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Goldman Sachs Says No Facebook Shares For US Investors

Ferretski Re:Exodus, anyone? (529 comments)

So you wanted to delete your account, and you did, but it's presumptuous to assume that Facebook is nothing more than banal games from people you barely know.

Being able to see who is attending what events is a really great feature –I often go to events that I wouldn't have known about if not for Facebook. Even more major events like birthdays where I might get a text message about it, having the event sit there in my Facebook until I RSVP is awesome.

Facebook Groups are excellent because if you're involved in some kind of organisation (dance school, protest marches etc), using a Facebook Group means you can help out with co-ordination, have somewhere to link relevant videos and so.

Sure, I don't care about most status updates, but I really enjoy seeing the photos of friends currently overseas and so on. At least for me, Facebook is actually a really useful social tool.

about 4 years ago

Sometimes It's OK To Steal My Games

Ferretski Re:It's not stealing. (438 comments)

You just made a statement about morality, and then back it up by talking about how you're breaking the law when you're speeding.

Granted, sometimes the law and morality line up (rape is bad!), but sometimes they don't (a 16 year old girl taking a naked photo of herself and sending it to her boyfriend is producing child porn!). There can be no underlying assumption that illegal = immoral.

more than 4 years ago

App Store Developer Speaks Out On Game Piracy

Ferretski Missing the point (762 comments)

I think most people here are missing the point about why there are so many pirates.

As a non-jail broken iPhone owner, I'd say 80% of the apps I get on the iTunes store are free. Sure I've paid a few bucks here and there for things I'll use a lot, but given I'm going to get bored of whatever game it is in 2-seconds flat, I can't even justify the few dollars. In this case, I wouldn't buy the game that is used in this example.

But make it free, and now there's no reason NOT to download it.

more than 5 years ago

Dell To Offer Win XP On Consumer PCs Again

Ferretski Re:Dumb People (447 comments)

I think you have a valid point, and I think people are over-reacting to your comments.

A number of years ago, I bought XP corporate licenses for a customer of mine, but used the downgrade rights that came with it to run 2000. At the time XP brand spanking new, and had the same teething problems that Vista has today. With the machines "working", the customer was never motivated to reformat the workstations to XP, even though they were licensed to do so, and it wasn't long before this customer was lagging WAY behind the rest of the world (they're still running 2000).

From a purely functionality perspective, 2000 is fine. It does the job. But the general perception within the office is that "these computers are old and crap", new staff members that are used to XP (and the XP start menu) find the 2000 interface frustrating. It costs them more in tech support too, because installing new hardware on 2000 takes longer since XP has more drivers pre-installed.

The point is, IFyou can work through Vista's problems, you'll appreciate it later on. While Vista doesn't seem to have any killer features that we can't do without, I have to admit the interface in general IS better. Having the screen darken to indicate a modal dialog box is a GOOD interface element. It's got some annoyances, sure, but like astrosmash said, they'll get worked out soon enough.

more than 7 years ago


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