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Why Didn't Sidecar's Flex Pricing Work?

Falos nc (190 comments)

lawl, he thinks consumer purchases are exclusively inextricable to the objective merits of a product/service, and results are a direct reflection of said merits

allow me to break that illusion:


3 days ago

Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them

Falos Re:News for Social Justice Warriors (514 comments)

Actually, it'd be nice to see them resisting some real oppression, not manchildren giggling about "dongles" in the workspace.

But you can only reach low hanging fruit from the facetweets and leddits and instablrs. Let me know when an SJW stands their ground while the pepper spray bites.

about a week ago

Time To Remove 'Philosophical' Exemption From Vaccine Requirements?

Falos Re:Freedom of choice (1039 comments)

Everyone else is free to bar you from THEIR offices schools stores transportation businesses hospitals etc

Unless you want to force them, regardless of whether they want it or not.

about a week ago

How Your In-Store Shopping Affects the Ads You See On Facebook

Falos Re:I love contextually useful ads. (69 comments)

> I get useful dinner suggestions
Jesus OnaRaptor Christ, it sounds like the fucking infections that claim to "enhance your shopping experience". When I was a kid, I wasn't mowing lawns, I was getting paid to wipe away filth like that. Some of us can get traffic and communicate without bending over and "being informed of consumer opportunities."

On the bright side, this PSA will lessen the cancer out there, whether OP is a shill, retard, or clever strawman. I suppose I owe him a fedora tip in the latter.

about a week ago

Microsoft Quietly Starts Accepting Bitcoin As Payment Method

Falos Re: No more bitcoins for regular Joes (107 comments)

> is enabling terrorist activity
This is a meaningless phrase they'll throw at anything.

See also: Think Of The Children

about a week ago

Court Orders Uber To Shut Down In Spain

Falos Re:Wait. Are gov't regs good or bad? (280 comments)

Big Internet have to lean on regs in order to shut down competition.

Big Taxi are leaning on regs to shut down competition.

Since we couldn't stop lobbying and such in the former, we decided to take it out of everyone's hands and put it in gov't's hands.

I don't think Big Taxi has enough muscle to make gov't do the monopolizing for them, but if it comes down to that, we may very well start demanding an initiative to have Public transportation developed, with optimists projecting cheap service as a result.

Oh wait, we already have that.

about two weeks ago

Microsoft Files a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit For Activating Pirated Software

Falos Re:Creators wishing to control their creations... (268 comments)

If you can prove an absence of any physical result, then the situation is indistinguishable from an empty house by the currently-understood metrics of reality.

I have no problem with such a scenario. I couldn't; I'd have no way to know. You might have to bend the laws of physics to achieve it, though. Best get started.

The owners of imaginary property can't even tell if they're being violated. Their metric is conceptual, cultural even: Failure to oblige an entitlement they gave themselves in the first place.

For all I know, a ghost does inhabit my house. Or several. The fuck do I care?

about two weeks ago

Microsoft Files a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit For Activating Pirated Software

Falos Re:Creators wishing to control their creations... (268 comments)

Holding up "I thought of it first" as a paper wall to command the universe, indefinitely, strikes me as futile if not naive. Shout morals if you like, but reality listens closer to logistics. You might want to indulge it in the present, but it's a ridiculously impractical model going forward. Not to say that I have an immediate solution.

Even with respect to morals, I tend to put more priority on people who lose control of their possessions, not people who want illusional control of "their" creations.

about two weeks ago

French Publishers Prepare Lawsuit Against Adblock Plus

Falos nc (687 comments)

Websites can post, at users, any legal material they wish.

Users can curate, of what is available, what their computer displays.

Unless either of those two facts change, everything else is details that will persist or substitute in some form. So I'll oblige the article: "Yes, they're dumbfucks (better incompetence than malice) betting on bigger dumbfucks to do ruling."

about two weeks ago

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Twitterbot

Falos GAF meter at zero (54 comments)

> User abandons handle
> Some other user adopts handle

On the bright side, this will help ward off stray thoughts like "but what if I want news from it..." in the future. Even so, please keep your socnets within their own shit domains.

about two weeks ago

Trains May Soon Come Equipped With Debris-Zapping Lasers

Falos They're leaves. (194 comments)

Wouldn't it be easier to mount brushes or something?

about two weeks ago

Should IT professionals be exempt from overtime?

Falos NC (1 comments)

>Only workers earning an annual income of under $23,660 qualify for mandatory overtime. You know many people like that?

Yes. Many.

But then, I don't reside in a tower. Any kind, let alone the ivory variety.

about two weeks ago

Australian Target Stores Ban GTA V For Depictions of Violence Against Women

Falos Hype (310 comments)

The game invites players to commit homicidal violence against anything resembling an obstacle. You could argue there's sadistic violence against Stuff In Your Way, particularly in reference to the torture scene, but again this is against any opponent or human, not the (fictional) women. You could even commend the indifferent equality.

This is hype and PR, dressed up with whatever victim buzzwords are the flavor of the month. And anyone dropping Lovejoy's Law is an idiot; children can't buy the game, it got rated 18+ in AU. Call the game a Terrorist Trainer, it'll be less bullshit.

about two weeks ago

UK Authorities Launching Massive Child Abuse Database

Falos Re:"suspected pedophile" (150 comments)

> if their drives have mail/chats of them asking for moar new 'material'
This isn't "guilty of being pedo", it'll be Conspiracy (To Commit) or somesuch. Yes, it's going to be illegal. Yes, we have a crime for it. No, the crime is not "suspected pedo"

There's a fair bit of confusing rambling about forums I don't quite follow. Still pretty sure the irony of posting them in this forum will persist, though.

about two weeks ago

Blame America For Everything You Hate About "Internet Culture"

Falos Re:Eww. (376 comments)

The USA too has armchair derps that will readily engage anyone on news/politics/controversials, and offer their personal opinions at the first chance. They long predate SJWs. I imagine every country has them, online or off. Because human nature.

And I'll take an hour of "caught my dog burping on video" over blognoise any day.

about three weeks ago

Married Woman Claims Facebook Info Sharing Created Dating Profile For Her

Falos Meh (189 comments)

> socnet user is surprised to learn her Facebook dataz aren't under her control
I am shocked. Shocked, I say.

about three weeks ago

US Postal Service Hacked, 500k+ Employees and Public Data Breached

Falos What leaked? (46 comments)

> the personal details
Home address? Worthless shit.
Annual salary? Meh.
"Private" phone number? Oh woe, wail, the end of the world.
Social security number? Only the naive think these are never-leaked-superdupersecure, but now we're talking serious.
Security credentials? Man the harpoons.

about a month ago

Australian Post Office Opens Mail Forwarding Warehouse In the USA

Falos Re:is this an ad? (142 comments)

Colloquially known as a Slashvertisment. If you're generous, assume the incompetence of Dice/editors.

OT: When [proxy] tools can directly circumvent something, it's blatantly broken. Either yield on it or waste endless resources trying to whackamole the workarounds forever.

When proxy tools merely circumvent in a ethical or conceptual sense, you're still writing bullshit laws or rules. If things like a remote camera/viewer or deadmanswitch get around your policy or ruling or copyrightlulz, you had something retarded to begin with.

about a month and a half ago


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