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Ask Slashdot: Open Communications Set-Up For Small Office?

EvilStein Re:Google Apps (224 comments)

The OP asked for "OPEN Communications."

Nothing about Google Apps is "open" at all.

about 2 years ago

Plastic Logic Shows Off a Color ePaper Screen

EvilStein Re:Another vaporware "article" - lovely. (50 comments)

Excuse me, but who was whining? I certainly wasn't.

If I want to learn about interesting technology, I'll go to reddit or hacker news. It certainly isn't here anymore, sorry. The glory days of Slashdot are long gone and this place is looking like Digg more and more every day.

But thanks for your completely irrelevant comment anyway.

about 2 years ago

Ron Paul Effectively Ending Presidential Campaign

EvilStein Re:so what? (745 comments)

"I'm still planning on voting for him."

So he's basically the Ralph Nader of the 2012 election. Great.

more than 2 years ago

Plastic Logic Shows Off a Color ePaper Screen

EvilStein Another vaporware "article" - lovely. (50 comments)

A pretty weak "article" that has 3 links to some blog and one to laptop mag, and the still vaporware product is from a company the blogger pretty much wrote off 2 years ago.

*This* is what makes it to the front page now? Wow..

more than 2 years ago

ACTA To Be Signed This Weekend

EvilStein Thanks, Democrats. (277 comments)

So much for the "transparency in government" that the Obama Administration had promised us. ACTA is nothing more than a Hollywood Democrat backed hand-out to 'copyright holders' and corporate media.

One of the bigger reasons I didn't vote for Obama was because of Joe Biden and his absolutely terrible track record when it comes to tech privacy and kissing ass to Hollywood. Same with Clinton and Feinstein. They have been bending over backwards to their Hollywood MPAA/RIAA financial donors for many years now. Wikileaks exposed this as well, but it's something most of us have seen for years.
It's back to six of one, half dozen of the other when we vote these days.

more than 2 years ago

Walmart Goes Solar In California

EvilStein Re:Savings? (292 comments)

The problem is that people read on the bloggyblogs that it MIGHT happen in SOME cases and apply it to the entire store.

more than 2 years ago

Walmart Goes Solar In California

EvilStein Re:Finally (292 comments)

"In states that don't have such backwater environmental laws, power is often flat rate and around 5 to 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. Solar doesn't make sense in these states."

I'm in Texas, and I'm paying 9 cents per killowatt hour. Solar makes a LOT of sense here. But most HOAs are still blocking people from putting up solar panels.

Stupid homeowner associations. :/

more than 2 years ago

Hotfile Sues Warner Bros Over Abuse of Takedown Tool

EvilStein Re:under penalty of perjury (155 comments)

Except that the bill collector industry is also riddled with abusers. They can slam an entry onto all three credit reports even if it's totally bogus, and it's up to YOU, the innocent party, to clean up the mess. Sure, the entry is removed, but it can take 2-3 months and even longer for your stupid FICO score to recover. I have gone through this on more than one occasion, unfortunately. There is little recourse against the shady debt collectors either, as they can simply resell the "account" to some other bottom feeding bastards who will do the same thing. There is nothing that we the consumers can do to prevent it, either. /still waiting for the next time the phantom Cingular account from a state he never lived in shows up on his credit report once again. :/

about 3 years ago

UK Government Wants Google To Police Copyright

EvilStein They're already trying (144 comments)

Newzbin2 is an example. The MPA is trying to get the Govt to expand the use of the super secret child porn filter to include "copyright violations" too.

about 3 years ago

The Syrian Government's Internet Strategy

EvilStein Re:Another example (45 comments)

you know that turned out to be a complete hoax, right?

about 3 years ago

After Rick Perry's Stem Cell Treatment, Misplaced Enthusiasm?

EvilStein Re:Before anyone points this out... (340 comments)

Rick Perry is often the target of political shenanigans. His order to have Gardasil added to the vaccination list stirred up a huge hornets nest of political crap too. I thought that was a good decision. The opportunity to significantly reduce the number of cervical cancer cases? Good! Even Rick Perry dismissed the religious folks saying that this would just lead to girl having more sex. The "left" jumped all over this because of some flimsy ties he had to a pharmaceutical company. It was the stupid anti-vaccine dipshits that started crowing real loud about it too.

I'd rather that a few people listen to Rick Perry, who will admit that he's wrong about something, than that fucking moron Jenny McCarthy who still believes the repeatedly debunked vaccine-autism link and regularly spreads false information. The anti-vaccine twerps are more of a threat to healthcare than Rick Perry is. :/

about 3 years ago

When Schools Are the Police

EvilStein in most places... (725 comments)

"In Houston one recent day, a 17-year-old was in court after he and his girlfriend poured milk on each other. “She was mad at me because I broke up with her,” he said."

if you did this on the street, you could be charged with domestic violence and/or assault & battery. The guy is also the one that would likely be arrested in most cases. Be happy it was just a ticket in school.

And really, the middle of your school isn't the place to be involved in a physical altercation.

"“I’m all for consequences, but I think it could have been handled another way,” she said. She had no chance to mention her son’s attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and bipolar disorder, she said."

Oh yes, because that's always an excuse. "Oh, he has ADHD. He's bipolar." Letting that fly = special treatment. Treatment that minority kids and parents will bring up when their kids are the ones in court. Then the cries of racism start...

So everyone gets the same brush.

about 3 years ago

Anonymous Breaches Another US Defense Contractor

EvilStein Re:Why? (167 comments)

Low hanging fruit.

I wish they'd take out that Red Light Camera scam company called Redflex and ATS. Do something useful, lulzkids.

about 3 years ago

Santa Cruz Tests Predictive Policing Program

EvilStein profiling? (228 comments)

So what happens when the high crime areas just happen to be the areas with a higher density of black or hispanic residents? (Sadly, this is the case in many Bay Area cities - the stats reflect this year after year after year)

about 3 years ago

BART Keeps Cell Service Despite Protests

EvilStein Re:Baby with the bathwater (196 comments)

No. It's San Francisco. A lot of the people would be there for their Facebook photo op/check-in. Just like the anti-war protests that accomplished exactly diddly squat.

It's barely above slacktivism.

about 3 years ago

Righthaven Loses Again

EvilStein They haven't won, but... (119 comments)

.. the people they sued (not including Democratic Underground.. I wonder what would have happened if they didn't rile up a bunch of bloggers by suing a liberal blog) have had a LOT of stress and financial hardship.

One of the people Righthaven sued is known to me. He's tapped out savings paying lawyers to defend against Righthaven's utter bullshit.

I hope the people at Righthaven choke on a huge bowl of dicks. Rotten thieving motherfuckers.

about 3 years ago

4G and CDMA Reportedly Hacked At DEFCON

EvilStein Re:Relation between MITM and rootkit (139 comments)

And we all know how end users love to click on stuff... this is exactly how the existing Android rootkits have been getting installed.

more than 3 years ago

Patent Troll Lawyer Sanctioned Over Extortion Tactics

EvilStein Re:Precedent Against RIAA (147 comments)

The RIAA also has other trolls like Dianne Feinstein and her Democrat hollywood friends behind them. :/ That's a big problem.

more than 3 years ago


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