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Now On Video: GCHQ Destroying Laptop Full of Snowden Disclosures

Eyeball97 Re:Wasn't this a movie? (237 comments)

Actually I was alluding to common practices going back many centuries, so well done on leaping to conclusions.

about 8 months ago

Now On Video: GCHQ Destroying Laptop Full of Snowden Disclosures

Eyeball97 Wasn't this a movie? (237 comments)

Oh, wait... I think it was books they were burning in the movie... Or people... Maybe both...

about 8 months ago

The Internet Society is Unhappy with U.S. Govt's Internet Spying Tactics

Eyeball97 Spying Tactics? No, no, no... (107 comments)

We're not spying on you. Not at all. Only spying on select traffic in the interest of national security. Don't worry.

p.s. you're out of milk

about a year ago

FEMA Grounds Private Drones That Were Helping To Map Boulder Floods

Eyeball97 Re:Not autonomous? (356 comments)

Sure. What's your noun to define, in general, a remote controlled unmanned vehicle?

We'll start a campaign to have your word replace "drone" in the Oxford English, Merriam Webster, Collins dictionaries immediately.

1 year,2 days

It Takes 2.99 Gigajoules To Vaporize a Human Body

Eyeball97 Re:Hmm (272 comments)

For paedophiles you could set it to 1.21W over 2.47 Gseconds...

1 year,5 days

FBI Cyber Division Adds Syrian Electronic Army To Wanted List

Eyeball97 Re:Lern 2 read (74 comments)

Yes, that's fucking right. The fucking summary fucking written by the fucking OP, which fucking uses HIS fucking words, not the fucking FBI's

1 year,13 days

Ask Slashdot: Can Creating New Online Accounts Reduce Privacy Risks?

Eyeball97 Re:Note that it's against the rules (164 comments)

Succinctly, because I just woke up, BULLSHIT.

To be clear, I refer to "REQUIRED to give them my phone number"

1 year,13 days

EU Proposes To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters

Eyeball97 Here's an idea, EU (732 comments)

How about we just wrap everybody in cotton wool and outlaw leaving the house, ever

Because outrageously stupid ideas like these make much more sense than making the fucking driving test harder so that morons don't get to drive

1 year,17 days

A Closer Look At the Syrian Electronic Army

Eyeball97 Re:a.k.a. Mohamed Abd AlKarem (47 comments)

D'oh! I think you mean The Popular Peoples Front of Syria...

1 year,20 days

Google's Second Generation Nexus 7 Benchmarks

Eyeball97 Re:Still no SD card... (205 comments)

Why oh why

Duh. Because they want "the cloud" to become the new normal.

about a year ago

Hacker Releases 1.7TB Treasure Trove of Gaming Info

Eyeball97 Re:Insurance Policy? (293 comments)

It's 1.7 TB - TERABYTES - you fucking retard

Take your fucking poncy Tibibytes and shove them up your arse.

"Oh, but we have to have the bi to specify it's BINARY Terabytes you see!"

No, you don't, you foul smelling infected festering gonad. ONLY YOU insignificant fucking worms get confused as to whether kilo is 1,000 or 1,024 depending on context.

about a year ago

Electronics-Loving 'Crazy Ants' Invading Southern US

Eyeball97 Re:Air-Condition Compressors (250 comments)

Kinda pisses people off that nothing is actually broken but the service bill is tendered, just the same

I'm not quite sure what you're getting at here. They're pissed off because something's NOT broken? Or they're pissed off because they have to pay for somebody's time? Either way they don't sound like very rational people.

about a year ago

Credit Card Swipe Fees Begin Sunday In USA

Eyeball97 Re:What's the cost for Cash? (732 comments)

This whole "cost for cash" argument is somewhat silly. Doesn't the same "problem" apply to the banks? Surely by this logic, an electronic transaction should be cheaper than a cash transaction. Why, then, do the banks charge this exhorbitant "transaction fee"?

As a (former) small business owner, I had a gross revenue of around $600k p.a. and a net profit of around $100k p.a.

The bank wanted 2.4%. Let's assume I switched to 100% cashless - that's $15k in fees - 15% of my net profit.

Pisses me off immensely when people trivialise the cost of accepting plastic.

about a year and a half ago

Bee Venom Has "Botox-Like Effect," Is Worth 7 Times As Much As Gold

Eyeball97 Re:price comparison (248 comments)

Simple, you measure the cost of your data bundle in libraries of congress, then divide by the weight of a library of congress...

about a year and a half ago

Housewives On Trial In China For Smuggling In iPhones

Eyeball97 Re:What's that I smell? (150 comments)

18 baht meals? Guessing that was a long time ago... I had a 30 baht khao kha moo an hour ago and I'm already hungry again...

about 2 years ago

Man Arrested At Oakland Airport For Ornate Watch

Eyeball97 Re:Aloha Snackbar (519 comments)


My gut feeling is this man decided to do a bit of publicity whoring, and the watch & boots were made deliberately to get himself picked up

about 2 years ago

Housewives On Trial In China For Smuggling In iPhones

Eyeball97 What's that I smell? (150 comments)

Ah, roast scapegoat...

Talk about clickbait headlines... tfa says it's an $80,000,000 smuggling ring that's been busted...

This isn't some little old ladies smuggling a few iPhones in their suitcase for the price of a meal...

about 2 years ago

Linus Torvalds Advocates For 2560x1600 Standard Laptop Displays

Eyeball97 Re:2560x1600 should be good for anyone! (661 comments)

Can you smell the irony, of posting this "bring back 4:3" crap on a site whose layout takes full advantage of widescreen.

about 2 years ago

Linus Torvalds Advocates For 2560x1600 Standard Laptop Displays

Eyeball97 Re:2560x1600 should be good for anyone! (661 comments)

And a 16:9 (or even better, 16:10) widescreen monitor in landscape mode shows TWO clean, full-sized sheets of A4 side by side (or one A3), jackass.

4:3 needs to die. Deserves to die. Is a dinosaur, aesthetically.

about 2 years ago

Kaspersky's Exploit-Proof OS Leaves Security Experts Skeptical

Eyeball97 Special kind of stupid (196 comments)

To claim that anything is exploit proof requires a level of arrogance and/or stupidity I hadn't thought possible outside of government.

about 2 years ago


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