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The Hidden Gems of E3

FearTheFrail Re:Heh (63 comments)

some of the lesser known games that deserve attention, like a Wii flight simulator...

Who you callin' wee, laddie?!

(Am I crazy to be posting this with my karma bonus?)

Without a Warcraft III reference to gnomish flying machines? Probably. =)

more than 8 years ago



FearTheFrail FearTheFrail writes  |  more than 7 years ago

FearTheFrail (666535) writes "Maybe this is par for the course for large tech companies, but doesn't Google try to maintain a higher standard of conduct in how they do business? It seems that for their upcoming data center in Lenoir, NC, Google wrote their own incentives package and then attempted to prevent their name from being associated with the favorable state legislation they lobbied for. I'm not seeking to Googlebash, but how common is this practice, and should we think negatively of Google for using it?"


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