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Giant Shoe Honors Journalist Who Targeted Bush

Fat Casper Re:Mr Shoe has been given the boot (60 comments)

A quick Googling doesn't come up with any German names attached to what the Gestapo called VerschÃrfte Vernehmung (enhanced interrogation techniques). Looking a bit farther brings you to the International Tribunal for the Far East (we took the Nuremberg playbook to Japan), and Japanese were convicted for waterboarding Americans.

Our legal system (military and civil) has dealt with and rejected waterboarding repeatedly. From the court martial of Major Edward Glenn, to United States v. Parker et al, to individual convictions overturned because of waterboarded confessions. Moving on to the Bush administration, it suddenly became specificaly authorized. Before they gave interrogaters legal protections, videos of interrogations at Guantanamo got "lost."

So we do waterboard, but we changed our definition of torture to exclude waterboarding. So we still don't torture.

Looking forward, Alberto Gonzales wrote that the Geneva Convention was "obsolete" when it came to the war on terror. In 1941, General-Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel mustered identical arguments against recognizing the Geneva rights of Soviet soldiers. Our prosecutors at Nuremberg cited his calling the Geneva Convention "obsolete" as an aggravating circumstance and got the death penalty. Keitel was executed in 1946. And yes, I'm looking forward to seeing Americans punished for torture.

You want me to reread your post and link to a statement that there were no Americans in the room when Hussein was executed. Reread my post- I explained that the reason given for not releasing many Guantanamo detainees are the same reason that we should not have released Hussein into Iraqi custody.

I also reread the part of your post where you said you weren't trying to be a troll. Try harder.

more than 5 years ago

Giant Shoe Honors Journalist Who Targeted Bush

Fat Casper Re:Mr Shoe has been given the boot (60 comments)

Maybe the US?

Obviously you don't pay attention- the US doesn't torture because the Bush administration was allowed to legally define torture to exclude our "enhanced interrogation" techniques. No matter that under the Nuremberg Tribunal we convicted Nazis for using those same techniques; we don't torture because we use a moving definition of torture.

The US is also directly responsible for Hussein's execution. We "can't" release many Guantanamo detainees back to their home countries because of fears they they would be mistreated there- but we gift wrapped Hussein for a "government" that understands due process even less than the Bush people who created it.

But no, the US unequivocally does not torture.

more than 5 years ago

If IP Is Property, Where Is the Property Tax?

Fat Casper Re:Why? (691 comments)

Balancing the budget might be a good idea.

My regular taxes are currently subsidizing law eforcement's efforts to protect the RIAA's "property." Taxing that income generating property would be a good way to keep individual taxpayers from subsidizing their business model.

Income is taxed- that's another conversation. IP is a government granted monopoly and while the income generated from it is taxed as income, the granted monopoly itself should be taxed- or allowed to lapse into public domain. The public is granting the monopoly in order for the public to benefit, not to be victimized by it (with the privilege of paying the police to do it to them).

more than 6 years ago


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