slashdot! I really really really really hate them and its time to make them NOT welcome here!

  Goatse.cx is the original wide ass, Cmdertaco is just a sad loser.

You will also notice my sig has changed, protesting the widening of slashdot!






Linux 2.5.4

Evil Inside Evil Inside writes  |  more than 12 years ago I was reading another gay linux article and I so I decided to post the linux 2.5.4 source code, its not out yet though.

#include <linus.h>
#include <penguin.h>
#include <illegaly_hacked_unix.h>
#include <bastard.h>

printf("Welcome to linux 2.5.4")


Slashdot is boring

Evil Inside Evil Inside writes  |  more than 12 years ago Its also full of bugs, maybe i should retire as a troll as its just too boring here now! thanks to the motherfucking page wideners.


CMDERTACO is a fucking bastard!

Evil Inside Evil Inside writes  |  more than 12 years ago He is! along with stevie237! I hate that shit head posting his shitty page lengthing / widening posts! Why dosen't he just FUCK OFF and SHOVE HIS HEAD in to the goatse.cx guys gaping anus?

Note : This message also applys to the other bastards who post widening / lengthening posts!


Slashdot Spammed me

Evil Inside Evil Inside writes  |  about 13 years ago I opened my e-mail program today (not outlook, phew) and as usual I got about
100 spam e-mails. Everything you could think of like penis enlargement, diet
micracle cures, loans, credit repair and so on. But this e-mail caught my
attention so i read it.

from : malda@slashdot.org
to : evil_inside@youdont.know.do.you (address obscured)
subject : make Mon&euro;y from home!

This is not spam, you recieved this because your a poor loser and im gonna
make you rich!

How would you like to make Thousnads of dollars legally, ethecilly and fun.

!!! Snot4cash !!!
We tell you the secrets of "taco snotting" and you can make money from it.
"taco snotting" is fun, popular and makes MONEY! Just 5 taco snotting
sessions will make you $10,000, and its a TOP SECRET of SLASHDOT.org

So find out more! visit http://221.390.101.942/snot/cash/from/home!

- Worst regards,
R0B Malda, C0W Boy Neal, J0N Katz!

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