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Connecting To Unsecured Bluetooth Car Systems To Monitor Traffic Flow

Falkentyne Re:Halifax too! (161 comments)

How do we know when they occur? Will there be a Snowden-like person to leak things on a city, county, state etc.. level to let us know when our rights/privacy have been compromised? Please do tell when we're supposed to deal with a problem we don't know exists?

about a year ago

Facebook Isn't Accepting New Posts, Likes, Comments...

Falkentyne Re: And so... (258 comments)

+1 Informative this post if you think senior citizens should date and +1 insightful this post if you think this needs more discussion

about a year ago

GMail Chat/GTalk Sending Chats To Wrong Recipients

Falkentyne Re:Google = buggy (109 comments)

What kind of bugs do you have with Google Drive? My company uses it for a spreadsheet that 3-4 people make changes to with another 3-4 additional viewers. The one problem I have is the constant pauses and disconnects. I'm sick of the "working" and "ooooops we lost all your shit" messages. I've taken to keeping notepad open and typing everything in there and pasting it from there when it starts acting up.

I haven't been keeping up on other free alternatives - if there's something better out there I'll switch the company over. Although in a few months the spreadsheet won't be needed anymore *shrug*

1 year,24 days

Valve Announces Hardware Beta Test For 'Steam Machine'

Falkentyne Re:A truly useful gaming appliance (271 comments)

Could I set up a Steam Box shop myself, or would Valve only let licenced vendors sell em? My guess is it would be fine.

I totally read it wrong before but yes - looks like you'll have to license it if you want to sell it with hardware but it's free to do that:

From the website:
SteamOS will be available soon as a free download for users and as a freely licensable operating system for manufacturers. Stay tuned in the coming days for more information.

1 year,25 days

Myst Was Supposed To Change the Face of Gaming. What Is Its Legacy?

Falkentyne I was a teenager back then... (374 comments)

.. and Myst was pretty damn boring. Oh look, a picture you can click on. You go north, you are eaten by a grue now in full color! That about sums up the level of enjoyment for me.

I also don't like dungeons and dragons and tabletop war games.

1 year,26 days

NVIDIA Begins Releasing Documentation For Nouveau

Falkentyne Re:Valve/Steam (147 comments)

I don't think "switching to SteamOS" is even the point of the OS. Sounds like it's basically just an open OS primarily designed for steam branded hardware. I'm sure there will be nothing preventing others from using it in more traditional setting but I don't think Valve expects that to be a big thing.

The goal here isn't to solely make an OS for Steam branded hardware. If you visit the website: you'll see it's to be made available for off the shelf hardware for anybody to install on their computers and to manufacturers with a small licensing fee. Obviously they'd put in the effort to make this compatible with both AMD/Nvidia offerings and presumably for Intel IGPs as well to appeal to the largest base possible. The more people install the OS the higher the chance they'll be buying and playing steam enabled games.

If you can run also run streaming software for local/online media that would be all I'd need for an OS in the livingroom. Some people might want TV tuner compatibility as well which I see no reason why it can't work. Give me XBMC and Netflix for Steam OS and I'm sold.

1 year,26 days

Air Force Wants Technology That Will Let Drones Sense and Avoid Other Aircraft

Falkentyne Re:Working on it (148 comments)

What about taking your equipment to another country without restrictive rules and regulations which would allow you to do the testing? Although that would probably be expensive - if you had any friends in foreign countries you could ask them for help but you'd have to really trust them I suppose.

Bureaucracy is a bitch.

1 year,27 days

Feature-Rich FreeBSD 10 Alpha Released

Falkentyne Re:The real problem with BSD (143 comments)

Yes, I ran into that problem in the past as well but then I realized I was emailing the FreeBDSM mailing list. Needless to say, I've since switched to Linux and I'm being fulfilled in ways you can't imagine.

... and it's actually a website wtf

about a year ago

Yahoo and Facebook Join Google In FISC Petition After Government Talks Fail

Falkentyne Re:Just realase the fucking info already (114 comments)

..A bullet might be a little bit overkill..

Actually, a bullet would be exactly kill. I've never heard of someone being 110% dead before.

about a year ago

Parallels Update Installs Unrelated Daemon Without Permission

Falkentyne Re:Wow! (170 comments)

Holy Department of Redundancy Department, Batman!

Holy Department of Redundancy Department, Batman!

Holy Shit, Superman!

about a year ago

US Intercepts Iranian Order For Attack On US Embassy In Iraq

Falkentyne Timing... (433 comments)

I have two words on the timing of this intercept in relation to new countries to invade:


The second word was intercepted.

about a year ago

Xiaomi Mi3 Announced As First NVIDIA Tegra 4 Powered Android Smartphone

Falkentyne Re:1080p on a 5 inch display.. (52 comments)


The same reason why you need 2560x1600 on a 13" Macbook Pro... because.

about a year ago

Calibre Version 1.0 Released After 7 Years of Development

Falkentyne Awesome! (193 comments)

I've used Calibre for awhile now and it's an impressive piece of software. I've been meaning to for awhile but I finally went ahead and made a donation.

Full disclosure: I'm drunk and I'm always more generous when I'm drunk.

Also, you should see The World's End - great movie.

about a year ago

Barnes & Noble Won't Give Up On the Nook

Falkentyne E-ink yes (132 comments)

I owned the original Nook with the small lcd screen along the bottom and the newer simple touch nook. I'm a tall guy with larger hands and the original nook was a good fit for me but I like the simple touch for the weight of it. As far as compelling differences between the Kindle and Nook line up - I don't see a huge difference besides compatibility with different formats. It seems like the Nook has better open standard support. This can be alleviated by using a program like Calibre to convert the books though. Also, I believe the touch screen Kindles do not have hardware buttons.

As of right now there is no reason for me to upgrade to anything newer since I can read any book I want now on my simple touch. I don't like using an LCD screen to do any marathon reading as it is harsh on the eyes so an LCD for me is out of the question. I read a lot of books - one series alone was 40 books long - try that with an LCD screen and my eyes would hate me.

Now, if they came out with a hybrid e-ink / LCD device I can get on board with that: Color E-ink for the E-ink screen so I can read books in b&w or other documents in color in the bright light or for long periods of time. Possibly have a glowlight as well?
LCD for when indoors / regular tablet functions

Give me that and I'll definitely buy that new device as long as it's implemented properly with sharpness and clarity for both functions. One of the complaints with the Nook w/glowlight was a slightly more washed out look to the screen in comparison to the regular simple touch. I bought one of the glowlights from Radioshack for $30 when it got clearanced out and gave it to my brother as it just didn't have the same sharpness. I think Amazon won with backlighting - looked like a superior technology with better viewing options.

about a year ago

Steve Ballmer's Big-Time Error: Not Resigning Years Ago

Falkentyne Re:"Stay away from PC Gaming" Really? (357 comments)

The only reason I run Windows at home at all for is gaming, Stevesie is clearly trippin'

Maybe they should take him to that "farm" out in the country where he can "roam free" with other useless CEOs a little sooner?

That wasn't a quote from Steve Balmer it was from Ben Kuchera...

Ben Kuchera at the Penny Arcade Report points out that this could mean Microsoft will try to re-enter markets it has abandoned. He asks the company to "stay the hell away from PC gaming."

about a year ago

Single Developer Responsible For Over 47k Apps In BlackBerry World

Falkentyne Re:heh (176 comments)

So.. Firefox OS?

about a year ago

Single Developer Responsible For Over 47k Apps In BlackBerry World

Falkentyne Re:heh (176 comments)

So.. Windows Phone 8?

about a year ago

China Plans To Stop Harvesting Organs From Executed Prisoners

Falkentyne Re:I hear they're outsourcing it... (200 comments)

Actually, all hyperbole aside, my thoughts were "why are they stopping this and why aren't WE in the US doing this?"

It sounds like a great idea. If someone is going to die anyway, after exhausting the judicial system (again speaking for the US), why waste these organs that could go to help the many people on the waiting lists?

This is a terrible idea. Some serial killer prisoner has his/her organs harvested and given to an unsuspecting person in need of a new organ. That unsuspecting person then starts acting strangely and before you know it they're a serial killer too. Now, consider how many people made use of the prisoner's organs!! Oh my god.

Source: B movies.

about a year ago
top Online Shop Has Closed

Falkentyne I bought from them.. (187 comments)

Years and years ago when they were relevant. I think the most expensive item I bought was a refurbished digital camera that didn't work - they did take it back though and issue credit which I used for a different one that did work - bit of a long process though which didn't give me much faith in their stock. I probably bought some crappy keyboards too. They've had a couple sales over the years where the deals were lukewarm enough that I considered purchasing but by and large what they offered was a "decent discount". That about sums it up. Unfortunately for them I could get decent discounts from anybody and awesome discounts from a few other online retailers. There was also some issue a while back where they were hacked and I think some credit cards may have been compromised.

What they should have done was leverage their inventory using other online retailer's tools. Tigerdirect, Best Buy and other retailers have a presence on Amazon,, Ebay etc.. the more exposure you have the more you can sell.

about a year ago

Pinholes and Plastic Wrap Make Solid Walls "Transparent" To Sound

Falkentyne Re:Thank god the research is finally paying off (127 comments)

What's next, ovens that are just as hot on the outside as they are on the inside?

We already have that, it's called Arizona.

Source: Just moved here :(

about a year ago


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