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New Music Boss, Worse Than Old Music Boss

FatRatBastard Re:Fairly well known issue (567 comments)

"However, the cost of creating recordings has gone down."

Way to not read the article.

From Mr Lowery

“Well artists are making less money but recording costs are lower, so the artists are doing okay”.

In other words technology has lowered your revenues in the form of unlicensed file-sharing on an industrial scale but that’s okay because Digidesign (the makers of Pro-Tools) has given back some cost savings. As if Kim Dotcom and Digidesign share the same bank account. These people believe in technology like it is a religion. The lord Technology Industry taketh, and The Lord Technology Industry giveth back.

The data I have from recording studios says something different. Recording budgets are lower because artists spend dramatically less time recording. They just don’t have the money.

Recording budgets didn’t start shrinking until after the advent of file-sharing. 2002 ish. While most of the improvements in technology and gains in productivity occurred in the early 1990s. By 1996 the home studio/pro studio production chain was firmly in place. Pro studios used for “tracking” and “mixing.” Home or project studios used for overdubs and editing. If lower recording budgets were caused by improvements in technology they should have started shrinking 10 years earlier.

Sound recordings are very labor intensive. If you want to make good ones you are relying on highly skilled labor. The cost of sound recordings is largely dependent on labor costs. Technological advances have little effect on recording cost.

This is the main problem with the technologists contention recordings should be free. They seem to think that the only people who work on recordings are the touring performers themselves. Artists still have to pay for that highly skilled labor.

Is the mix engineer gonna follow us around on tour hawking HIS T-shirts to the audience?

more than 2 years ago

Hans Reiser Gets Sentence of 15-To-Life

FatRatBastard 99 to Life (553 comments)

To bad it wasn't 99 to life. Could have played some kick-ass Social Distortion in honor of the sentence.

more than 6 years ago


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