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Sun introduces the "Sun Ray"

FJ!! Re:I hate to be redundant, but ... (190 comments)

I don't see the limitation issue. After poking around extensively on their web-site, I conclude that, to the user, this set-up is pretty much like the X11 terminal/workstations farms I worked on in college: lots and lots of GUI terminals that execute all the programs on the server. What these programs are is up to the admins, but we were running terms and reading news and compiling C++ and running emacs - in essence we were sharing all these computer resources and every program that would run on those SPARCS. So how limited these things are going to be is up to the admins, and it looks as if you can create very rich access schemes, with your creative highflyers being able to execute all they want with mondo resources at their disposal, while thing can be kept locked down for your data-entry drones.

The smartcard instant-on/off would be wonderful in my previous place of work, a hospital, where docs had to do a lot of data entry but were constantly going from room to room. It would be fantastic.

What I _do_ want to see SUN raked over the coals for is for re-invetning X in a way that requires even more bandwidth. I mean, look at those recommendations... sheesh.

more than 15 years ago


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