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Buzz Aldrin Pressures Obama For New Space Exploration Initiative

EvilDroid Re:Mars no, (78 comments)

I've been marooned to die on Earth for many years now.

about 2 months ago

Android Malware "Obad" Called Most Sophisticated Yet

EvilDroid Re:Follow the Money? (117 comments)

Why would someone write malware that dumps money into some unrelated stranger's bank account?

about a year ago

Android Malware "Obad" Called Most Sophisticated Yet

EvilDroid Follow the Money? (117 comments)

This one should be pretty easy, no? Which premium numbers benefited from the text messages?

about a year ago

Why Amazon Can't Manufacture a Kindle In the US

EvilDroid Re:Labor conditions (598 comments)

Excellent idea! You could add to this the requirement that companies adhere to pollution standards, environmental standards, resource consumption, even CO2 footprint. Compliance would be by a certification body, paid for by the company, and any violations or local complaints would be investigated and resolved immediately.

more than 3 years ago

100/1 Odds On 'First Contact' Within a Year

EvilDroid The M. Othman? (309 comments)

Seriously? Our ambassador to aliens is named M.Othman? Like the MOTHMAN?

more than 3 years ago

Former Military Personnel Claim Aliens Are Monitoring Our Nukes

EvilDroid Re:Jam packed with details (498 comments)

Just a guess but I would assume that the weapon monitoring systems either stopped working, indicated the weapons were malfunctioning, or else showed some anomalous readings. You don't need a launch to have a malfunction...

more than 3 years ago

NASA Looks At Railgun-Like Rocket Launcher

EvilDroid Re:Let's hope NASA is better at math than TFA (231 comments)

The proposal is to use the launcher to get up to the speed at which a scramjet can ignite, not Mach 10. The scramjet will then take you to Mach 10.

about 4 years ago

NASA Looks At Railgun-Like Rocket Launcher

EvilDroid Re:Bad Physics (231 comments)

Yes, speaking of bad physics, why can't you coast to orbit? If an object at 10 ft altitude is moving at a high enough velocity, it sure as hell is going into orbit unless something gets in its way, without any additional propellant.

about 4 years ago

New Malware Imitates Browser Warning Pages

EvilDroid Pay Who Exactly? (143 comments)

It seems just stunningly obvious that

1. This is a deceptive scam.

2. They are stealing people's money via easily proven fraud

3. The perpetrators should be easily identified by whoever cashes the cheques

What am I missing here?

about 4 years ago

Global Warming 'Undeniable,' Report Says

EvilDroid Re:Two Different Thoughts (1657 comments)

Ah, you left out the best of all...

- does not believe climate change is occurring, but if it is believes its non-anthropogenic, but if it is it will take thousands of years/is self-correcting so no action needed, even if not they personally do not need to change

more than 4 years ago

The Difficulty of Dismantling Constellation

EvilDroid Re:Of Course (200 comments)

How useful is a VR connection to Mars with a 20-minute communication delay?

more than 4 years ago

Australian ISPs Asked To Cut Off Malware-Infected PCs

EvilDroid Re:Don't be a policeman (286 comments)

Who said anything about punishment? I think the proposal calls for an email or phone call to the 'victim' to advise them they have been hijacked. Remember, they could also have a keylogger installed to get their bank passwords, too.

By extending your analogies, you're saying that AIDS victims should not be notified they have the disease, but leave them free to infect the population unaware.

Stop overreacting.

about 5 years ago

Chrome OS Designed To Start Microsoft Death Spiral

EvilDroid Not Just a New Distro (817 comments)

Its not just a new remix of Debian or Fedora - most people seem to be missing what could be potentially huge: Chrome will replace Xorg, and maybe also GNOME and KDE with something new.

I assume they wouldn't bother unless it will be superior to all of these, i.e. smaller, faster, more stable, and easier to code for.

Maybe it will even run games better, and maybe even include a directX-type graphics subsystem? Or maybe finally get OpenGL implemented correctly?

more than 5 years ago

Next-Gen Nuclear Power Plant Breaks Ground In China

EvilDroid Re:Units? (426 comments)

Pretty sure we have not managed much mass to energy conversion as yet.

Wikipedia says 97% of the Tsar Bomba energy came from nuclear fusion. Fusion is not matter conversion, although some small amount will be converted (but less than 0.1%).

more than 5 years ago


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