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Kim Dotcom Faces Jail At Bail Hearing

Filter Re:Bail terms - no more money making (166 comments)

You have almost certainly broken sharia law of many nations, how would you feel about defending your self there. Should you be extradited? Should your assets be frozen so that you have no chance of financing a reasonable defence?

about a month ago

Lockheed Claims Breakthrough On Fusion Energy Project

Filter Re:wow (571 comments)

This doesn't make sense, mass equates to energy, not the rate of energy.
I understand watts to be power, or the rate of energy usage.

about 3 months ago

Interviews: Ask Florian Mueller About Software Patents and Copyrights

Filter Re:Thoughts about groklaw.net? (187 comments)

Earlier this year I met a highly trustworthy source (a corporate executive) who confirmed PJ's participation in a certain (patent-related) meeting years ago.

And just the other day a friend who I made up (a very trustworthy fellow), happened to metion that you sleep with silver slippers on your feet.

about 3 months ago

Interviews: Ask Florian Mueller About Software Patents and Copyrights

Filter New low (187 comments)

Holy crap, I can hardly believe this topic. Who in their right mind would want FM opinion on anything? This is really puzzling to me.

about 4 months ago

Apple Refutes Report On iPhone Threat To China's National Security

Filter Re:Dear Apple, (134 comments)

Also, I would bet they are 'legally' required to deny these things.

about 6 months ago

Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears

Filter Paranoid? (198 comments)

How in the world is this paranoid?

about 10 months ago

Data Broker Medbase200 Sold Lists of Rape & Domestic Violence Victims

Filter Re:Time to sell List of CEOs home addresses (168 comments)

BTW, ball park numbers from the top of my head:

EU 500,000,000
US 330,000,000
CAN 35,000,000

Total ~865,000,000

about a year ago

LeVar Burton On Google Glass

Filter Re:"Celebrity?" (211 comments)

Actually, best known for his role in the mini series Roots.

about a year ago

The New Yorker Launches 'Strongbox' For Secure Anonymous Leaks

Filter Hope the editors like Ecuador (94 comments)

Wasn't there a guy who tried this once before?

about a year and a half ago

New Bird Shaped Drone Shown at Security and Defense Trade Show

Filter Re:For domestic consumption (124 comments)

Also, I fear for the real birds, it's very easy for someone with a rifle to shoot down a soaring rappter. If someone were growing weed in the woods real birds will be killed, many are endangered or recovering.

about 2 years ago

Sony Reveals More PS4 and Dual Shock 4 Details

Filter Re:Nuh uh (Why not?) (242 comments)

Why not? Because I don't have to, because a new ps4 is not a necessity. Since there is no backwards compatibility I have no compelling reason to choose this Sony product over any other game console. It will be easy for me to follow my conscience and choose to purchase from a company with higher standards of conduct. I don't trust Sony, trust is earned, they have proved themselves untrustworthy. Sometimes it's hard to make a consumer decision but this couldn't be simpler.

about 2 years ago

HydroICE Project Developing a Solar-Powered Combustion Engine

Filter Q:Water / Oil seperation A:Distilation (144 comments)

I should think the water won't last long in the oil as its being heated to 700 degrees, the watter should boill off and be recoverable with a condensor. This is assuming that you would want a closed circuit for the water.

If the plant isn't efficient as per "energy out" / "energy in" it could still be efficient as per "total energy out lifetime" / "total cost in dollars lifetime".

more than 2 years ago

Facebook IPO Stumbles Out of the Gate

Filter Article linked to D.N.S. (423 comments)

The article linked to does not support your assertion, says nothing about underwriters stepping in, nothing about freefall, nothing about decline, nothing about manipulation.

Why is that?

more than 2 years ago

Some Hotspot Operators Secretly Intercept, Insert Ads In Web Pages

Filter Copyright infringement? (273 comments)

Wouldn't this be copyright infringement? The web page as you intended is your creative work, they are altering and distributing your work. I don't think you are allowed to do that.


more than 2 years ago

Domestic Drilling Doesn't Decrease Gasoline Prices

Filter Re:One word (736 comments)

"Monopolies should be public. Leave the rest to the market if you don't know what is optimal. If you do, get rid of the market."

Absolutely, on any given day, in the small city where I live, the posted price of gas is exactly the same at every single gas station. This is a market that is broken. That not one guy is willing to offer a penny, or a fraction of a penny to sell a more gas than the other guy is a sign that this is not a real market.

Markets should exist where markets work, but if it's not a real market than it should be a regulated service. A broken(non competitive) market is like a tax, but without the benefit to society. Markets that aren't competitive should be regulated to encourage competitiveness, or they should be replaced with public utilities.

more than 2 years ago

GPL, Copyleft Use Declining Fast

Filter Re:BSD license was always more permissive, so grea (808 comments)

gpl first freedom (0):
"the freedom to use the software for any purpose"

"we encourage people who redistribute free software to charge as much as they wish or can."
from http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html

The cost of distributing someone else's gpl work is licensing your derivative work under the same license. The face up fairness of this deal is what appeals to so many developers. Every license has rules.

more than 3 years ago


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