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Amazon's Plan To Storm the Cable Industry's Castle

FictionPimp Re:Subscribers? (85 comments)

Yep, I am not going to pay for the right to watch ads.

Either it's 'free' and I watch ads, or I pay for it and get no ads.

Also, I get to pick the device.

about two weeks ago

California Passes Law Mandating Smartphone Kill Switch

FictionPimp Re:Meaning... (233 comments)

Why not, they make California legal and California illegal versions of firearms. Most of the firearms I've bought in the last decade are illegal to buy in cali.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Life Beyond the WRT54G Series?

FictionPimp Re: +1 for this Post (427 comments)

Don't waste the money on 5ghz. Unless you live in an apartment with a crowded 2.4ghz spectrum. Just buy the 2.4 wireless N model.

I have 2 of those (1 per floor of my house) and the ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite (in my basement). Everything connected to a cheap switch. Every inch of my house has perfect signal and the product is rock solid. I also have a PicoStation ( ) on my deck to provide great coverage in my back yard.

about a month ago

Why Morgan Stanley Is Betting That Tesla Will Kill Your Power Company

FictionPimp Re:This explains why republicans push coal (502 comments)

Tesla once tried to give free power to the masses. ... He quickly found himself destitute and without many friends.

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Good Technology Conferences To Attend?

FictionPimp Re:Congratulations! (131 comments)

Educause is pretty good.

about a month and a half ago

Two Cities Ask the FCC To Preempt State Laws Banning Municipal Fiber Internet

FictionPimp Re:Bullshit (200 comments)

I'd love comcast to have the level of service the Indiana DMV provides.

I can do 95% of what I need without going into the office. If I do go in I can schedule a slot and simply walk in, do my business and walk out. I recently bought a new vehicle and was shocked at how fast and pleasant the experience was.

Comcast on the other hand quotes you a 8 hour time frame the installer will arrive, sends a contractor who may or may not be competent enough to even pull cable, and then blames you if anything goes wrong.

about 2 months ago

Two Cities Ask the FCC To Preempt State Laws Banning Municipal Fiber Internet

FictionPimp Re:Vote (200 comments)

Then you run for office.

about 2 months ago

Researcher Finds Hidden Data-Dumping Services In iOS

FictionPimp Re:Pedos, drug lords, and terrorists take notice!! (98 comments)

Recently, in a nearby city an office was injured arresting a criminal. The police response was that the people in that bad area didn't help the officer as he was being beaten, so they started patrolling that area more. The result was jaywalking tickets to people crossing the street from their house to their mailbox, and kids getting tickets for riding their bikes without a headlamp (in the daytime). Basically any tiny infraction to punish the populace.

about 2 months ago

Three-Year Deal Nets Hulu Exclusive Rights To South Park

FictionPimp Re:Not worth it (138 comments)

That was my basic opinion of it as well. I'm not paying money to watch commercials, especially when I can watch amazon or netflix without commercials.

about 2 months ago

Tech Workforce Diversity At Facebook Similar To Google And Yahoo

FictionPimp Re:This means nothing without context (265 comments)

Having interviewed for both Google and Facebook I think this really does come down to skills (knowledge and ability). Being a white male didn't do shit for the fact that I simply just didn't understand linux file systems, networking and software development as well as I thought I did. In fact I didn't get a single question as to my age, race, or sexual preference during those first phone calls where I was ripped to shreds with technical questions. It was quite apparent after 5 minutes of the 2nd interview that I wasn't going to get the job, and I had a LOT to work on in my chosen field.

These are not racially bias questions where you need to be white, unless netmask questions and being asked to write a program are racially bias.

Then again, it is google, they probably know more about me then I know about myself. The interview was probably just to gather metadata to advertise to me better.

about 3 months ago

Tech Workforce Diversity At Facebook Similar To Google And Yahoo

FictionPimp This means nothing without context (265 comments)

What is the percentage of black, women, etc people with the skills and training that google, facebook, etc is looking for?

Are there out of work fully qualified programmers that can't work at facebook because they are black? Maybe the ratio is the way it is simply because there are not enough minorities looking for high end development work (Unlike baseball). That doesn't make it Facebook's fault if it is truly hiring the most qualified workers.

about 3 months ago

Florida Man Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Drivers' Cellphones

FictionPimp Re:You know ... (358 comments)

You know, I find the digital screen display radio/gps/etc in my new car way more distracting. Trying to change stations, look at the map for directions etc has almost killed me twice now. They are at least as dangerous as my phone.

about 3 months ago

NADA Is Terrified of Tesla

FictionPimp Re:Speculation... (455 comments)

You can get them to give you a price? Last car I bought I had trouble with that. I see a car I like, ask the cost. I'm told, "That's not how we work here. Let's talk about what monthly payment you would like."

No thank you, I don't care about my monthly payment. I can do math myself. I want to know how much I'm going to pay for a car. Then I can negotiate on price. Once that is done I'll worry about finding the best deal on a loan.

I told one dealer the price was too high. His response was to offer a 5 year loan to lower my payments....

about 3 months ago

Code Spaces Hosting Shutting Down After Attacker Deletes All Data

FictionPimp Re:Secure. Responsive. 24/7/365. the Cloud. (387 comments)

My password is "invalid" so when I type it wrong I get a message: "Your password is invalid."

about 3 months ago

Tracking Tesla's Quiet Changes To the Model S

FictionPimp Re:Cold Weather Package (106 comments)

And in 4 years I"ll sell my audi and get something else with way better "luxury" and get a majority of the money I spent back. I don't get your point..

about 3 months ago

Tracking Tesla's Quiet Changes To the Model S

FictionPimp Re:Cold Weather Package (106 comments)

I seriously wanted a tesla. I love high tech cars and wanted something seriously high tech. But honestly at the price point there are many "features" that should be standard.

My Audi A4 has standard features that are 'upgrades' for an $80,000+ car. That is just silly.

I'll keep with my gas for now and wait for the Tesla to start making cars that meet the class I expect in that price point.

about 3 months ago

Google Unveils Self-Driving Car With No Steering Wheel

FictionPimp Re:No steering wheel? No deal. (583 comments)

I called google support for my nexus 4. The result was a very kind lady who solved my problem quickly.

about 4 months ago



Apple AES-256 Encrypted Sparse Images for backups

FictionPimp FictionPimp writes  |  more than 5 years ago

FictionPimp writes "I can't find this answer anywhere, so I thought I'd ask it here.

Recently I have moved my wife from windows to OSX. She received my 'old' macbook pro and I received a new macbook pro. Because of this my wife and I have decided we wanted to improve our important documents backup process. Originally this process was that all important documents (tax and bank information, scanned documents such as titles, deeds, receipts, and insurance pictures) was copied on to a USB stick and placed in our fireproof safe, a second TrueCrypt encrypted disk was kept in my wife's purse. A 3rd copy was placed on my storage server. Mind you this is just for our most critical data. Other unimportant data such as movie backups, or music is simply stored on my file server using raid 5 and backed up to USB disk. We backup our family pictures the same way and also keep them on picasa.

Now that she is no longer using windows, we changed the method to as follows, a copy is placed on a USB stick in our fireproof safe. A copy is backed up by time machine. Another copy is automatically sent via ssh to my notebook and placed on my time machine (separate usb drives).

What we wanted to improve was the usb key in my wife's purse. This is to help us if say the fireproof safe was not fireproof and the house burned down. The idea was hopefully she will have her purse with her (and not be home). This is the weak link.

Because these files are way way less then 2 gig, my solution was to use DropBox. I know that DropBox uses 256 bit encryption, but I have no reason to trust they would never look at my data or have some exploit that lets people steal my data. The obvious solution is to make a sparse image (DMG file) that is encrypted. So I created a sparse image and set it's max size to 1.9g (to insure we never break the 2 gig free limit) and for security purposes I use AES-256 encryption on the image.

All has been well with this process, until my wife asked me what would happen if we did not have a mac and needed to get to the files. Say our house burned down with both macs inside and no one we know has a mac (which is true). How do we get the data from the dmg file.

A quick google shows there is a program called DMGExtractor that can read AES-128 encrypted dmg files, but it does not say it supports AES-256. So my question is does anyone know a program that can read AES-256 encrypted DMG sparse images on Linux or even Windows?

If such a program does not exist, do you think it would be wise to instead use a TrueCrypt container for this purpose? Do you have any better suggestions for this backup scheme? We are trying to keep the cost as close to free as possible."

uTorrent beta for mac released.

FictionPimp FictionPimp writes  |  more than 5 years ago

FictionPimp (712802) writes "One of the best bittorrent clients on the market released their mac beta today. uTorrent is a the standard that all other bittorrent apps are held to on the windows platform. They are a welcome competitor in the mac world. This release is not 100% feature complete with their windows version, but it is a great start."
Link to Original Source


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